Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Witches are Coming . . .

Last Friday we took advantage of the LOVELY weather and went to see the witches at Gardner Village. We do this every year and usually it's so cold and windy the day we go that we RUSH through the whole place. This year was much different, but a pleasant change. Also this is the first year I haven't had a DAUGHTER screaming, crying and refusing to stand, look, or touch the witches. In fact, she LOVED them and keeps asking if we can take Daddy or a friend back to see them. So needless to say, we probably will go back on a YUCKIER day and run through the witch scene again!!The Cousin Crew
Ewww. . . What Mighty Green Skin you Have!!

The Baseball Witches are MY personal FAVORITE!

"Witchy Poo"
Who doesn't need a squatty picture by this LOVELY witch!

And to top off the day we went and road the horses/ponies. This was Zachary's first time riding them. He wasn't so sure of them at first, but after a couple rides around he started giggling with a BIG GRIN and would pat the horse's hair and giggle some more. This was Emma's 2nd time riding them and she enjoyed it to the FULLEST!
We LOVE Gardner Village!!! It's always so much FUN!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Brave Enough . . .

After 24 years of living , I got brave enough and was covinced to try a something NEW and so far I LOVE IT! My little sister did it in February and she finally got around to coaxing me into it and I have no regrets!!! I just can't wait to take them out and switch them around with other new finds!!!
Here is the LOVELY place I got it done.
What do ya think?
(Yes, I have never had my ears pierced until NOW!)
Emma WHOLE HEARTEDLY APPROVES! She can't wait to be old enough to have holes in her ears. I knew she would want earrings now that Mommy has them, so I bought her some stick on ones. For now, she is thrilled and with how bad I thought it hurt I won't be piercing her ears until she is old enough to deal with the pain herself!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is what Emma's NEW bedroom setup looks like. . .Last night was the FIRST night that we put Zachary in his new BIG BOY BED and this is what he looked like in it. . .
A little piece of HEAVEN!!!

Both kids did WONDERFULLY sharing a room together! Emma LOVES her Princess Bed and Zachary LOVES his Big Boy Bed! He slept there last night and for naps today and never even got out of bed! Oh how I hope this lasts FOREVER!!!
P.S. The more I WORRY about things the better off they end up!
Yes, I have worried about this transition for quite sometime!!!!

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend was a busy one, but so much fun! It was fun to have one last BLAST for the end of summer! We spent Friday night at one of the final Bees games of the season and enjoyed fireworks after the game. Emma and Zachary have never seen fireworks, so it was fun to watch them watch the fireworks. Then Sunday night we had a BBQ at the Fergy Household and then headed home for a good nights rest. Monday Alan biked to the Fergy household from our house (41.5 miles) and we met him there later. We enjoyed a YUMMY breakfast of Crepes and enjoyed the morning. Then we went over to the Madsen's and had a BBQ for Lunch and enjoyed a lovely afternoon there before heading home once again. Here are some picture HIGHLIGHTSZachary helping with the BBQThe "Bull" Tomatoe
(I wonder how much you could sale this for on E-bay?)
The hammock is ALWAYS a BIG HIT!!
Enjoying the morning outside with indoor toys!
Snuggling with Grandma is a MUST!The boys hangin' around together.Grandpa helped Emma play crochet.Zachary had a rough weekend with not being his total self. Food bothered him for some reason and he just wasn't very active. It left a mellow kid and LOTS of snuggles which was okay, but I'm glad it didn't last long!
Alan is VERY proud of the HOT pepper that he has grown in the garden this year. He grew jalapenos, seranos, and habenaros and has tried them all. He pulled them out at the Madsen household and loved eating them with his brothers and Dad. They all tried the habenaros and ate seranos and jalepenos like it was no big deal - - - CRAZY BOYS!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Miracle. . .

Really, 2 Miracles in the month of August!!! I am one lucky Mommy!!!
Miracle #1
Zachary FINALLY learned how to go down the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF!
We have been diligently working with him to do this for 3 MONTHS! No JOKE! He just stands at the top and SCREAMS his lungs out like the world is about to end until someone gives in and brings him down. Seriously, I have let him scream for 15 minutes before giving in and wanting to lose it myself, but now it's all paying off!! What a MIRACLE!
Miracle #2
Zachary falling asleep in his high chair!
Now many of you may not see this as a miracle, but to me who feeds this kid 3 meals a day cannot believe he actually fell asleep in his high chair! No matter how TIRED this kid is he races through his meal and immediatly wants OUT the SECOND the last MORSEL of food is off his plate. If he's done before his food is gone, which is a rarity, then he proceeds to throw the food ALL OVER THE FLOOR because you didn't get him out fast enough. So, to see this delightful sight is WONDERFUL!
Also Miracle #3
He can climb into his high chair, which is a Miracle, but also an ANNOYANCE!
I don't have to lift him into his chair every time he wants to eat, but he also climbs into his chair randomly ALL DAY LONG thinking if he does, food might come his way! He also climbs so many other things now too! So yes, it is a miracle, but yes it leads to other messes I don't want to deal with!! Oh well, I love My Little Buck-A-Rooster!!!