Saturday, October 30, 2010

FHE picnic in the Mountains

A couple week ago, I had the URGE to go see some PRETTY fall colors in the Mountains.
So I decided we'd have a picnic for Dinner and Go spend sometime enjoying the great outdoors.
We packed our DARLING picnic basket ...
... And Enjoyed our lovely dinner amongst the great outdoors!

Then we set off for a MINI hike.

It was so fun to go up Farmington Canyon, somewhere we have NEVER been, and be TOGETHER!

Just as much as I love this next picture...

Totally not posed, just sparatically done and I actually was able to capture the PRECIOUS moment!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


On October 8 & 9, we FINALLY made it up to Afton, Wyoming to see my Grandma. We haven't been since April of 2009 and BOY have we MISSED it!!! We arrived there LATE Friday night, to a warm welcoming of EVERYONE still awake and ready to PARTY!!
The next morning we got up and going and headed to the beloved DRY FARM. This place has so many wonderful memories, and it was fun to experience through my kids eyes.
The boys packed, chopped, and piled wood on Dave's trailor to take back home. Kye and I supervised, while Emma tried to convince Grandma that packing wood was for BOYS, and she wanted to do GIRL things!!!
Zachary was a BIG helper!!!!!Emma FINALLY convinced Grandma to help her find a WONDERFUL Fall bouquet.
(It really was pretty, but not so much after it was dried up and torn apart in my car ... UGH!!! Take mental note: Next time leave it in the FOREST!)Here's ALL the wood Zach gathered ...
We managed to find enough dry wood to build us a fire for some ROASTIN'And we enjoyed us some good ol' fashion hot dogs.
Then the OLDER boys had to practice their AIM ... LAME!The rest of the weekend was full of ReLaXaTiOn and LOTS of it!
Book Reading:

Block Building with Aunt Carolyn:

Playing Monsters in Uncle Davey's Socks:

Tackle/Tickle Fests:

Lots of Coloring:
Smiling up a STORM:

Truck Playing and Movie Watching:
Lots of Play time with Grandma:
And Great Grandma:
And eating like we were RoYaLtY!! Yumm--o!!!!
All good things have to come to an end UNFORTUNATELY!
Sunday afternoon we had to head for home ...
Four Generation Picture:
The Whole Madsen Clan:
My kids CaN't stop talking about all the fun we had at Great Grandma's!
Emma says about once a week, if not more ... "I really Miss Great Grandma! When do we get to go visit??" She usually says this with tears forming in her eyes.
I LoVe that my kids KNOW their Great Grandma's!! I never got to know any of my Great Grandparents in person and I find it a TREASURE for them to actually be able to REMEMBER theirs!!!
We Love you GREAT GRANDMA and Hope to make it back to see you SOON!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"I'm gonna cast a SPELL on YOU!!!"

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our yearly tradition of going to see the Witches at Gardner Villiage.
It's always full of WITCH Cackling FUN,
and this year didn't disappoint!!!
Zachary is my EATER, EATER pumpkin PETER
(hehehe, don't know where that came from, but I like it!!!)
So this witch PERFECTLY decribes the PHASE of life he is in ...
Hopefully it's a PHASE ... RIGHT??!!
He can eat 3-5 hot dogs for dinner ... CRAZY ... YES!!!!
These 3 Troopers, were just along for the ride,
doing whatever the OLDER kidd-o's wanted to do,
and didn't complain one BIT!!
Here is us with Esmerelda ... or however you spell her NAME!
If there is such a thing
The WHOLE GANG of us!
Emma loved this LIL witch.
She sat & talked with her,
sharing giggles and secerets ...
Oh my, she is GROWING!

I love this picture of my GOOFY kids!!!

Oh Gardner Villiage you make HALLOWEEN so much FUN!!!
I love being able to go have fun, but the FUN to be FREE and so enchanting!!!

Boil, Boil
Toil and Trouble ...
Better Be Good
or you'll be CAST into a ...

Cackle, Cackle ...
At least that's what I tell my KIDS

Oh I just LOVE HaLlOwEeN!!!