Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter 2012

So as Ferguson tradition goes we made "bunny bags" on Saturday night.
It was quite the success!!

 & the BUNNY found & filled them ALL!!!
 We even got to have a MAJOR egg hunt around our house, as Madsen tradition go.
{80ish eggs for 3 kids ... they LOVED it}

 & then we enjoyed BUNNY pancakes --- & for some REASON unknown to me blogger keeps TURNING this pic of my pancakes --- ANNOYING!!!!

ANYWWAYS --- They were delicious & it was a fun morning filled with walks & getting ready for church.  As we were gathering the kids for pics we couldn't find Kye!!!
--- he ended up being ASLEEP on the floor of our room, so no pics of all the kids until AFTER church.
SOOOO, you all know those were quality --- I'll post those LATER!

We got MORE ...

... CHICKS!!!
Wait for it ....
 Wait for it ...
 ... & here they are ...
 ... you can't tell in this picture, but Kye was SCREAMING bloody murder when this chick flew out of the box.  He was NOT happy & WILL not hold them to this day!

Bring on the EGGS!!!
Now we have 8, & 2 of these chicks will lay WHITE eggs so we can dye Easter Eggs NEXT year ... I missed it this year!!! :(

Easter Extravaganza Fergy Style ---

I know I'm WAAA-AY behind, but here's go ... we got to have a lovely Easter Brunch at my Mom's & Dad's the Saturday before Easter.  It was yumm-o food, good company, & LOVELY weather!
{The day before it had SNOWED, but this day turned out BEAUTIFUL!}
 {Cousin time is ALWAYS fun}

 {the lil picky runt of our family ate the MOST of all the kids --- 3 crepes, plus extras --- it's good to know he EATS when he's hungry!}
 After the eating commmenced we wrangled the kids while the Daddy's "HID" the eggs --- YES, I'm good at embarassing myself & ended up telling all the Dad's, "It is time for all the Dad's to hide their wives eggs!"  OOOOooops --- yes I got mocked, but at least everyone who understood had a good laugh!!! :)
{I can't believe I just wrote that --- }
The it was off & running for the "HUNT"
1st & only thing this kid cared about was the BALL!
 The ball was one of the 1st things on her mind too!
 I think it took this one about 10 seconds to find all 12 eggs to fill carton ---

 Then he found his beloved ball!

 Then he eagerly helped his lil broth-a out!
 EVENTUALLY we found all 36 egss & 3 balls ---
 Dumping the Candy---
 Playing a little ---
 A family pic ---
 & some more play ----

---- made for a perfect HUNT!
Thanks for all the fun G&G Fergy!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jazz Game ...

Emma didn't get a very long spring break this year, compared to everyone else. We are on year-round school, so while everyone else got 1 full week we got a mere 2 days. :( It was a little crumby, but we tried to do fun things anyways!!!

It just so happened that Alan's Dad offered us tickets to the Jazz game onFriday night --- SCORE!!!!

We decided that since we had just been to a game Alan & I with some friends, we'd make this game for our kids & take them ALL!

It was Kye's 1st game ---After the 1st 2 quarters I thought it may be Kye's LAST game too, but once we got popcorn & a drink during 1/2 time he was totally fine the rest of the game!

The other 2 kids are PRO's at the Jazz Game routine!{popcorn}{drink}It was fun to have them all there with us & they did really well!

We made it all the way to the end to watch the CLOSE finish to the game & THE JAZZ WON!!!

Emma enjoyed Dancing,

& so did I!!!

{but no picture of me dancing cause I don't look cute like a 5-year old does!}As you may have noticed in some of our pictures we were lucky enough to be able to invite Dave & Michelle. {The Barton's, Alan sister & her family, were on the same row with us, but LAME-O me didn't get pics of them ---BUMMER!}

It was also fun to see Grandpa Fergy at the game too!!!{don't ask me WHY??? their hands are up??!!?? Who knows it was L-A-T-E & they were having FUN!!!

YES, both Grandpa's contributed to this total night of FUN-NESS & we say a big


to both of them!!!!!

GOOOOO JAZZ!! We are still rooting for you to make it to the play-offs!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We had a fun lil Easter Party for the Grandkids that My Mom planned ...

It was a PEEP PARTY!

{all things PEEP!}

We made pillowcases by tracing PEEP cutouts with permanent markers ...Of course my to "ARTISTS" couldn't get enough of this one!We made PEEP S'mores ---& PEEP Pops ---& finished the sugar HIGH with lunch, yep it went over as well as you could expect. :)
It was nice enough to have a PICNIC with the cousins outside!

Then we got to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!!

It was such a simple, but FUN party!

I love how kids are happy no matter what, for the most part, & with Cousins there it makes it even MORE fun!,

Everyone had a good time, even Cousin Sophie got a little Sweet Treat!

Thanks Mom for the planning of the party!!!