Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday x2

The sun is shining in the windows as I write this, & it makes me HAPPY!!!
Happy because I KNOW there is still snow COVERING my yard, so I don't even have to worry about doing yard work!!!
Bring on the SUN as long as the SNOW STAYS!!!!
Anyways, that is NOT what this post is about ...
For 2 Sundays now I have been all by myself.
To me, that is my worst FEAR!
Sundays are ALWAYS full of chaotic mornings and chaotic meetings!
Not to be negative, but I do have 3 young children who demand alot!
{especially my younger 2!!!!}
Well, I am proud to say that my Sunday mornings have NOT been as chaotic as usual these last 2 weeks ... WHY??? you may ask ... IDK!!!
It's kinda funny/interesting at the same time!
I haven't gotten up any earlier, and I haven't gone without showering either week.
Hmmmm ... a bit STRANGE!!
Last Sunday I talked to my 2 oldest, A TON, and explained they needed to be EXTRA good for me cause I was all by myself ... & they were really good!
Kye has gotten a nap both weeks before church and I KNOW that has helped him be more pleasant during church.
Last week was almost too good to be true, so I KNEW this week was going to be harder.
And HARDER it was!!
After sitting in our seats for only 5 minutes I had all 3 kids CRYING!!!!
Needless to say it was a L.O.N.G Sacrament meeting!
But once Zachary went to Nursery and Emma went to Primary life wasn't so bad.
Kye made it through the rest of church pretty easily.
{with only 1 crying spell because he shoved a colored pencil down his throat}
I think these last 2 weeks I have heard more of the lessons/talks then I have in 4 years!!!!
& boy did EVERY word spoken or sang apply to me & I truly needed to hear it!
I know it's not a coincidence that I have gotten to listen to so much of church, but I do know how much it has blessed my life & has made me realize how much I'm known by my Heavenly Father!!!
Now all my kids are blissfully sleeping and I'm enjoying my NEW Sammie Favorite ---
Turkey, Mozzie Cheese, Sprouts, and Shredded Carrots ... YUMMMMMM!
Hope you have a Happy Sunday!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Craftiness & The Bedroom Project

I don't get the chance to craft very often because, ummm, I HAVE KIDS! I am sure many of you understand. But I have been so inspired by MANY crafty websites and crafty shows, so I have been determined to "get my craft" on, especially while Alfie is away on business.
Which brings me to this shirt ---I LOVE everything about it! The turquoise color, the fit, the lightness of it, the way it looks on me ... EVERYTHING! If you have been around me, you have probably seen it on me a GAZILLION times!
Well, the first time I put it on it got caught on my belt buckle and a little hole formed.
Not THAT noticeable, but it was MY fault so I couldn't take it back, but it BUGGED me ... I still wore the shirt.
I decided that I was going to buy anther shirt the exact same color and cut-up the holey one and make something CUTE to go on the new one.
Sooooo, that's what I did ... I began to CUT circles outta the old shirt ---I then folded them in 3rds and formed this design on the new shirt ---& fell instantly in LOVE with the shirt all over again!
I wore it to church today and felt so FANCY in my comfy t-shirt ... GOTTA LOVE THAT!
After accomplishing that shirt I still had more circles and more shirt.
I knew turquiouse was one of the colors I wanted to accent my bedroom with, so I thought I'd make pillows for my bed & do that same "circle" conecpt on the pillows. Well, one random, sleepless night an epifimy came to my mind ... I would just buy turquoise pillow cases and sew the circles on to them ... GENIOUS!
I found the perfect pillow cases at Wal-mart and the crafting got started once again!Do you LIKEY???
i LOVE!!!!
Look at all the DARLING things I found for my bedroom mantle too!!!
My room is finally coming together & I really feel like I have a room worth showing off!!
It took 6 years to have a room I am totally in LOVE with, but I know I appreciate it more, plus my style is WAA--AY cuter than 6 years ago!!!
Look closely and you'll see my DARLING turquoise bird sitting on my mantle ...
See it??!!
I LOVE it ... almost as much as the shirt!!!
My kids call it "our pet bird"
That's as close to a pet they will get, & boy are they ENJOYING it!!!
I even bought an ADOREABLE cage for the bird ...The bird doesn't really show-up in the cage, & the cage doesn't fit on the mantle, that's why they sit in different areas of my room, but I love it!
This bird cage sits right above our TV in our room and everytime I watch TV I just smile at my ADOREABLE bird cage ... HAPPINESS!!!
{Now, don't judge me for having a TV in my room! There's nothing better than snuggling up in bed to watch a movie or a favorite TV show. I also LOVE watching the news right before bed or right when I wake up. It's MY room and I will ALWAYS have a TV in it}
FYI--- If you happen to be giving away a mustard yellow sweater, any size, PLEASE give it away to ME!! I really wanna make a mustard yellow sweater pillow for my bed!
Wouldn't that be DARLING!!!!
I will pay the shipping to have it sent to me, or I will gladly come pick it up!!!
Also, that "circle" idea I did not come up with on my own, I saw it somewhere. It's always nice to copy other peoples CRAFTINESS! It makes my craftiness flow so much smoother!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do you wanna do ...

The night before your husband leaves on a Business Trip for 2 WEEKS???
I bet you were thinking, change out a LEAKY water heater since it has leaked ALL over your unfinished basement without you even REALIZING it!!!
Don't be JEALOUS!!!
That's what we did last night before Al left early this morning!!!
Lucky us!?!?!
At least we found it the night BEFORE he left and NOT the night AFTER!!!
& Lucky us we know such a WONDERFUL and AMAZING plumber neighbor who came to our rescue, even that LATE at night!!!

Valentine's Day 2011

I always LOVE Valentine's Day!
I think part of it is getting to do the candy heart trail for my kids that I did ALL growing up!
Emma was the FIRST awake,
& came in my room exclaiming,
"There are hearts decorating our FLOOR, & they are CANDY, I already ate about 5!!"
She was SOOO excited to get this Belle Blanket and Doll that we had seen in the store just days earlier! She had also been so GRACIOUS to share her candy!
She even gave Daddy a candy on his way out the door this morning telling him,
"I want you to eat this and think of me on your LONG drive to WASHINGTON."
What a sweetie!Zach was next up and the look on his face says it all!!!He already has a Buzz Lightyear, but loves this one anyways and ADORES the blanket!Kye was a little shocked at what was going on!This was his first "Candy Trail", so there are MANY pictures of him cause it's just plain cute!He got the hang of picking up all the "candy" he could find, FAST!
He loved that there was so much on the floor!! heheheHis new stuffed Woody is a FAV!
He cuddles with it at night which is PRICELESS!!And this is how he spend the morning, Thanks to a clever Sister!We had PINK milk and PINK "Dutch Babies" for Breakfast,
Heart-shaped leftover Pizza for Lunch,
& Yummy Texas Roadhouse Leftovers for Dinner.
What a PERFECT Valentine's for me since it was such an EASY, but YUMMY cooking Day!
These are the Valentine's Emma made for her Pre-School Class ...She wrote her OWN name on ALL of them!
I'm so proud of her & all the learning she is doing!
I love how each Valentine is UNIQUELY done and how good she's getting at her letters!
I'm so glad to be married to the most WONDERFUL Sweetheart of ALL!!
Not only did I get to buy stuff for our bedroom mantle
{which felt like a mini-shopping SPREE}
But my husband surprised me with an under-the-counter CD/Radio player, so I can GROOVE-Out in the kitchen, since that's where I am most of the time.
I love the little Suprises he gives me!!!!!


Are the BEST when Daddy is HOME!
I know I BLOG about every little things I EVER do, but this blog is for ME!!!
I wanna remember the simple, PLAIN-Jane things we do ...
This is my scrapbook since I don't have time to REALLY do one for ALL my kids & me SEPERATELY!!
So if your BORED ... DON'T read this POST!!
Last Saturday Daddy got home from his Vegas Trip.
After some extra sleep for Daddy,
a run in the morning for Mommy,
A Nap for Kye,
and Play time for Emma and Zachary
We packed up & headed to the Castle Park!It was such a GORGEOUS day how could you just Stay Inside???
We barely needed Jackets ... so N.I.C.E!Then we headed home for naps for the kids,
and doing minor household catch-ups for Mom and Dad.
Then off to and EARLY dinner we went with our kids in TOW:It's NOT relaxing to take kids to dinner, but with a Daddy who was just gone on business, and knew he'd be leaving early this week he didn't want to leave his kids and his kids didn't want to be left.
We had FREE kids Meals to Texas Roadhouse, so that's where we went ...
MMMMMMM ... It was So very GOOD!!
Al and I will have to visit again on a Date sometime!
The next day we went to Grammy and Grandpa's for a Valentine's Dinner and Games.
My kids LOVE being with their cousins and making special Valentine's for all of them and playing fun games together.
I am IN LOVE with this shot of my 3 kids standing TALLEST to SHORTEST!!!
Isn't it PRECIOUS!?!?!
I wanna print it and hang it somewhere, where I can look at it EVERYDAY!!!
I know the background is busy, but can't I BLUR it out???
We PARTY-HARDIED until we all felt like THIS:Then we headed home for a GOODNIGHTS rest!!!

And SHE did it!!

A couple of weeks ago Charisse and I were talking about how BAAA---AD her girls wanted their ears pierced. Emma ALWAYS comments on everyone else's earrings and loves the stick on kind, so I thought she'd REALLY wanna get hers done. After the conversation with Charisse, I talked with Emma about it and she said she wanted to wait until she was older, but wanted to go with her cousins to get theirs done. As the date approached we talked a lot about it, and Emma said that she REALLY did wanna get her's done with Savannah and Michaela. I wasn't convinced that she would really do it, even once I had paid for it and all, but I was surprised!
Here's the BEFORE of all 3 girls:They all LOVED looking at all the GLAMOUROUS earrings!
{i LOVE how Savannah has her arm around Emma, what a SWEETHEART!}
Savannah went first, and while she was getting it done Emma said,
"Mom, I wanna go next ... Can I?"
I told her we'd see, cause I was sure once Savannah was done Emma wouldn't be so confident.
But, she wanted to STILL,
But we had talked before we even got there & she said that "she wanted me to HOLD her & then she knew she could be brave, just like Joseph Smith had his Dad hold him & then he was brave enough for an AWFUL leg surgery."
{we had a FHE lesson on it, & then they talked about it at Church a little while ago}
So I HELD her just like I promised I would!
She was a LITTLE un-sure.

I told her she didn't HAVE to do it, but she she said, "I want EARRINGS, so I'll be BRAVE!!"

She got to hold the germ infested stuffed animal to keep her company

{Had I thought about it I would've totally brought one of hers along cause she is so comforted by stuffed "pets" ... I detest the things, but still buy them cause she LOVES them SOOOO much!} And was BRAVE!!!

Look at that S-M-I-L-E ...I think she's in LOVE with EARRINGS now!

She has been really good about reminding me to clean them every morning and night. She hasn't even complained about them hurting except the one time her shirt got caught on one of them ... she's so BRAVE!

I complained more than she has when I got mine done 1 1/2 ago!!!

Here's the AFTER shot of the 3 DIVAS ...

Yes, Zachary wants to be JUST like his sister and was DEVASTATED that he couldn't get his ears pierced!! We had MANY, MANY, MANY talks leading up to this day about how Boys don't get their ears pierced!

He seemed ok with it, but still wanted to be in at least one of the AFTER pictures ... SILLY BOY!
Then we were invited to the Medico's for a PIZZA PARTY!!!


And PARTY it was!!!
Thanks for ALL the help with the other kids Mom, Dave, and Jason!
I know that Charisse and I couldn't have done it without the BIG HELPERS/ENTERTAINERS we had for the other kids!!!!!!

What we did ...

In the last post I talked about Alfie, my LOVE, being gone.
Well, those of you who know me, know that when he's gone I fill my life with FUN things so I can SURVIVE!!!!
This is what the kids and I did to make it until Saturday ...
I knew that when we had the {P} party I set the BAR WAY TO HIGH for the rest of the alphabet ...
Just keep in mind Emma's pre-school teacher does the alphabet BACKWARDS, so we still have a LONG way to go.
Anyways, EVERY time she learns a new letter I try and do SOMETHING to review it for the day.
{Even though she REALLY wants a PARTY EVERY time, I just can't live up to that!}
Since Daddy was gone we had a
{M}INI- {M} Party with {M}ommy
We got {M}cDonald's {M}cnuggets and enjoyed an evening watching the Letter Factory by Leap Frog ... {M}y kids FAVORITE {M}ovie!
See VERY {M}ini, but still LOVED by all!
The next day we broke out the Candy Canes from Christmas to make these DARLING suckers ...My kids loved helping with the sprinkles, but it wasn't a very KID friendly project, so it was a little frustrating for all of us!Oh well, we had fun time anyways!
This little Guy just hung out on the floor playing in all the dishes he could ...
SUCH a CUTIE if I do say so myself!----
We got given this POSCH car seat for Kye a little while ago, so I cleaned out the car, moved all the car seats around and found the perfect fit for all 3!!
Yes, 3 kids in car seats is quite SQUISHY in a car, but luckily this back seat can handle it!!!
I do love my MAXIMA and the POWER is possesses!!!Then we went to THAI PAN, with all 3 of them!
I was dreading this extravaganza, but really wanted to go since my Sweetheart told me I could decorate our bedroom mantle for Valentine's Day ... MORE TO COME ON THAT!
Within the first 5 minutes of being at the store I wanted to run away from my WHINEY kids, but they ended up changing their attitudes and I actually had a lovely time wandering through the store for almost 2 HOURS!!!
Thank You Dum-Dum Suckers and this sweet, peaceful, easy going child!!!Ahhh, Life is WONDERFUL!
I'm so excited about the fun finds I found at Thai Pan & Target for my bedroom mantel ...
I will post pictures SOON!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, these last few weeks have been CRAZY!
Alan got offered a "job" with a company to do a job for them in Spokan, WA about 3 weeks ago.
They only promised him this one job,
and they hoped that at some point they might be able to give him more work.
Well, he was supposed to start that next Monday and be gone for 6 weeks.
He hasn't left yet.
For some reason that job hasn't started yet, and we really haven't heard much about it since.
Well, this week comes along and he had work scheduled for this whole week.
Of course this other company calls Tuesdays and asks him to drive to Vegas for the weekend to help them unload a project and learn the ropes to doing the project in Spokan, cause they got that job for sure ... LET THE CRAZINESS begin!
Alan had to tell two different jobs he was leaving & they'd have to find other people to finish,
he had approximately 24hrs to make a decision about Vegas and be on the road ...
... ANNOYING!!! but that's life!
So this man left today for the weekend ---
:( SAD! :(
Before he left, amongst my crying/sobing he said,
"Don't focus on the fact I'm leaving, focus on the things you'll do to pass the time."
I told him I would just sit here in TEARS!!
{cause I am so MATURE about life!! hehehe}
To which he replied, "BE POSITIVE! Think of the things you LOVE and it will help you forget about the negative." & then he began to list off all the things in life that I LOVE and SHOULD be grateful for, so then that's all I COULD think about!
He always makes life seem like it's hunkey-dorey!
I guess that's one of the MANY reasons I married him!
He can change my mood in mili-seconds just by saying something!
I am so in {L}ove with this man!Thanks for putting me in a better mood
making me realize that I AM going to be okay while you're GONE!
Last night Alan had to bring home TONS of tool from 2 different jobs since he was leaving so SPUR of the moment.
Here's ALL the tools ...
... And here's the care he fit them ALL in!!!It was like one of those clown cars.
He just kept pulling TOOL, after TOOL, after TOOL outta there!
Kinda funny to watch, but I guess you had to be there!
On with other EXCITING news!!!
I am PROUD to report that so far I have kept up on one of my most DAUNTING New Year's Resolutions ...
THE LAUNDRY!Seeing these 2 baskets here means that all the clothes are CLEAN, FOLDED, & PUT AWAY!!
Life has been much happier cause I don't have to DIG through baskets of clean laundry to find THAT shirt that I want the kids to wear or THEY wanna wear!
It's so fun to watch Kye and Zach really start interacting.
Especially for the little while they are awake after we take Emma to Pre-School!
Most of the time they get along so well!
I hope they are always good buds and enjoy being BROTHERS!
This little guy has really CRACKED me up lately!
In MOST pictures he sticks out his tongue instead of SMILING ...
What a TURKEY!
I'm not sure what started this, but he sure does LOVE to do it!
Just pay attention in future pictures and I'm sure you'll "see the TONGUE"
He also asks AT LEAST ONCE a day,
"Mom, you LOVE your kids??"
To which I reply,
"I LOVE my kids!"
To which he then asks,
"You not mad at your kids??"
"No, I'm not mad at my kids."
{Does this mean that I am MAD too much?? I try REALLY hard not to be!}
He also asks about Dad's SCARY costume,
which I will have to post about another time!
I have told the kids I threw it away,
& I have FORBIDDEN Alan to put it on in their presence!!!!!
Wow, I am RAMBLING!!!
I guess if you are still reading you can look at the crafts I have been busy with ...
Here's the Valentine Garland I made in about 10
It turned out CAA-UTE, but I don't really know how to decorate or where to put it, so there ya GO!
ANY SUGGESTIONS on where to put it???
{if you've been to my house}
Also, this is something I have wanted to post for a while, but kinda forgot about.
My bedroom PAINTING Project!
Here's the BEFORE/DURING:& AFTER:I'm not sure I LOVE the color of the headboard.
I kinda wanna paint it a cream color so it stands out from the wall more.
What do you think?
I have also flipped my bedspread upside-down & thinks it goes better with the room ...
I have made some pillows too.
I'm trying to decide what colors I wanna ACCENT the room with. Not so sure about the Orange.
Maybe without the Bluey-gray I have going?
But I kinda like the other pillows MORE than the Orange one, so maybe the Orange will have to go!
What colors do YOU think I should go with???
Any and All suggestions would be nice ...
I am so indecisive!!!
Happy Weekend EVERYONE!
I WILL make it through it!!!!!!