Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orange Writing. . .

Sorry about the orange writing in the next post, it's really hard to read since I changed the design of my blog! Good Luck!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We have an on going tradition of carving pumpkins every year. Alan grew up carving pumpkins, so he is the master, but the rest of us are learning and improving each year!Happy little boy with his little pumpkin that is just his size!
Emma loved carving pumpkins. She colored on hers' and then helped Daddy dig out all the other pumpkins. She was so proud of this pumpkin when it was all done. Alan hard at work on his pumkin.Amber hard at work on her pumpkin.

Whose the WINNER? You Decide . . .

Halloween Party

Our Ward Halloween Party was last Friday night and it was a blast! We had dinner and then Trunk or Treating. We all joined the fun and dressed up!

Mommy and Mr. Toad

Daddy with his Little Princess. Emma loved Trunk or Treating once she finally caught onto what was going on!

The best part was the cotton candy!! What a sticky, but FUN mess!


Do they look-alike or what?!! I've always thought Zachary was a mini Alan, but this picutre just proves my point! Everything look the exact same from their face shape to their eye color. Come to think of it, I think they act the same too . . . Content when full, whinny when hungry!! :)

The Princess and The Toad

We went over to a friend's house and she had this totally awesome set up to take Halloween pictures by. I loved it, so I dressed my kids up and took pictures by it. I think they turned out so good! My Little Halloween munchkins

Zachary has been our little toad since he was born. My older brother thought his body was shaped like a toad, and it just seemed to fit! I'm glad it worked out so perfectly because I already had this costume from Emma, and Zach was going to wear it no matter what!

Our resident Princess! Emma LOVES to be girly and wear my necklaces and she always comments on other people's earring, so when she got her own she was THRILLED! She loves to dress in her "angel" dress and dance around like Cinderella, and we love to watch her!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I have some cute pics, but I just got a new camera and have to download some software or something the camera came with before I can download pics. I'm not a saavy person when it comes to technology, so I think I'll wait until Alan can walk me through it! Just wait for new pics, from my PINK camera!!! (It's a light champane pink and I LOVE IT!!!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Duck Feeding, AGAIN!

Emma, Savannah, and Michaela went and fed the ducks. Emma loves it and they all enjoyed it once again. I love this picture of all of them turned and feeding the ducks!
Emma throws the bread and then yells at the ducks, "Eat the BREAD" and then gets upset when the one she threw it to doesn't get it, before another one does.


Every year Gardner Village displays witches at Hallween Time. It's so much fun to go and see them and now we have kids to take so it's even FUNNER! (yeah I know it's not a word, but I LOVE using it!!) Emma cried the entire time last year. This year she was scared, but if someone would sit with her, she'd allow her picture to be taken.
Zach is such a good sport to put up with all the ridiculous things I put him through to take a picture!! I loved this little carriage and he was the perfect size for it. What a STUD!
All the COUSIN'S, and Aunt Megie hangin' by the witch on the bench. Emma was really not sure about this witch!
Cute little Kiddo's!

By the END of the Be-witching experience, Emma had warmed up to the witches and on her own went and sat by this witch and was chatting up a storm to her! She has not stopped talking about "The Witches" and wants to take her Da-Da!

Phoebe is 1!!

Phoebe's birthday party was last Sunday. Zach didn't mind wearing the birthday hat and Emma was a grinch and didn't want to put it on! We had fun celebrating and eating "ugly bug cake", which I didn't get a picture of.
Emma loves trying on glasses and I finally got a semi descent picture of one of the many pairs she has put on.
Michaela put on some pretty funny ones that in a weird sort of way totally fit her!!!

Happy Birthday Phoeb-o!!!

The SnowWitch

Last Sunday morning we woke up to SNOW and lots of it! It was quite a surprise for the first part of October to see that much snow. We bundled up and headed outside after Emma excitedly asked all morning long, "I want to go SNOW!!!"
She couldn't walk very well in the snow which was frustrating to her, but she soon found out it was fine to stand in one place and just "chow down!!"
This is was our result ended up being, our SnowWitch in honor of HALLOWEEN! (We bundled Zach up just to come out and get his picture taken in the snow.)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shhhh. . .

This is what I came home to tonight. SO CUTE!! We put our kids to bed and then I went to run a couple of errands and came home to a dark and silent house. When I went into our room and didn't find Alan sleeping I checked in the other rooms and found him here. Emma asked for her Daddy to sleep next to her, and I just thought it was so precious!! I'm actually surprised there was enough room for the both of them and ALL of Emma's STUFF. She sleeps with nintety trillion things. Blankets of all shapes and sizes, a care bear, a baby, and two little fleece blankets that she can't live without. It's quite a joke to tuck her in and balance all of her STUFF on her bed and not have anything fall off, but we do it nightly!!!

To Keep or NOT to keep?

This pair of pants Alan has had since High School. They are his FAVORITE pair of pants, if you couldn't tell! He has worn them to death and just keeps wearing them. I have patched them a couple of times since we have been married, but I finally told him they were no longer going to be patched. He has resorted to just wearing them while working around the house with pajama pants underneath. I'm afraid that until they just fall off of him, he'll just keep wearing them!

FUN Daddy

Last Saturday I found Alan with both kids in Zach's room reading books in the rocking chair. It was such a precious picture I ran and grabbed the camera. Emma LOVES books and would love for us to sit and do nothing but read to her!!

What a GOOD Eater!!!

Zachary is such a wonderful eater and her LOVES to eat! Now that he has started eating "REAL" food he doesn't want anything to do with MILK. It's hard for me, but it's fun to see how he just inhales the food!!
He's patient and let's Emma feed him. Emma fed him his whole breakfast last week and as you can see, more got on him, or in her mouth!!

Emma LOVED the rice cereal and still asks to have bites when I'm feeding him. Silly girl!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When we went to California in August Emma got to feed ducks at our friends house that we stayed with. They have a balcony that over looks water with tons of ducks in it. That's all she talks about, so about 2 weeks ago we went to a park near our house and fed the ducks. She was a delighted and it was a fun family outing for us all. (Except for the blasted mosquitos that eat Mommy ALIVE!!) Even though we took her to feed the ducks she still talks about the ducks and Bryan's and Emily's. She loved our vacation there! Hopefully we can make it back to feed those ducks sometime.

Emma is so cute with Zach, or Zachy and she calls him. She loves to be with him, on top of him, and all over him. She always asks to hold him and when he's crying she'll automatically run to find his binky. (Such a helper) The other day she fed him his whole bowl of rice cereal for breakfast and it was so cute to watch her. She LOVES her brother and every time her brother sees her a BIG grin comes across his face. It fun to be a Mommy and watch them interact with each other. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Emma Repelling

Yes, that's Emma repelling with her Daddy. She LOVES it!! Her first time was in July and since then that's ALL we have heard about. "I want to go down the moutain with Daddy!" She absolutely loved it and wanted to go again. So in September we took her back to the same spot and went repelling again. She has no fear and loves going down the mountains with her Daddy. I have to admit the first time Alan brought her down the mountain with Emma hanging down underneath him I was scared and wasn't sure he was doing it right. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a hit for this summer.