Monday, September 30, 2013


Before I had this baby I was determined to have some time out and about WITHOUT kids!!! Luckily I had many fun girls to fulfill that with. 

First I got to go out with ALL my sisters & Mom in the middle of August.  It was fun to have Ashley here from Cali to make us complete!  We went to Arella’s in Bountiful, which was yummy in my opinion, but pricey & not that filling.  Then we went to Nielsen’s & got YUMMY custard to which I ate the whole thing… well worth all the calories.  It was fun to be together & catch-up without kids.  I’m so grateful that my sisters & I have stayed close & that my brothers have married such awesome girls to hang-out with & enjoy hanging with us.  I feel blessed that we all enjoy being together & could talk the night away!


Next, my good friends in the neighborhood got together after all our kids started school & “CELEBRATED” by going to lunch with just out 4 kids…. instead of 15 KIDS!!  We met up at Farmington Station to let our 4 kids play on the playground while we enjoyed Setebellos….OH MY GOSH I LOVE their PIZZA!!!!  Highly recommend this place!!  Then we spent time in all the fun stores around there…. man I LOVE this place!!IMG_9965

Next I planned a night out with all my Sister-in-laws.  We got pedicures, ate at The Mandarin, & then a few of us continued the night with custard once again at Nielsen’s.  Why not go there as much as possible when it’s so DIVINE!  The Mandarin food was absolutely wonderful!  We all ordered a dish & then shared… I enjoyed ALL the dishes I tried…then only one I didn’t try was the shrimp since I’m not a seafood lover.  :)  It was a fun night spend talking, giggling, & being pampered.  Once again I count myself blessed to have in-laws that I get along so well with.  I enjoy hanging out with them just as much as I do my own sisters & Mom!

IMG_0093   IMG_0086IMG_0095IMG_0090IMG_0098IMG_0101IMG_0099 

Next my friends in the neighborhood took me out for a mini baby shower.  We ate at Zupas, opened presents, & then did a lil shopping.  It’s ALWAYS fun to hang-out with these girlies.  I am so lucky to have 3 girls who I can count on for ANYTHING that live within yelling distance.  I love these girls just like they are my sisters!!!IMG_0621   IMG_0622

Lastly my Mom & sisters, who could, got together for Women’s Conference.  We ate at Zupa’s, watched conference on television….yep, no dressing up for us… & then exchanged our Favorite items that are $1.  This has become a tradition that is so fun.  It’s fun to find something for $1 & see what everyone else comes up with.  It’s fun to receive new lil things that are so very useful.

  IMG_0383IMG_0387 IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0392 IMG_0399        

I felt like I was SPOILED in my desire to get out & about before baby came.  Thanks to all these WONDERFUL WOMEN in my life for making me a better person & truly inspiring me to be a better person, mother, sister, & daughter of God.  I have so many examples to follow & learn from.  I also have all these wonderful women to lend me a hand, lend their shoulder for me to cry on, & lend their ears to talk to…. I AM ONE BLESSED GIRL!!!