Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ragnar Relay

What, another race you may say. . . yes oh yes! This past weekend Alan ran with 11 other people from around our neighborhood in the Ragnar Relay. There were 12 people on his team and they each ran 3 legs to complete the run from Logan to Park City. Alan was the #12 runner so I went to the finish line to watch him and his team run in. It was a ROYAL mess getting there as I had to park in Park City somewhere and ride a SHUTTLE to the venue. . . LAME-O. To say the least it was an interesting trip with 2 kids, one stroller, 3 umbrellas, a bag with snacks, and my purse. After 2 people's help, hitting a lady hard in the head with one of my umbrellas, rolling over people's toes with my stroller, and listening to 2 whinny kids who were hungry the whole shuttle ride I made it to the venue. I met up with Alan's team and hung out for a little while. We walked to the finish line just in time for the RAIN to POOR down on us. I then had 2 screaming kids while I was trying to hold umbrellas to cover them and take pictures of the finish, so these aren't the best pictures, but they were all I could manage in the POORING rain!!!

Alan did such a fantastic job! He is such a natural runner and loves every minute of the race! Good job, Baba!!! Since Alan had so much fun running Utah Ragnar his team has decided to run Vegas Ragnar in October, so until then . . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When I say it's time to go. . .

Emma RUNS for the coat closet and puts this on!?Why, you may ask. . . I have no idea!
We haven't needed coats or a jacket for how many months now?

The Reason I love Eating Time. . .

Is NOT because of this cute face and the fact that he can feed himself . . .
(although those are both really good perks to life)
It's because of these 2 cute feet who are always proped up on the high chair like so. . .
I find it absolutely darling and it brings a SMILE to my face every time I get to see it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zion Trip

Warning TONS of PICS!!!!

We went to Zion this past week for 5 days and enjoyed it all!

The first day we were there we hiked up to Weeping Rock as a family and someone took this OUTSTANDING picture of us!

Zachary didn't LOVE the backpack cause he's a little big for it, but he stood it, at least for this hike.Although it may look like Daddy drops him right out of the backpack, he didn't. It was just a mess trying to get Zachary out of it!Emma LOVED, LOVED collecting rocks and coloring on them. We came home with over 20 rocks she had collected and couldn't part with. Believe me when I say I left over half her stash in Zion!!!My 2 kids in their camping chairs

Every rock Alan sees that he could possibly scale, he does.
He's teaching his son this concept at a young age.

We enjoyed playing on some water in Zion. Although it was COLD after about 2 minutes you were too numb to notice how cold it was. My kids didn't even care how cold it was, they just LOVE water!

Zachary LOVES playing with Daddy's climbing gear, someday he'll put it to good use!

The kids were amazed by the big bugs, lizards, tad poles, and every other creature they could find or catch! Here they are all gathered around a lizard.

This is our own "BEACH". It was right by our campsite and the kids LOVED playing down there by the BIG water in the shade and sand.

Here's Emma's sand castle she built with the help of cousins:

Jason, our brother-in-law, took 4 groups of us 4 seperate times to canyoneer 2 canyons. I only did one of the 2 canyons and LOVED the adventure. Friday Jason, Jeff, Alan and I went to Pinecreek Canyon and enjoyed the adventure. There was 5-6 rappels, swimming in deathly cold water, hiking through beautiful slot canyons, and one final deathly boulder jumping hike out.

Here's one of the rappels we did into whats called The Cathedral

And yes, you rappel into chest deep, FREEZING cold water!
Emma with her Tadpole that Kaitlyn helped her catch.

My DIRTY, DIRTY boy loved the DIRT!

My little girl loved the dirt almost as much as her brother!
We had the dirtiest kid at camp HANDS DOWN!
I would say we had the 2 DIRTIEST kids at camp, but at least they were having FUN! Right!?

Luckily we had this as our Home Sweet Home for the five days so our kids could get cleaned up and be able to stay clean overnight. We love camping and can't wait to have many more adventures this summer!!