Thursday, January 31, 2013

All about ME

5 Random facts about ME!
here I go...1- I have called my husband BAWLING about not being able to change the battery in the chirping fire alarm....more than once! I hate that sound & those batteries are tricky! (definitely NOT a handy-woman!) 2- I am extremely clumsy, & love to laugh about it! 3- My all-time favorite food is PIZZA, I could eat it all the time & NEVER get sick of it! 4- My hair is the longest it's been since 6th grade! 5- I love watching the news & feeling informed. & a lil bonus tid-bit----I love curling up in a blanket winter, spring, summer, or fall....blankets are the best!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January iPhone dump

January is kinda a boring month, but as I look back on my phone we've done A LOT!!! Here's my re-cap
-Em got her 2nd ear infection in 2 months & now has a steroid ear drop to help her clogged tubes un-clog & fall out
-I got random flowers from my hubby {love that!}
-I have continued running in the FREEZING cold & yes, yucky air--it keeps me SANE!
-Kye got strapped to a high chair so he'd worked!
-Zach put himself down for a 7 1/2 hour nap & STILL went to bed on time, but never seemed sick!
-we had a shower for my awesome SIL Julie @ Cheesecake Factory...YUMM-I!
-we had LOTS of fun hangin' out while Em was off track for the first 2 1/2 weeks of January!!
-went to Scheels. Where Em road the Ferris Wheel in her OWN lil box...she insisted & LOVED it! Kye, Zach, & I got to ride together...SOOO.MUCH.FUN!
-chilled at City Creek while Dad worked
-Ate my kids first "root beer" floats
-shoveled the MOST snow we've had in the 5 1/2 years we've lived here
-Al made "trails" in our backyard that we, the WHOLE FAM, play tag on most nights...our kids LOVE IT!
-Stratego has been played at least 200 times since joke!
-crazy hair day was SO.MUCH.FUN
-Family Fun Center field trip with Zach
-3 stitches for Kye in n' out in 6 days!!
-new baby Dennis Murray Ferguson aka chip arrived safe n' sound...his HAIR...I love it & him!!
-GNO with some fun friends from High School...I took Em to play with their daughters
-Air Force Plane Museum with the Madsen cousins
-Kye "learned/insisted" on doing his own hair
-& we ALWAYS find time to read good books together & RELAX
Wow---January HAS been busy! Hope you've enjoyed yours!!! :)

Let it SNOW!!

I'm not gonna lie----I LOVE THE SNOW! People it's JANUARY in UTAH...of course we are still gonna get snow! It's totally seasonally appropriate! & at this household---we CELEBRATE it! {even IF it comes with a 25 min drive to school when it usually takes 5-10min} We have been doing A LOT of shoveling...which is tiring, but will not put a damper on my love for snow! KEEP IT COMING....MOTHER NATURE!!!
Life as a Mommy has its ups & downs. I have a certain child who tests my patience to the fullest, but also comes in at 3am to tell me, "Mommy, I love you!" & then goes right back to bed....Which totally MELTS my heart & makes the world all go round again!!
It's also so much fun to play around with them & have them be my lil buddies! Man I never realized all that motherhood would entail, but I'm glad I have been blessed to be one!
Life is one challenge after another, but RIGHT now I can say I'm grateful for mine. I can't say that I'm grateful ALL the time for them, but TODAY I truly am!
Bring on the Roller coaster of life & I will ride it with a smile----especially if MORE snow is involved!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice skating

I will fill you in on our New Year's Eve Bash....later....on New Year's Day we took our kids ice skating. It was FrEzInG & all 3 of our kids 1st time. It was an adventure that I'm glad I decided NOT to tackle by myself!! {i had considered it} I had 2 kids CONSTANTLY clinging to me for dear life while Al took the other one around to try & teach them how to do it. Kye LOVED going with Daddy! Zachary wouldn't go with Daddy. Emma would go with Dad, but didn't love it, but by the end she was able to go off on her own. She wants to go AGAIN really bad.... We'll have to venture to an indoor rink & hopefully it'll be warmer!!! Afterwards we came home & had hot chocooo & cinnamon toast...mmmm, a childhood FAV!
ps---i guess i didn't get any pics of Zach cause he was attached to my arm & it was stressful! Too bad i didn't snap a photo of my arm leech!! :(

Sunday, January 6, 2013

After Christmas Fun….

We got a TON of snow the week after Christmas!  I was sure glad Santa brought my kids shovels, because they were put to good USE!!!


We didn’t make it to Temple Square BEFORE Christmas, so we went the day after amongst the SNOW storm.  It’s so magical to walk around with snow pelting DOWN!!!



I took the kids sledding one morning.  We got up, ate breakfast, got ready, & went.  We got there about 9;30 & there was one other lil group there.  It was nice to practically have the WHOLE hill to ourselves.  We sledded for about an hour & just as we were leaving about 6 car loads showed up…. I was glad we were DONE!


We got so much snow I was tired of SHOVELING, but I loved it at the same time!!  Our driveway will not recover from all the SNOW until March when it warms up… we are North facing, so most of our driveway doesn’t get ANY sun, so once snow is encrusted with from cars driving on it, it’s just turns into an icy mess & STAYS that way!!! OH-WELL, it’s WINTER & that’s how it SHOULD be!!! :)


We spent the afternoon after sledding watching 3 movies right in a row…. & taking naps for some…. I know totally LAZY, but TOTALLY fun to snuggle up with my cuties & ENJOY !


Zachary has LOVED playing Stratego!! …. he tries to get EVERY person who walks in & out of our house to play with him…. hehehe


I thought I LOST my beloved hat the night we went downtown to see the lights.  I returned 1 item at City Creek & realized about 2 hours later that I didn’t have it anymore.   :(   I was so SAD cause that hat was AWESOME!!!  I thought for sure it was long GONE, but when Al went to work the next day & checked at Forever 21 it WAS in their lost & found…. YAHOO…. there is still honest people in this world!!


Random picture of Alan helping me with Dinner…. Gosh, I love that man!!!  He helps when asked & is willing to give me BREAKS when I need it.  Sometimes I just need to let go of the lil things & ENJOY all that he does to for our family!!  {isn’t it so SEXY to have your man cook for you!!! or clean-up!!!}


Zachary is the funnies kid… he LOVES the “techy” stuff in life!!!  One night he was playing on Daddy’s phone & just couldn’t STOP watching the movie that was on, so he sat right here & got the BEST of both worlds…. SILLY!!!         IMG_4519IMG_4522

We got to go to one of Al’s cousins wedding receptions where there was a photo booth….. my kids were in HEAVEN & wanted to go back & get more pictures done… we settled on just going ONCE, but it was surprisingly FUN!!IMG_4504

Kye is my GO-ER!! He NEVER stops!  I was pleasantly surprised one Sunday morning as I walked outta my room to see why it was so QUIET…. Emma was reading to Zach, which I SHOULDA snapped a picture of….BUMMER, & Emma had set-up this area for Kye to read in.  This lasted for a good HOUR, to my SHOCK & DISBELIEF, but it was so nice to have a quiet Sunday morning!!!IMG_4518  

It’s so fun to be a Mommy & a Wife!! HARD WORK, but something I wouldn’t trade for anything!!  I fee l so blessed to be able to have 3 fantastic children to call my own & one supportive husband to lead & support us!  As with everything you never know what life is gonna deal you, so I just have to ENJOY the stage of life I am in RIGHT now!!! I have found it is important to LIVE in the MOMENT & NOT wish for the next PHASE of life to start.  I am totally ENJOYING no diapers, no strollers…. most of the time, & no naps!  Its fun to just go & do!  I’ve never been this way since we started having kids 6 years ago…. maybe someday we will be blessed with another lil munchkin to add to our clan, but if not, my life is WONDERFUL & I feel like such a LUKCY Mother!!!