Thursday, February 23, 2012


What is it about DAD'S???

I don't know if its just my kids, but they L.O.V.E their Daddy!

{sometimes it feels like more than me ... BUT I AM PERFECTLY OK WITH THAT! .. i promise!}These 2 have L-O-N-G converstaions every night once she is in bed.

She LOVES to talk & talk to her Daddy.

{she also would talk on the phone to him, when he's outta town, ALL NIGHT LONG!}

I'm so glad they have that TIGHT bond & he spends that EXTRA time to hear about her day.

When Daddy gets home EVERYONE is THRILLED & suddenly EVERYONE is happier.

{my kids are SOOOOO lucky ... & i think they KNOW it}

--- DADDY'S are the BEST ---
I think EVERYONE would agree in our household!

Thanks for being such a GREAT


It makes me LOVE HIM even MORE!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Tea Party ---

Fit for EVERY Prince Charming & Princess!

On President's Day we celebrated by hosting a TEA PARTY at our Castle.

It wasn't anything TOO involved, just a fun excuse to dress-up, eat dessert BEFORE lunch, enjoy cousins & Aunts & Grandma Fergy, & talk about manners.

We gathered at the table,Read a few books about MANNERS,

had "Tea & Crumpets" {aka cookies & punch},

Ate delicious FANCY food,& had a ROYAL photo shoot.It was such a blast to get together!

Thanks to all the ROYALTY for coming to our Castle!
Emma commented that night that she WISHED we could have a TEA PARTY every day!
Both Emma & Zach keep referring to everything as being FANCY NANCY ... EVERYTHING!
It's so fun to have kids to throw fun, random parties for! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Cookie Paaarty!

The Friday after Valentine's Day Grandma was home from visiting Ash, Lu, & baby Raquel so she held her ANNUAL COOKIE PARTY! It was such a fabulous afternoon although we did miss 4 of our Fergy Cousins'! :( {it's sooo crumby to have sick kids ... hope you feel better soon Phoebe, Cami, Josh, & Sophie!}

We started off the party getting to Skype with Ashley & Baby Raquel ... ALL the kids LOVED seeing both of 'em!!!& OF COURSE these 2 continued the "BATTLE OF GRANDMA" that has insued since BIRTH!We had a LOVELY lunch of hashbrown rounds, chicken nuggets, mini corn dogs, a vegie tray, & a yumm-o bread/dip tray.Then after just a wee bit of cleaning up we got to FROSTING & DECORATING!!!!

Oh, & a lil extra SPECIAL Candy making ---


When there is TREATS involved EVERYONE is HAPPY ... RIGHT? ... RIGHT!!!!!

Then Grandma handed out her Valentine's from her & Grandpa & we snapped ONE pic of everyone, that was left, together {we missed Afton cause she left earlier}.

It was such a fun afternoon together!

We really haven't been around cousins since Christmas so it was good to see the ones we did.

Thanks Mumsie for hosting!!!

On a FASHIONABLE side note:I think one of the GRAND-DAUGHTERS takes FASHION classes from Grandma ... Do you remember THIS
YEP, total taking after Grandma at such a YOUNG age!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

V-Day ...

We had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day this year! In fact we celebrated for 2 days. On Monday night we had a lesson about "LOVING" one another & then Daddy passed out Valentine's to the kids.

Then Tuesday came along & there was a "HEART" trail for the kidd-o's to follow to the table where MORE Valentine's sat ...Then it was a hurried breakfast of PINK waffles & PINK milk ... I FAILED to get pics because I was trying to have everyone hurry so we could get Emma off to school ... It was kinda a CRAZY morning! BUT we were able to do Em's hair cute-sy ...Then we grabbed our pizza from Papa Murphy's after school so we were all prepared for our dinner time heart-attack!I cooked the pizza & then picked up a babysitter so Al & I could go on a DATE together.

It was a simple, but fun date. Nothing like I had planned because of traffic, but {F}un non-the-less!

We went to Zupa's, browsed through Ross laughing it up together, & then made ONE LAST STOP at my favorite ... We came home & exchanged gifts to each other ...{HIS}
& then enjoyed our CUPCAKES & CAKE BITES in bed
{yes, I LOOOOOOVE eating in bed ... DON'T JUDGE ME!!!}

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Did you say FOOTBALL???!!!???

Why yes, you did!!!!


I may have NEVER really thrown a FOOTBALL party before ... except for the one year all the boys on my side of the family came to my house, brought their own food, & watched that yearly championship game ... BUT I would say that I CAN THROW A FOOTBALL PARTY --- at least food wise!We had homemade Winger sticky fingers & OH MY GOODNESS were they absolutely


{I will say this & MEAN it: they were BETTA than the resturaunts ... FO-sure! Check the lovely website PINTEREST for the recipe, but do equal parts hot sauce & water. It makes them PERFECT-O!!!}

Yes, I could go ON & On about how YUMM-O they were, but a-las I shall move on ...

We enjoyed sitting by Daddy "watching" the game.

ie: the kids & I read BOOK after BOOK after BOOK while we sat next to Daddy who was watching the game. When the commercials came on there was a PAUSE in the book reading so we could enjoy commercials together. :)

It was a F-U-N night for all!

I'm glad my Hubby chose to stay home with US this year ...

I may or may not of told him the food plans I had for the game which may or may not have influenced his decision on weather to stay or go with the boys ... no one will REALLY ever know because I'm not sure I even could tell you that answer!

Also, Alfie & I placed our first "bet" with each other about who would WIN the game. It might've been slightly unfair since I mentioned betting on this game & he immediately picked the team he wanted. Oh well, I get to plan V-Day, so I have NO COMPLAINTS!!! Our date TONGHT is gonna ROCK his SOCK off!!!!

It was a fun FOOTBALL party even if it only happens once in a while!

Happy Valentine"s EVERYONE!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This N' That

Wowsie, I have been on a blogging HIATUS!!


I guess since I can check-up on everyone elses blogs on my phone, in my BED, I don't really sit on my computer downstairs where all my picutres are loaded & blog ... I will try & be better. :)

As for us, well ... WE ARE GOOD AS GOLD!

This lil' guy mastered the "Cast" walking/running within about 2 days.

{oh yeah, & the climbing, getting into mischief part too!}Grandma Fergy still came & gave lil Kye Guy a "GET BETTER SOON" gift of a turtle to keep by his side while he heels ... HE LOVED IT, as you can see!We got to celebrate Chinese New Year all week long at the end of January.

We had homemade chinese food, ate fortune cookies, played chinese inspired games, & learned about their culture together as a family ... Emma even taught us some chinese words for different foods. We've hung around the house & thoroughly enjoyed all our DADDY TIME!


Alan & I even managed to find a few nights to go out on dates ... ALWAYS a welcome event for me!!! :)

For Family Night we talked about families & then got to imprint our kids hands into concrete so we can have a hand stepping stone.

{we did their hand prints a year ago in some cement we poured, but we can't pour cement every year, so Al came up with the idea of doing it every year & he would make a stepping stone out of it for me ... PRECIOUS!!! I'm gonna LOVE 'em FOREVER!!!}

Life has been WONDERFUL!!!

Kye got his cast off TODAY --- WAHOO, we made it!!!

His foot still needs to heal a little bit, but they said to just keep a shoe on it most of the time & it should heal itself. We go back for a check-up in 4 wks, & then in 6 months to compare the growth between both of his toes. I'm confident that EVERYTHING is gonna work out. I really do love the pediatric surgeon they sent us to & Kye has just taken this & ran with is, so I'm totally not worried for him. THANK GOODNESS FOR MODERN DAY MEDICINE!!!!

Well, February should bring some FUN time for us, so expect more blogging to come.