Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

I have a darling little neice Sophie turned 1 on Cinco De Mayo ... So my SIL threw a Cinco De Mayo B.A.S.H!!!
It was FREEZING, but FUN!
We ate yummy tacos with EVERY possible selection you could imagine {hard or soft shell, beef, chicken, or pork, refried beans, normal beans, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cilantro dressing, cheese, & I'm sure I'm missing some!
We got to play with mustaches & have a photo shoot with all the Mexican attire.
 After Mustaches & photo shoots was G.A.M.E time --- We did a pinata & pin the tail on the donkey.

 Funny Story: After Em got done pinning her tail on the donkey she came up to me & whishpered, not so quietly, I CHEATED!  We kinda just laughed about it because it was just a game.  Well, she ended up WINNING a special prize for getting the closest.  OOOOOoooooppppps!!!  We tried to give it to the next closest, but no one really cared & Em was ELATED with her sucker cupcake, so we ended up with the prize.  Moral of the story:  Teach your kids to CHEAT --- hehehe! 

 We had a blast at this Celebration for Sophie. 
 I think we need to have a Cinco De Mayo party EVERY year cause it was so fun!!!! 
Happy First Birthday Sophie!!!!!

I can't believe she's 6!!!

{I probably will say this EVERY year! But I can't believe my little girl isn't so LITTLE anymore!}
It was a fun-filled SATURDAY!!
We started off the day with a visit from Grandma & Grandpam, while Daddy helped a neigbor pour concrete.  We enjoyed our time waiting for Daddy to get home by doing puzzles, playing games, eating lunch, & watching a movie.

 Grandma & Grandpa ALWAYS give such DARLING outfits & UNIQUE toys!!!  We always get soooooo many compliments when Emma wears this outfit & she LOVES to say, "This is my Grandma Outfit!!"  Thanks G&G Fergy!!!

 Once Daddy got home I hurried & wrapped her presents & then it was time for MORE PRESENTS!!!!
 Her reactions were PRICELESS, so I couldn't resist posting them ALL --- you may skip this part over cause ALL these pics are for my MEMORY!

 We had a lovely afternoon of the boys sleeping, while Mommy, Daddy, & Emma skyped with the Moreno family.  Then Emma played games on the laptop while she enjoyed her lovely treat from her primary teacher.  {her teacher also gave her a TANGLES balloon}  Emma also enjoyed MANY phone calls from her Aunts & Uncles.   

Then it was PIZZA for dinner & cupcakes & ice cream for dessert.  Emma went with Daddy to pick out the ice cream ... she chose Reeses's.  She also picked out her purple cupcake liners --- PURPLE is her NEW favorite color!!!
We had so much fun celebrating her 6th Birthday!
Emma is a jewel in our family & we are so thankful for her!!!!
Here are 6 specatcaular things about my Princess ---
1. She is a PEACEMAKER in our home!  When she is gone to school things are a lot more crazy!
2. She is so thoughtful!  She asks a lot of the time what she can do to help Alan or I.
3. She LOVES to sing & I LOVE to hear it!
4. She has the sweetest spirit about her!
5. She LOVES to be social!!!
6. She is such a great example to her brothers & me!  She tries so hard to do what is right & not get in trouble & I aprreciate it soooo much!!!
Her favorties @ 6 are:
Color: Purple
 Movie: The Little Mermaid
 Food: Pizza
Candy: Cupcakes
Toy: Tangles dress, she LOVES coloring!
 Activity: Play with friends, making art-sey things, going to dance
Song: Diamond Castle Song {we need that movie!}
Muscian: Grammy, singing lullabys to her :)
I'm so glad that you are MY lil Princess!!!!


To say we LIKED this place would be an understatement ... WE LOVED IT!!!
My kids included!!!  It was such a fun time spent just wondering around, my kids have been BEGGING me to take them back.  It's funny how they loved since a simple outing, but I'm GLAD they dd!!!
This is what we did ---
We looked for fish
 Played in the lil splash pad
 Looked at all the spectacular views
 Did a LIL bit of shoppin' boppin'
{& yes, I only went in 2 stores for my viewing pleasure & the Disney store for them}
 Watched the trains run underneath us
 Then we had lunch & played in the dino play area

 We all had SOOOO much fun!
At the end, I asked them if there was ANYTHING else they wanted to do & they chose to go BACK to the splash pad.  So we went!  On our way there Emma got to the bottom of the escalator & immediately turned around & attempted to RUN back up them.  Well, as most of you know, that is NOT a smart idea.  Needless to say sometimes you JUST have to experience things for yourself instead of listening to your Mom tell you it's not a SMART THING TO DO.  I don't think she'll EVER try that again!  It wasn't a warm day, but my 2 boys got SOAKED because it was just too much fun!  These 2 LOVE water, & really don't seem to care what the temp is outdoors.
We hope to visit again SOON!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh for the month of APRIL ---

So about 3 weeks ago I was cleaning out my kids rooms.  {Like SERIOUS, DEEP, SPRING-Y cleaning!!!!}  I was going through clothes, bringing in the new clothes, going through toys, moving furniture ... the WHOLE she-bang.  Well, I was ALMOST done & was tired so I thought I would save time & carry 2 bins of clothes downstairs at a time.  I made it safely with my first set of 2, so I went back up for 2 more ... well the second set didn't go as well ... I ended up FALLING on a STUPID ball that was on our 2nd flight of stairs.  Since I was holding 2 bins worth of clothes I didn't have my arms to catch me & I ended up landing DIRECTLY on my TAILBONE ----- OCHIE-WAYSIES, it what we call it in the Madsen home.  IT KILLED!!!  My right leg was tingly, my left arms had a gash in it, & I couldn't even MOVE!!!!!!!!  Well, needless to say I haven't sat comfortably SINCE that day & I think I might've broken my lovely tailbone ---UGH!!!!!!  Why do I share that story you may ask???  It's not to show I am a clutz --- although after 27 years of FALLING I know I am --- it is to show you why I haven't wanted to sit downstairs, on a uncomfy chair, & blog.  SOOOOOOOO-OOOOO bare with me why I catch up a bit!!!

Not by me!!!!! By his BOSS!!!!
Seriously --- THEY LOVE HIM!!!  I know this because of many things, but here's the cherry on the cake ... a $7,000 bike just handed to him cause his boss CLAIMS he doesn't have time to ride such an expensive purchase --- he wants SOMEONE to be able to enjoy it.
{fyi --- his boss did LOTOJA last fall & is doing it again this fall --- he placed 3rd in that race!!!}
I am happy for him!!!  He LOVED the thing!!!  He spend 2-3 hours one night polishing this baby up in our basement --- hehehe. :)
Well, we need a new GRILL --- WHY?
Well take a look at this piece of art --- 
             SILLY BIRDS!!! 
They try this every spring & this year we GAVE up trying to STOP them!!!

I love that Emma writes NOTES!!!
Especially when I get to decifer the writing!!!!
{i think it says: "new friend welcome to my room.  Come along to play"}
I also LOVE that all 3 of my bundles pick weeds in the backyard & bring them to me like they have just presented me with a JEWEL!!!!  {Kye is HILARIOUS when he hands me his "flower" he's picked for me!!!}

I'm learning some new quick haristyles for last minute hair-do's for school --- awe mornings can be SOOOOOO stressful!!!
 My Mom's a genius!!!!  She came up with this FANTASTIC entertainment for my boys one day while we were sewing away together ---- GENIUS i SAY ... GENIUS!!!!
It has given me HOURS of peaceful BLISS because they do this OVER-&-OVER-&-OVER!!!

She was helping me finish up these LOVELIES ---
My MIL" helped" me start them one day & then my Mom came the next day to "help" me FINISH, so I could once again have some PRIVACY!!!
THANK YOU to both of these fine mothers for making my wild pattern dream of curtains come to pass!  They pratically just sewed them for me after I gave them a sciwampus view of my vision! :)

We celebrated this not so lil' girls 6th birthday!!!
{Which SOMEDAY I will blog in depth about!!!}
 This lil' guy has MASTERED the "no training wheels" bike riding in NO TIME FLAT!!!!
{i knew it was just a matter of TIME before he jumped on like his sister!!}
The only problem is he can't get ON by himself & is too STUBBORN to learn --- he just wants you to "HELP" him EVERY time.  :)
 These 3 boys went road biking together the other night ... & yes my oldest brother IS wearing a hockey helmet ... & YES, he did wear that while they went biking!!!
 & last but not least ... Emma has started BASEBALL with a cute little team made up of 5-6 year olds in our own neighborhood --- it's entertaining to say the least!  & we, meaning Emma & I, are both WAAAAAAY to excited for her 1st Dance Recital the end of JUNE!!!! 

 Wow, we have been busy & This is just a little of what we REALLY have been up to.  My tailbone & head are saying it TIME for bed, so I guess I will go!!!  Hopefully I MAKE the time to blog again SOON!!!!