Thursday, October 27, 2011

*** Witch's Day Out ***

I put up my Halloween Decorations REALLY early this year for 2 reasons:

#1. Because it was September & I still hadn't put away my 4th of July decor --- utter LAZINESS on my part!

#2. Because I UTTERLY LOVE Halloween & wanted to truely ENJOY the decorations I had!

So as my decorations went up the week AFTER Labor Day my kids were utterly EXSTATIC to do all the F-U-N Halloween 'things' we do every year. That meant for OVER a MONTH I got asked, whined, & cried to on a DAILY basis about when we were going to see the witches {from Emma} & when we were going to go ride on the tractor {from Zach}. Luckily Kye doesn't really remember last year so I didn't have to LOOSE my mind from the constant WHINNING!

But enjoying my DECOR for an extra MONTH was WELL-WORTH it & I want to put them up that early next year too!!! :)

So to suffice one of the Daily Whining Episodes we finally found a time to "GO SEE THE WITCHES" & we did enjoy ourselves with Grandma Fergy & Aunt Megie!

We started out with a lovely picnic ...& then it was onto the WITCHES!!!We had to take a picture by THIS witch to show Daddy since he is the BICYCLE WITCH at our house ... {my kids call him that every once in a while & I can't say that I don't crack up laughing EVERY time I hear it out of their mouths!! hehehe}Oh, we had so much fun with this CUTE gange!Now, let me take a little trip down MEMORY Lane ... just for a mintue!

This was Zachary's first year coming to see the witches.Oh I just love that little bundle of fatness that he was!

Now you will notice a few things different from then & NOW ... it was obviously COLDER since he had a sweater & a beanie for his fat little bald head, he wasn't able to quite sit up because of his ROUNDNESS shape {being only 5mo. old}, & he was CHUBBY! {YES, I sort of miss that ball of CHUB!}

Now what look what he has become!!!A handsome little 3 year old BOY!

Gosh, he's a STUD!!!!

Yes, we have to have a "sister's" shot of THIS every year!

{someday we'll all make it back into this picture!!}& Emma my little poser LOVED to POSE by EVERY SINGLE WITCH!!

{all by herself!!!!!}I kissed a frog to find my prince, but no luck here!!Here's my 2 little witches posing as witches since the witches were ABSENT!It was such a FUN day!

H-O-T, but oh so fun!!!Thanks KIDS for letting me hang-out with you & enjoy the WTICHEY-ness!!!

& here are the 2 FASHIONISTAS & their STYLIN' shoes...
Yes, Emma loves her sparkle shoes even more now that she know STYLISH Aunt Megie has a pair!
{Cackle, Cackle!}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy, Busy ... L-A-Z-Y!

So life has seemed BUSY, & I haven't wanted to sit downstairs on the computer when I can do it all on my phone in my BED! Oh I LOVE my bed!!!!

So I haven't been blogging lately, but I do have STUFF to blog about!


We had our Medico cousin's sleepover for a night the beginning of October.

It was a BUSY, BLASTFULLY, FUN weekend!

I felt like I spent the whole weekend cooking, cleaning-up, & taking care of kids ... I have NO IDEA how my Mom did 7 kids & got ANYTHING done!!!I FINALLY after 6 years of having kids convinced Alan to CLIP my kids nails!!!

Ahhhhh ... that is something I HATE doing once a week!

It was nice to not have to do it ... at least for 1 week!!!!We made Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats ... YUMM-O!We also made Halloween Confetti Cupcakes & decorated them to our hearts content!I finished up my canning by making some yumm-o jamm-o with my Mumsy Wumsy!Yep, we went a little over-board, but it was so much FUN!We made muffin tim omlettes that were absolutely D-I-V-I-N-E!

My kids LOVED putting their own toppings in!

& they CHOWED them down like nothing else!!!& we have been reading A LOT!

Emma is learning to read really well & it's so much fun to have her so excited about all her progress!I love that all my kids like to read at some point in the day!


I have much more to BLOG about & I WILL commit myself to blog at LEAST one other time this week!!!

Ahhhhh --- I HAVE to get caught up before Halloween!

Hubby is outta town for the week, so I think there will plenty of late night time to blog, now that Halloween Costumes are COMPLETE!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh the JOYS of HAIR!

Do ya'll remember the last time I got my hair done??? It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I ended up LOVING it! This is how it looked just a few weeks ago ...

It faded SUPER fast & ended up being pretty much BLONDE.
I was ready for some more red & blonde highlights to be put in again.
I decided to try some place "new" ... mainly cause where I DO go is FAR away ... like a 45min drive. I really like my hairdresser just sometimes wish is wasn't so far away!
Well, here's how the red & blonde highlights turned out with the "new" hair dresser ...

YEP, P-I-N-K!!!
She felt HORRIBLE!
She immediately told me the NEW plan for my hair.
She'd dye it dark with blondish highlights.
After dying it that way the blondish highlights were still PINK, so the WHOLE hair needed to go DARK!

I wouldn't of EVER done this on my own, but I am LOVING it!
It's been a good change & luckily it's that time of year that EVERYONE goes darker, so I don't feel outta place.
I still get a little thrown off when I look in the mirror & when people stare at me as I walk by, but I truely do LOVE IT!
The other stressful part about this night is I had to get a babysitter cause Alan had to work at a side job & I was DESPERATE to look good again. Well, 5 hours of dying my hair was NOT what I expected & I felt TERRIBLE for the little Beehive, aka 12 year-old girl, I had watching my kids who got home at 11pm on a SCHOOL NIGHT!!!!!
ugh, ugh!
Now, the problem-o is not hurting anyones feelings ... I really don't wanna go back to the new hair dresser NOT just because of the color issue, but I just really LOVE my other one & realize I like how she knows EXACTLY what I want without much explanation ... BUT the "new" hair dresser is a really good friend! --- ugh --- Lesson learned: Don't go to FRIENDS that you have to see EVERYDAY! :)
{p.s. since this picture I cut my OWN bangs shorter cause she just didn't do them short enough for me.}

Sunday, October 9, 2011

St. George Marathon ---

---#2 --- for BOTH of us!

Now this marathon is not represented very well in pictures because ... well ...


We dropped of our kids at the in-laws Friday afternoon & headed down to St. George.

It was a LOVELY drive just chattin' it up!

{no kids to take care of or listen to ... once in a while that is SOOOOO, SOOOO NICE!}

We drove straight to the EXPO to get our packets.

Then we headed to the good 'ol OLIVE GARDEN to eat us some PAAAA-STA!

{all you can eat paaaa-sta for only $8.95 good timing Olive Garden, GOOD timing!}Then we headed to our lovely house that we got to stay in ...
{it was a house of someone Alan's little brother knows ... SWEET!}
This house was N-I-C-E!
Like don't touch ANYTHING nice!!
It was SOOOO, SOOOO nice of the Nielson's to let us stay here!
We slept the measley 5hours we had until about 3:15am ... YEP, you read that right!!!
We got up, ate, got dressed & ready to go.
We borded the EARLY BIRD bus & got up to the start nice an EARLY!
Then we could be prepared for ANYTHING ... RIGHT BABE? ... RIGHT!!!
They handed us cheap gloves & an emergency blanket upon exiting the buses ... HEAVEN!!!
{it was a chilly morning & those blankets/gloves were nice to have ... I guess there was ONE perk to getting up so blasted EARLY! ... LOVE YA BABE!}
Alrighty onto the R-A-C-E ...
Alan agreed to run it with me ... WAHOO!!
It was a fun to have him right next to me cheering me on the WHOLE way!
It was a ROUGH RACE for me ... I had stomach issues & got to stop EVERY blasted 24 miles to use the port-a-potties ... UGH!
Luckily they had them EVERY mile!!!
I wanted to quit before mile 13!!!
Luckily my Hubby wouldn't let me! He kept me going!
YES I CRIED, but he still wouldn't give in.
Once MY goal time passed me up ... about mile 18 I wanted to STOP ... AGAIN!
Tears in-sued, but,
Once again my Sweetie Pie kept me GOING!
At mile 24-26.2 I refused to STOP at the JOHNS ... maybe it made me SLOWER, but I was SICK of stopping!
It was AWESOME to run through the finish line TOGETHER!
Yes, I cried AGAIN!
I love running with him!
{we did end up seeing a spectator we knew who took a PHOTO of our finish ... hopefully we get that SOMEDAY! I will post it ... if it's not HORRID ... well, I'll probably post it ANYWAY because this is MY journal. :)}
We hung-out in the finish area for about an hour.
My stomach still had MAJOR issues so I got to watch Hubby pig out on all the goodies ... BUMMER!
We headed back to the MANSION, SHOWERED, & rested for the next couple of hours.
Ahhhhhh ... it was OVER ... yaaaaa!
Then we packed up & said our farwells to St. George ... it was a N-I-C-E weekend!
Unseasonally HOT, but I liked the last little HORRAH of SUMMER!
On our way outta town we stopped by FIVE GUYS ... nothin' like a BURGER & FRIES to make-up all the calories we just burned ... MMMMMMMM!
{luckily my stomach was a little more settled so I could ENJOY the GOODNESS!}
We drove from St. George to the in-laws in South Jordan & spent the night there!
It was NICE to sleep that night ... we were sore & didn't sleep wonderfully, but at least we didn't have to get up at 3AM!
even though I hate them during the running part of it.
It's accomplishing to FINISH!
So, when you see me in my sleek little car with my PINK 26.2 sticker on the back, know that YES, I am PROUD to say ...
{nothin' wrong with THAT!}

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Kidd-o's!!!

My Kidd-o's are so unpredictable ... just like most kids are!!!

We have had MANY funny moments lately & just a few I have caught on camera.

This first one is HARD for me to show you ... But here we go!

If I happen to NOT sweep the floor after snack time SOMEONE seems to help me out:{PLEASE don't judge me by my dirty floor ... YES, it's even MESSIER right now cause I haven't swept after lunch! ... UGH!!!!!! I hate the never ending FLOOR MESS!}

Let's move on ...

One day I asked my kids to clean up their room ... I didn't want ONE thing on the floor!

SOOOO, they got CREATIVE & I had a GOOD laugh!

{this was EMMA'S invention!}

Zachary tries to convince me he is sleeping the morning away.

I'll sometimes realize that I haven't heard him in a while & out of habit I start calling for him

He ends up replying, "I'm in here SLEEPING!"

It's always so commical to have these 3 around!

I love the suprises MOST of the time! :)

Life is GOOD!!!

Hope you had at least ONE good chuckle!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A couple weeks ago I had the PLEASURE of having 2 GNO in 1 WEEK!!! Lucky Girl ... I'd say so!!!! The other LUCKY part was that both GNO were with my SISTERS!!!!

Needless to say it was a WONDERFUL week!!!

The first GNO was with The MADSEN SISTERS!!! ...

We had a CRAFT night!!

I cut vinyl out of my CRICUT & the girlies had fun making wooden signs.

I'm SOOOOO glad that I finally made the plunge into cutting vinyl on my cricut. It's been SOOOO much fun to do & now I know that I can do it & know where I can get CHEAP vinyl CLOSE-BY!!!

Here are the finished products:

Yes, Shelli finished 2!!!!Laureen was there too, but didn't do her project since I had waaa-aay over shot what she was thinking ... SORRY!!!

I didn't do anything that night, but I did do my PANTRY door that I blogged about before

& I also had my kids help me make "FRANKY" for our front door!!!

We love our "FRANKY"!!!!!!

The next GNO was with the FERGY SISTERS! ...

We got together for the General Women's Conference.

First we went to Kneader's ... a place I had NEVER been, but I am IN LOVE with!!!

I can't wait to go back!!!Then we headed to Megan's "Home" & WATCHED the Women's Conference on T.V.

YES, we did watch it while we enjoyed lounging on couches in COMFY clothes ... NOT DRESSES!!!

{it's the BEST tradition we have!}Then we exchanged some of our favorite things that were only a $1!!!Jennie gave us the lil' cutting boards

I gave the HALLOWEEN hand sanitizer

Charisses gave the LOVELY wash clothes

Mom gave the Lotion

Megan gave the finger nail polish

{just for your info: Megan gave out the KY ... yes it was funny!!!}

It was such a FUN, FUN idea!!!!!!


Thanks Sistas!!!

Then we headed off for DESSERT ... YUMM-O!!!

Mom & Megie got Coldstone

We ate our cupcakes & ice cream together outside Coldstone & visited


Both the GNO were simple, but BLASTS!!!

I love BOTH of my FAMILIES!!

I'm such a LUCKY girl to have such AMAZING people to hang-out with!

{we missed you Ash & Julie!!!!! I have gifts for BOTH OF YOU!!!}