Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life with us....

These pictures are from a while ago when I started this post, but they are fun so I'm gonna post them now. They are a mumble jumble of everyday life at our home. It brings me joy to have my children/family around me & to watch them grow. No it's not always easy, but looking back at pictures helps me to know that it is all worth it!!! I feel so blessed & content!!! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Our Spring Break was filled with rain & coldness, but we stilled enjoyed our time away from a school schedule! 

We drove to Antelope Island & enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sunset one night. My kids didn't get the "thrill" outta this like Al & I did, but that's ok....someday they will realize all the beauty a sunset holds!!

We also got to attend Baby Leo's baby blessing. It was such a special event. My BIL did such a fabulous job with Leo's blessing & my Sister is such a cute lil Mommy!!
I got ambitious & decided that I would stain our swing & the kids tackled this job on the only truly nice day of spring break. It looks FABULOUS if I do say so myself!!!
My Sister, Charisse, & I decided to get together & your Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate factory. (Sweet's Candies doesn't do tours anymore :( Boo-Whooo!) Cavanagh's tour was good, but does cost...which is kinda a bummer. It was a good tour, but I'm not dying to go back. Maybe in a few years!

One lazy, rainy morning my kids pulled out their journals, all on their own, & wrote/drew in them. It was such a cute moment to hear their sweet conversation with each other as I got ready for the day. 
I love car rides with my 4! They are such good travelers & it's fun to talk, sing along to songs together, & just enjoy each being together!!
We went to the Aquarium in Draper. It was crowded, but we have a family pass so we'll get to go back when it's less busy. 

Our spring break was only 3 days plus the weekend, but it makes me excited for SUMMERTIME with my kiddos!!!

St. George

A few weekends ago we had the opportunity to go for a weekend in St. George. We left Thursday after school, but first that morning I got in my longer run for the week. It's been my longest run by myself & not in a race. It was a gorgeous morning where I got to take in the beauty of the morning sunrise as I ran home. (My Hubby dropped me off in Farmington & I ran a route home) It was a perfect solo run!

At, George was full of swimming
Late nights
Bike rides
More swimming

Hikes as a family

Adventures to find crystal rocks

Playing old school Nintendo 
Cousin time with Dave & Shelli's kids

Time with Nate & Natalie

And lots of funny kid moments!

 It was a perfect weekend together as a family of 6 & I'm so thankful for them!