Wednesday, April 29, 2009

She's 3!!!

The Birthday Stash
The Happy Birthday Girl with her LOOT!
Riding her Princess Scooter.
Reading books in her wagon.
Her cute, STYLIN' outfit from Grandma and Grandpa.
We went bowling for the first time for Emma's Birthday.
Emma did and EXCELLENT job at bowling and LOVED it!
She loved getting her ball from the ball rack and carrying it over to the ball roller.

Look at those bulging MUSCLES!

Look Emma even WON the whole game. She is an ALL-STAR bowler!

She finally would ride her scooter for Grandma and the Aunts to see. She was a little stubborn all day about it and wouldn't do it simply because I would want her too!

Her Butterfly Cake

Blowing or SPITTING out the candles!!

Enjoying yummy birthday cake!

And we have to add little brother enjoying his part of the birthday. He went straight for the cake the minute it came out. In less than a month his cake eating day will be quite a HIT! He ate 2 Oreo cookies and LOVED every minute of it!! Emma said, "Ew, he has dirt on his face, how is he eating DIRT inside?"

Now that she is 3, will the terrible 2's come to an end and will SHARING come more easily? If the answer is NO, I don't want to know!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look at those "Shapey" LEGS!!!

Now I may be prejudice, but my kids legs are DARLING!! I love them!! Emma LOVES to dress-up in my old costumes OR in a DRESS every single day, so her knees are always full of scabs because she has her Mom's syndrome- - - CLUTSYNESS!!! Now Zachary has the CUTEST stubbiest legs ever and I LOVE THEM. Since it's been so warm I have put him in shorts this week and he looks Adoreable!Here's my little princess ALL decked out in the whole princess attire!!Now you can't tell me those legs aren't the cutest things EVER! He even has the fat leg syndrome where your shorts ride up on one side because you have so many rolls. LOVE THEM to PIECES!!!!!!Now look at that smile, it's just contagious and so much fun to see EVERY day! NO, I cannot convince Emma to take off the dress-ups to play outside. Plus who wants to battle that when it's "Not that big-a-deal" (That's Emma's FAVORITE saying!!)
Emma's favorite way to swing is in a "Circle." She loves us to twirl the chain up and let her spin around and around in the swing while she is on her BELLY! YUCK!! It makes me sick just to watch it spin around!!

Zachary LOVES his swing and hates his hat. This is one of the rare pictures of him with it on. He thinks it's a GREAT game to rip it off and throw it on the ground.

Last Saturday I was doing some weeding while Alan was at Scout Camp. The kids and I were outback all morning long and they did really well. Towards the end Zachary got a little fussy and whinny, but was content once he realized he could follow right behind me and eat the clumps of dirt. Me, being the GOOD Mom, just let him EAT AWAY!! Did a little dirt ever hurt?

Easter Clothes

Easter clothes were worn the week after Easter because we came home from Great Grandma's on Sunday and didn't make it to church. It was quite traumatic to get Easter Clothes pictures this year. We weren't thinking about it before church so I thought we could hurry and snap one after church since Zachary was in such a good mood. Well, Emma went into hysteria and got sent to bed for a nap because of her craziness. We tried after nap time and Zachary wasn't really in the mood for pictures, so this is the best we could do. . . OH WELL! Pictures tell the story, RIGHT!? I love the second one with Emma acting out how Zachary truely felt!!! Happy Easter Everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter at Great Grandma's

We spent Easter at Great Grandma Wilkes' house in Star Valley, Wyoming. It was so fun to have all of my siblings and their kids there! It made for a crazy house FULL of people, but also full of so many FUN memories!! Thanks for hosting us Aunt Carolyn and Grandma!!The babies always LOVE playing on Grandma's Walker. It makes Grandma really nervous that they are going to fall off, but they never do, they just hang on for the FUN ride!!!Book Reading kept some of the kids quiet for a little while.

Great Grandma was a wonderful coloring buddy! It was so cute how the Girl's would just pile Great Grandma with toys and want her to play with them.

It was REALLY warm inside Great Grandma's house so we stripped the three youngest down to their onsies and laughed at how different they look. Zachary filled out his onsie the best and it was the biggest one and he is the youngest!

We had to get a picture with the Easter bunny. Emma was nervous and CRIED most of the time on Bunnies lap, but we did capture one picture without the tears. Zachary only cared about those colorful eggs he could see on the ground!

We found eggs in the SNOW!And we LOVED every minute of HUNTING for the Eggs!Aunt Julie was sorting her eggs, so Emma sorted her eggs too.The Happy Egg Hunters Zachary's "hidden" eggs.
Zachary found his eggs with EASE!What a stash of EGGS!Quite HAPPY with his FIND!We always make "Bunny Bags" out of a paper sack for our Easter Baskets. Emma was delighted to color ALL over her bunny face she had me make! Posing by the Bunny Bags. Emma was totally in LOVE with some old Hymn books that Great Grandma had. She carted them around the whole weekend long and spent much of her time singing from them. Great Grandma loved hearing the little girls sing, although the rest of us wanted it to END!Emma with her Easter Goods!Fashion Queen of the CENTURY!
What a FASHION statement!!!Zachary with his Bunny Goods.Amazed with his Easter Goods!!!
We had such a FUN time at Great Grandma's house and are so grateful we got to spend the Easter Holiday with lots of FAMILY!

Grammy and Grandpa's Easter Egg Hunt

We had such a FUN Easter Egg Hunt and Grammy and Grandpa's!! Emma was loaded up with candy and MOST of the candy came from Jacob's Eggs. Thanks Jacob for being so willing to share!!!Let the HUNTING begin!!
Look at her really get into the Egg Hunting!!!

Oh, how tricky! They were even hidden in the flower petals!

Zacgary got to enjoy the eggs and the STUFF inside them!

Yep, he loved making a HUGE egg MESS!!

What a RUNNER!!!

On April 3rd Alan ran a Half Marathon! He is an amazing runner. Someone in our neighborhood had signed up to run it, but couldn't at the last minute, so he asked Alan if he wanted to run it for him. Alan has been running to train for The Ragnar Relay in June, but he hasn't been training for a half marathon. He came in at 1 hour and 54 minutes. It was so COLD and I was totally unprepared for him to come running in, so I got a shot of him after the race. He did such a good job and is totally excited about running the Ragnar Relay in June!! Good Luck Babe!!!!