Thursday, June 30, 2011

--- HAIR ---

I really do LOVE getting my hair done!

It's relaxing to have someone play with my hair, plus it's away from kids which it always a nice break! I LOVE my hair dresser cause if I don't know exactly what I want, I totally trust her to do a good job & make me look good.

I totally trust her!

Yesterday I went & got my hair done ... this is how the conversation went:

Her: "So whatcha thinkin'?"

Me: "I want more red in my hair than blonde, but I still want blonde too. So red & blonde is what I'm gonig for."

Her: as she lookin' through her colors, "so do you want a brownish red?"

me: "No, I want it to be more of a true red."

her: "ok"

She colored my hair, put me under the dryer, washed it out, cut it, blowed it dry, & styled it.

She then turned me around to the mirror & I hope my face was too SHOCKING!

I totally wasn't what I had in mind!

I was thinking Strawberry-Blonde & to say the least ...

IT ISN'T!!!!

It bugs me cause I really had a totally different look in mind ... UGH!

Especially because I thought I explained myself really well ... did I not??!!??

Anyways, I don't need everyone to tell me how much they LOVE it, I just needed to VENT!

So here's to being a BRUNETTE for the next 8-12 weeks!

Hair does GROW, Hair does GROW!

That's what I've told myself every time I've looked in the mirror since yesterday!!!

{BTW --- This is the DARKEST I've EVER been in my whole life ... SHOCKING to say the least!}Just think ... it COULD be worse!I could have ORANGE or PINK hair, or she could've totally BOTCHED up the cut & I could have a MULLET.

Luckily, I DON'T have either of those 2 scenarios ... just not the STRAWBERRY-BLONDE I was going for.

--- Hmmmm ---

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


WB --- 2011Noody Blipples & Chanal Affin

Was our team name ... if your a runner you'll understand!

Now to meet the jokster/prankster of OUR neighborhood.

He decided to run on our team this year & boy was he a riot!!!

Presenting: None other than

PHIL VAN DYJKHe was in the other vehicle from us, so we only got to see him at major exchanges.

But it was fun to see him!

Our vehicle started running around Noon on Friday for our first legs:We got done about 3:30pm & had time to "REST & SLEEP", along with being able to see our

AWESOME VOLUNTEERS!!!!Yes, Alan & I are the ones who saved our team from having to spend an extra $360.00 to pay for the volunteers ... WOOT WOOT!!

{yes, I just tooted my own horn!}

After a few hours it was up & adam to get ready for our NIGHT RUNS!BOY, running in the NIGHTIME FUN!!!!


Then we were able to crash about 3am until 7am ...

Ahhhh, so RESTFUL!

Now for the final LEG of the RACE ...Yes, we had ONE team member who was HILARIOUS!

Everytime it was HIS turn to run we had to rumage through the entire vehicle to find all his belongings ... most of the time he had to run without some "key" thing because we couldn't find it.

His nickname was "SCATTERED BELONGINGS" & we had a lot of good laughs at his expense ... heheheThis year we even got the unique experice of "PLAYING" in the snow!YAHOO!!!

We FINISHED!!!!This was such a FUN year!

I just LOVE running these Relay Races!

I think it's the reason I RUN!

Although you may feel like THIS:

For a few days after ... IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swimmimg Party ... Medico Style

We had a LOVELY swimming party at the Medico's this past Thursday.

It was such a fun event & we're looking forward to MANY more!

We had lots of time to SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!We did a couple TRICKS ...

{including a fall by none else, but Moo-ah! No SUPRISE!}We had 2 water fights ...
One with Me & Charisse ...
{Charisse cheated & got the hose to defend & made me SLIP & FALL in a hole in the grass! hehehe}The other fight was with Uncle Jason, which ZACHARY loved!We got YUMM-O Pizza for Lunch!& most of us got TWO popsicles since it was STIFLING HOT!We chatted it up with our cousins ...

& tried to stay hydrated!
We even had time to do some coloring!It was such a BLAST to enjoy some of the nice SUNSHINE we've gotten lately!
Thanks Medico's for putting on such a FUN SUMMER PARTY!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A DAY ...

To prove that MY life is not full of glamour & wonderful Mommy Moments here's the DAY I DON'T WANNA REPEAT!

It was the First Day of Summer & I thought it'd be fun to have a POOL PARTY in our backyard to CELEBRATE!

After much complaining from the 2 oldest about not inviting ANYONE over, heaven forbid, I deemed we would NOT swim that day!

Instead we ran errands & boy were my kids TERRIBLE!!!

I ended up walking outta a store without my shopping cart, that had stuff in it!

Once we got home, & after lecturing about how we act in stores we ate lunch ...

... in the middle of me making lunch I had to go get ants off of Emma cause she sat in a pile of them & they were attacking her. This is what I came back in to ...

2 boys SHOVELING bananas in their mouths!

After lunch I thought it might be fun to make rice krispy treats with my kids ... NOT TODAY!

They whined & complained about the steps they did & didn't get to do ... Needless to say after about 3 minutes of starting this endeavour I sent them away & I finished them ALL BY MYSELF! After the rice kripy treats were done, they whined their HEADS off until I finally put them down for NAPS, which there was much protest & complaint about from EVERYONE!

I thought it would at least be a peaceful afternoon, but just as I was all relaxed my 2 oldest emerged from their rooms to get drinks & use the bathroom.

This was an hour & a half after I had layed them down ... Did they really sleep?!???

I had no idea, but seeing it was 3:30, I let them stay up.

They ended up fighting with each other until they had wokin' up Kye ... AHHHHH!!!!

The rest of the day proceeded with much GRUMPINESS from all!

As I was trying to finish up dinner for the fam, this is what happened ...

I was so frustrated & running behind that I merely just SHUT the door on this mess!

I left at 6:45pm for RS & left strict instructions for Daddy that I had no desire for these kids to be up once I got home!!!!

It was a terrible day!

This whole week hasn't been very charming to tell you the truth.

I have tried to do some fun things, but they just seem to BACKFIRE on me!!!

We did have SOME success at the Medico Swimming Party on Thurs. but for the most part this week is a WEEK I DON'T WANNA REMEMBER!!!!

See, I do have bad DAYS/WEEKS!!!!

Hopefully next week will be BETTER!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tie-Dying P.A.R.T.Y

I was excited to throw a tie-dying party! I have never tie-dyed before until about 2 weeks ago when our Ragnar Team did shirts to run in. It was such a blast & I decided we needed to have a P.A.R.T.Y!!! It was such a BLAST!

Step 1. Tie rubberbands in ANYTHING white!Step 2. Mix up the dye in LARGE bucketsStep 3. Take the wads of white with rubberbands in them outside with the dyeStep 4. Put the wadded rubberband white things in the large buckets of dye & WAIT!Step 5. While waiting enjoy some water & the great outdoorsBUT don't get too wet or you might get TOO cold & end up sitting on a chair observing the rest of the day!

{yes, this kid LOVES water. Even if it's SPRAYED in his face, but he does get cold rather quickly & then he becomes a SNUGGLE BUG which I enjoy also!}Step 6. Be sure & add some food & treats into the mix, so EVERYONE is more enjoyable
Step 7. Movie watching is a must while we WAIT & rubberband up some more WHITE things

Step 8. Ta-DA! Take white things outta the dye, un-tie rubberbands & let the MASTERPIECES dry.

{it's always so much fun to see how they turn out depending on how they were wrapped with rubberbands}

Step 9. Enjoy playing in MORE water because you can!As you can see this P.A.R.T.Y was full of LOTS of fun! That is a MAJOR step to tie-dying.

SOOOO, go get some white things & have fun TIE-DYING!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surf & Swim ...

We just LOVE the pool by us!

We finally had a semi-good day on Saturday & decided to head there.

My kids are such WATER bugs it makes it so much FUN!

It's so much fun to have Daddy there to play with & help-out with the KIDD-O'S!

We just LOVE family time!


The part that is the BEST about a WONDERFUL, SUNNY day at the POOL is the fact that is WIPES out ALL of us!