Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mommy-Daughter Date

Last Thursday I had a much needed "special" time with Emma. She has adjusted so well in life with having brother after brother and sharing EVERYTHING! She is so thoughtful and wonderful and helps me out so much! Daddy hung-out with the boys and Emma came with me to see . . . The Princess and the Frog
She was so excited to see the movie, and it was fun to share the time together!
She sat in my lap the whole time because she kept getting folded up in the theater chair and was going to stand to watch the movie.

She got to pick one candy to have and she is her Daddy's Girl and picked LICORICE!!
On our way out of the theater she looked up to me and said,
"Look Mom, I have 2 licorices left. I'll eat one more and then give the other one to Zach!"
She was so excited to run inside and give Zach the licorice.

She just melts my heart with her kindess and love she has for her family!!
I love my little

P.S The movie was EXCELLENT!!
It is now my second favorite Disney movie.
Beauty and the Beast will always be my top pick!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wedding I Have Been Waiting For . . .

Ever since I was married 5 years ago, I couldn't wait for the day that my sweet twin sister would be able to experience the eternal blissfulness I was experiencing! She is the best sister EVER!!
Well, FINALLY it did!!!
And I couldn't be HAPPIER to have such and AWESOME brother-in-law to take care of my sweet sister FOREVER!!
Being in the Temple with a loved one is ALWAYS special, but the moments I shared in the temple with my Wonderful Twin will ALWAYS be a treasure to me! I love her dearly and am grateful everyday for her wonderful example. My life would have been totally different to not have such an amazing example right by my side EVERY step of the way!! She's the BEST and I am so glad I got to share EVERY moment of Her Day with her!!!
I love ya, Sis!!!
The HAPPY Bride and Groom
Happy is an understatement as you can see by their HUMUGOUS smiles!!
Neither one of them could stop smiling the whole day and they looked so blissfully in LOVE!
I loved it!

Here's all the GIRLS in the Fergy Fam
It's amazing to think there is only one girl, out of the 4, without a ring on her finger!!
Wow, we are growing up!!!
Emma basked in the WHOLE event!
She LOVED the temple
She LOVED that her reception attire "danced" to the appropriate measure
(aka her skirt twirled enough to be deemed PRINCESS worthy!)
She LOVED holding Ashely's dress up so she could walk
(or anyone else's dress!!)
She LOVED watching Ashley be a Princess and walk around with her Prince Charming, Luis
And she can't wait to "Marry her Prince Charming in the Temple Castle Someday" as she has told me MANY times since!!!

Here's my Prince Charming!!

He looks just as amazing as he did 5 years ago!!

And Last but not least I wanted a TWIN picture.

Although I couldn't STOP crying because I am just too emotional I love that we are SISTERS!!

(. . .give me a break, I just had a baby and my emotions run WILD!!)

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas was Very Merry this year! The whole month was filled with MANY fun family times even though we spent it ALL at home!! (Well, at least I did!!!) I can say "I TRUELY ENJOYED CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!!" I had no worries of my house being cleaned, going to parties, visiting anyone, or really being ready for ANYTHING! I got to stay at home and spend time with my kids and just enjoy them. We read MANY Christmas books, made cookies TWICE, did little crafts together, watched Christmas movies, and just play. I LOVED the whole month of enjoying a new baby and 2 other kids!!!
Our Family on Christmas Eve

Daddy Cutting the "Roast Beef"
Emma LOVED the Grinch this year and only got to watch it once at Grandma's house, but still talks about it!!!

Our Nativity Scene
It's a little on the WILD side, but my kids AND the Aunts and Uncles had fun dressing up!
Emma was Mary, Zachary was Joseph, Kye was baby Jesus, Megan was the Donkey, Dave the Wiseman, Ashley the Angel, and Luis the Shephard. I didn't get a FULL picture of everyone, but you can imagine their costumes by looking at my kids!!
We sprinkled Reindeer food and left Cookies and Milk for Santa after placing our SPECIAL key on the door to get in.

Then we all got tucked in our beds so Santa would come!
Our visitors were such good sports and spread out on the LOVELY floor downstairs where I am sure they FROZE!!
And then Santa came and left EXCELLENT presents!!!

Kye was the first KID awake at 7am . . .

. . . But had to wait for Zachary . . .

. . . And Emma to be WOKEN up at 8am!!
Finallly the Aunts and Uncles were just too excited so they pleaded until they were aloud to wake the KIDS up.
Doesn't that seem BACKWARDS!?!

Emma was super excited about her computer Santa finally brought and all the Barbies she got!! She LOVES changing the Barbies clothes, and doing their hair! She tells me all the time that she needs to work on her computer, and gets right to work!!!

Zachary loves all the cars and ESPECIALLY all the balls he recieved. As you can see he also loves the phone Santa brought him in his sock! Now he can talk all day long to all his friends!! Yes, I think both my kids have LOVED "talking on the phone" and like their Dad says, "They are just taking after their MOM!!"

I am sure Kye really enjoyed this Christmas!! He spent most of the time cuddled in Grandpa's arms ASLEEP, while his siblings ripped open his gifts! He did awake for about 30min. to eat a quick bite and then back off to slumber land!!

And just because he is just so darn cute, I had to throw in the picture of Kye with his stocking!! I love my little baby so much! He is a dream come true and has really made this Christmas Season extra special for ME!!