Monday, December 31, 2012

Family Christmas Parties

Our family Christmas Parties started out on Sunday the 16th…. FERGY STYLE!

We did our annual progressive dinner, but changed it up, just a bit.  We only went to 3 houses instead of all of them.  If we didn’t go to your house then you helped out with food at another house. Our food theme this year was ORANGE.

First was our humble abode…. I hope EVERYONE felt welcome EVEN IF they didn’t receive a snuggle with Kye like Uncle Davey did….


Eddy was right there in the mix of things to “GREET” everyone… {he was GLIDING across the kitchen that day}


We started out with a spinach mandarin ORANGE salad that I made & then a ORANGE Jello-sherbet Salad Jennie made.  {i bought the stuff to make this salad in a raspberry version for Christmas & totally FORGOT to make it…. UGH!}

IMG_1844 IMG_1846IMG_1843 IMG_1847 IMG_1848

The food was YUMM-O, if I do say so myself!!!

Next we headed off to the Medico’s where Mom & Char provided us with a DELICIOUS ensemble of ORANGE chicken & Ham fried rice.  {one of my FAVORITE meals!!} IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 

I think I OVER-ATE at this house, but it was nice cause we got to sit & visit at each house so our food got to digest a lil more than normal.  It was nice to visit & let the kids play at each house, or DESTROY it depending on their mood!! {sorry Julie for the mess of toys…. Sorry Char I didn’t even look at your house to see the disaster & I feel bad!!}

Next we headed off to Dennis & Julies where we had Scrumptious ORANGE Rolls with ORANGE Hot Cocoa provided by Dave.  Mmmmmmmm…. it totally hit the dessert spot!!


Then we snuggled up for Charisse to read us “The Christmas Orange” Story.

IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1871 IMG_1873

We all got our very own Christmas ORANGE from G&G Fergy.  It was a fabulous night spend among such wonderful company!  We love our family & then fun traditions we have! I love that my kids have such a close relationship with their cousins, because I missed out on that as a child…. It’s fun to watch them interact!

The next Sunday I let our kids wear their NEW Christmas outfits because they were singing in Sacrament Meeting…. It’s always fun to wear NEW clothes!!!


After church we headed to G&G Madsen’s to have a Christmas Party MADSEN STYLE…..

We started off with a delicious dinner filled with UBER yumminess!!!  I contributed my spinach artichoke dip w/chips.  It’s always fun to combine all the sides everyone brings & end up with quite a divine FEAST!

After dinner we cleaned up & dressed up, the kids, to put on the annual Nativity Play. {this was the 1st year I feel like I actually got DARLING pics of my kids all dressed up…. I was quite pleased with their cooperation}

IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1886

After the Nativity we sang songs via the kids request.  It brought such a special spirit to have the kids sing along with us to Christmas & Primary songs.  I love listening to those ANGELIC voices! {i KNOW that’s why I am in primary!!!}

Then G&G Madsen gave each of the kids a gift in these SPARKLY boxes.  {the boxes were just as treasured as the actual gift!}  They were given each their very own SILKY pillow case, so they could all “….SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE….”


It was nice to be able to sit around, snuggle, & chat it up with my SIL & find out what each of their kids were getting.  It was such a fun evening spend amongst the BEST in-laws THIS GIRL could ask for!!  I truly treasure how AWESOME my “OTHER” family is!!!!IMG_1892    IMG_1908 IMG_1911 

Zachary LOVES to play games…. I found him in the hallways at 2 different times playing games with cousins & either Grandpa or Grammy…. he LOVES to find a willing adult to PLAY with him!

IMG_1918 IMG_1920 Kye did show Grammy that he COULD be reverent….. HOPEFULLY he can be this reverent in Primary NEXT WEEK!!! {still can’t believe he’s OLD enough to actual leave Nursery!!}


CHRISTMAS is JUST around the CORNER…. & we are MORE than ready!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Fun…..

Wow, December is a BUSY Month that just FLIES right by without you even really knowing it.  I planned out some things I wanted to do with my kids this month & although I didn’t get them ALL done, I would say I’m pleased with what we DID get done!

First we went with Grandma Fergy to see the windows at Grand America hotel.  I really like going to see these windows.  They are pretty, it’s NOT CROWDED, & you get a treat at the end with lil to NO effort!


After the windows I ventured with my kids to see the Santa at City Creek… he was in this AWESOME lantern display & it was Mrs. & Mr. Clause.  I thought the set-up inside was DARLING, but you couldn’t take you own photo….. LAME-O!  Oh, well, it was a fun time with my kids for a short lil jaunt at one of my favorite places!IMG_4132

We tried something NEW this year & went to Zoo Lights…. I LOVED IT!!  My kids were disappointed they didn’t get to see very many animals!  & it was FREEZING, so Kye complained, which he had reason too…. he has NO BODY FAT, & IT WAS BITTERLY COLD!! {i think we picked the coldest day EVA with the wind factored in} I wanna do this again another year & maybe prepare my kids in letting them remember we DO NOT see very many animals & HOPEFULLY pick a warmer night!


It was awesome to see the zoo’s new exhibits & watch the sea otters INDOORS FOREVER!IMG_4306IMG_4317

I was lucky enough to have an AWESOME Mommy who came to watch my boys so I could help in Emma’s class for her Christmas party.  They made gingerbread houses & it was fun to get to see her creation & watch her interact with EVERYBODY!  She’s such a SOCIAL BUG!

She’s sad that when she goes back after being off track her good friend Caroline won’t be there…. but that’s how life rolls!



At home we made our own RICE KRISPY “gingerbread” houses.  It was a fun change up, & all that really matters is the GOBBS of candy you get to place on the house ANYWAYS…. RIGHT?!?!???

IMG_4374 IMG_4376          IMG_4371 

For the 1st time in 3 years I was on the ball enough to hand-out neighbor gifts. {we didn’t do neighbor gifts for the 2 years Al was un-employed for OBVIOUS reasons & last year…. well, ya know :)} I really do LOVE doing this, but if I’m not on top of it SOON enough it becomes too much of a bother for me.  So if I’m not in the right MOOD about doing it ….I don’t do it!!!  This year, it was fun for me…. We’ll see if I can be on top of it next year!