Thursday, February 25, 2010

I LOVE this girl!!!

Have I said this before?
Well, I LoVe her!
She keeps life LIVELY and entertaining!
It's amazing to have such a girly girl right by my side!
It's amazing how she is JUST like me --- I love it!
Some of my favorite things about her stage of life right now are:

-She LOVES, LOVES to dress-up!!
She has been in dress-ups everyday since Dec. 25th and she got some for Christmas! Usually she changes about 10 times a day into some new DRESS-UP!

-EVERYTHING is Princess oriented!
The way she talks, walks, and imagines!
Several times she has woken up from naps or from the night and told me she just had a WONDERFUL dream about some prince charming ...

-She pretends Zachary is her Prince Charming
They Dance and Prance together!

-She LOVES Taylor Swift and refers to her music as "Her Songs"
I love that she "knows" almost every word to every song and if she doesn't "know" it she makes up something!
Her favorite song of Taylor Swift is "Sprinkles better let me go" aka "Picture to Burn"

-She LOVES to hold Kye!
She likes to hold him and then tells me, "he's starting to get fussiness"

-I love that she LOVES primary!
I worried about the transition from nursery to primary for a LONG time.
But when it happened she just went with the flow and LOVES it!
She gave the prayer in Primary the other week ALL BY HERSELF and it was the SWEETEST prayer I have EVER heard her give! She was so excited to do it all by herself and it brought me to tears to see my little girl so grown-up!
It stills bring me to tears just thinking about it!! ;)

-I love that she wants everything she wears "to DANCE"
That is the most important thing in her world!
She twirls around in a circle and if her dress, or skirt doesn't twirl enough she REFUSES to wear it!
Although it's annoying because some things just don't "dance" it's still such a cute personality trait!!

-I LOVE that she always poses with a tilt to her and such a SWEET smile!

- I love that she switches the towels in her bathroom so matching colors are TOGETHER instead of off set.

I am so blessed to have her as MY DAUGHTER!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Candy Heart Trail . . .

When I was little, "Cupid" would come visit our house in the night and leave a candy heart trail for us to follow to the breakfast table. Sitting at the table was some little trinket, candy, or a toy that we got for Valentine's Day. I always loved this tradition, so I have carried it on with my own family. I do mine a little different because I am not such a morning person.
The candy heart trail usually appears after naps.
(This year is appearred once we got home from church)
Also, this year it went from the dinning table to their bedroom.
(We at lunch and then followed the trail upstairs for NAPS!)
Without further ado:
Emma picking up her hearts.
This is the first year that she was REALLY into it and it was fun!!!
She knew what to expect at the end of the trail.
Zachary didn't really understand the whole concept,
but he was extremely excited that there were TREATS on the floor!
At the end of the trail both kids found a PIGGY BANK!
Our kids love finding $$$ on the ground.
It usually ends up being carted around in a purse, bag, hand, or mouth!
Now they have a designated place for the SPECIAL $$$ they find!
Since mouths aren't really the ideal place for such treasures!
Kye had a BLAST with his trail, as you can see!
He received a BUMBO chair that I am super excited for!
He likes to sit in it, and I know I love it!!
My SWEETHEART received The Office: Seson 2
and a heart felt letter from his Valentine.
From my VALENTINE I received this beautiful Pearl Necklace
Yes, On Saturday night I went grocery shopping --- LATE, because I can't go with 3 kids and I have to go after I feed Kye and have enough time to run all my errands. After arriving home at 11:30pm I walked into a spotless house and was brought to tears! MY SWEETHEART cleaned the house without even being asked!! That is the BEST present that he could've given this TIRED, WORN-OUT, Mother of 3!!!
I love that he knows me so well!!
He knew I would love it and I did!!
Thanks Sweetie,
you are the LOVE of my LIFE!
I love Valentine's!
Since having kids we haven't had the NORMAL Valentines celebrations, but it's better that way! It's wonderful to be able to spend time together and do extra things to really express our love!
I love being TOGETHER to celebrate!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brothers . . .

Kye is such a SWEET BABY!! He is patient and puts up with 2 VERY LOVING siblings. Zachary LOVES KYE to DEATH, literally!! He loves to hold him, give him hugs, smother his face with endless kisses, and he believes he can do anything his sister does with Kye. I am very grateful that both my kids LOVE our new baby! It's so much fun to be able to enjoy our 2nd boy and 3rd child!!
We are so BLESSED!!!Kye's 2 Month Stats
11lbs (50th%)
23in (6oth%)
Head Circ. 15.2 (25th%)
Yes, he does have a PEANUT head, and I LOVE it! It makes him appear to be smaller!!

We LOVE our Baby Kye!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cabin Time

The Madsen Family has started a tradition where we go to a cabin every year in the winter. (Well for at least the last 2 years!) It's always turns out to be such a FUN FAMILY time!! Our kids love everything about it and this year they did EXCELLENT in adapting to the circumstances and sleeping FABULOUSLY!!
Here are a FEW pictures from the WONDERFUL WEEKEND:
We got PLENTY of sledding time in while we enjoyed our 2 days there. Both our older kids loved being outside and on the sleds. Zachary cried all the way down the hill, but once he made his way back to the top, he would point to the sled and nod his head "yes"!

All 3 of our kids got plenty of well needed COUSIN TIME! Since Kye was born we have kind of stayed away from family functions, so our kids have felt a little deprived. This weekend was well needed by ALL of us.

Audrey, my sweet sister-in-law, made all of the girls aprons. She made them to fit our personalities and I think they are the perfect FIT for us all! It was fun to spend the weekend cooking in our DARLING aprons!!
Thanks Audrey, I LOVE LOVE MINE!

We got LOTS of Grammy and Grandpa time!
Weather it was reading books, sledding, or just hanging out the kids loved being with their Grandparents!

And, OF COURSE, we had LOTS and LOTS of YUMMY, DELICIOUS food!
I mean LOTS! I even made a DIVINE spinach artichoke dip for the first time and it was a HUGE hit! That is definently one of my FAVORITE dips, EVER!

Another fabulous point to the weekend was just hanging out and being able to PLAY games! It was fun to learn some new games and play all the FUN old games! I LOVE GAMES!!

It was a super fun weekend, but I was sad it went so fast! Maybe next year we can spend MORE DAYS up in the cabin together hangin' out!!!

Stay in BED!

This little boy is SO extremely BUSY all day long that you'd think when he hit the pillow he would ZONK right out! NOPE, of course that's not what happens. He stays busy the whole time he should be SLEEPING!! This is how we found him one night when we went to check on him right before we went to bed.

What kind of MISCHEIF do you think he was up to?

-Pulling books off shelves

-Tourmenting his tired sister

- Playing with socks, diapers, undershirts, onsies or whatever else he could pull out of drawers!

- and last but not least --- NOT SLEEPING!

At least he stayed in his ROOM!! :)