Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

The snow has COME!!! A day late, but definently worth the wait!!!!I love Christmas Time!
It truely is the best time of the year.
This year we had a WONDERFUL Christmas season!!!
I feel so blessed to have a Savior who LOVES me!
I feel so blessed to have a wonderful FAMILY who loves me!
I also feel so BLESSED for the wonderful blessings that I feel we have received LEFT and Right!
It seems like we have had many special angles who seem to know just what we need even though we haven't known it ourselves!
To those wonderful, inspired, magical ANGELS I want to say THANK YOU!!!
You have truely shown me the TRUE meaning of Christmas and my heart is filled with JOY!
I feel blessed to KNOW so much about the Plan my Heavenly Father has for me!
Thank YOU, THANK you, THANK YOU for all your thoughtfulness!!!!
{I will post more about our day later}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Aboard!!!

On Sunday, December 19, we had the Ferguson Family Chrismtas Progressive Breakfast. It's such a fun night together. We rotate houses and have different menu items to eat at each on. Since we go to everyone's house we get to see everyone's decorations. Kinda Nutty, but Oh so WORTH it!!!
This year's theme was Poloar Express:
So we all got to wear our Jammies (except my party pooper husband)
& eat Yummy Breakfast Foods!
We started at G&G Ferguson's house and had Breakfast Casserole and OJ:Then we headed to Julie and Dennis' to have Beligian Pancakes, which is something I have NEVER indulged myself with, but thoroughly enjoyed!!!!At the Medico's we had cold CERAL and my kids were in HEAVEN!Ash wanted it ALL ... of course!Emma was determined to eat a bowl of each kind, but only made it through 3 bowls of cereal ... I KNOW, she could eat and eat and EAT cold cereal! She probably would have had another bowl except we were ready to go before she got through with her 3rd bowl.Next was Jennie and Cory's home with DELUXE Lemon Blueberry Muffins and fun RED/Green Jello ... YUM!!

At this house I got to chat it up with Daddy-o which is always fun for me!& KYE loved riding on Cami/Josh's Tricycle!Then everyone was a good SPORT and made the 45min. drive to our home for a HOT CHOCOLATE BAR.We have a Handy-Dandy Hot chocolate machine, like you would find at 7-eleven.
We just hooked it up a couple days before this & it has been so much fun to have HOT Coco on tap along with Cider and Hot water for Oatmeal.
So first you fill up your cup with Hot Coco:
Then you indulge in ANYTHING I could imagine for toppings for your warm drink ... it was so much fun for me to come up with all the toppings!Kye LOVED the Marshmellow Creme that was on my Coco!It was such a fun night spent with EVERYONE!
Here's all the Families ...
The Medico's:
The Ferguson's:The other Ferguson's:Dave and Michelle:
Yes, for some reason they are in our bathroom ... WEIRD!Mommy and Daddy:The Moreno's:
Yes, they chose their back drop to be our MeSsY fridge ... WEIRD again!The Elwell's:
Don't ask me what Megan is doing ... I think her Coco might have been SPIKED!And the Madesen's:Then Ash read the Polar Express Story
{which one of my children is now obssessed with and we don't own the book or the movie!}Then we "ACTED" out the nativity with all the kids that were still up for the FUN!It's always so priceless to get all those little kids together and see how they act and interact.
This was once again another successful Chrismtas Extravaganza with the Ferguson Clan!

Here's just a few PICTURESQUE moments I caught and couldn't leave out ...
Phoebe and Zachar playing "PUTER" togetherSavannah struttin' her stuff just like her Dad
(YES, I do have a picture of Jason in the exact same pose that I may need to post later!)
Josh with a grin showing his EXCITEMENT for Chrismtas!!

Oh, so FUN!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This year I decided that I wanted to get together with just the adults and go out to dinner sometime during the holidays. Since Ash and Luis decided to come for Christmas we waited until they got here to hold our Couples Dinner. It was really fun to be with everyone and not have to worry about children throwing fits, needing/wanting our attention, or getting lost amongst the busy streets of downtown. I hope we can get together every year for the same kind of thing!!
First we had Dinner at Taucono's ... It was fun filled & full of Laughter.
{Somehow I missed getting a "Couples" picture of Luis and Ashley, but I'll steal it from Someone else once they post!}
Dennis and Julie

Alan and I
Jason and Charisse
Mom and DadMegan and BlakeJennie and CoryDave and MichelleAshley and LuisMom's Birthday was the day before, sooooo of course we had the resturaunt SING to her ... heheheThen we RAN, (yes, thatnks to Daddy-o we really RAN to catch the train), and caught the Trax Train to Temple Square to see the lights together.Our picture of the us in front of the lights turned out BLURRY, so this will do!It was so much fun to spend the night laughing our heads off and also with my sweet family and their fun Significant others.
It's always so much fun to be with family around Christmas Time!

Once there was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman ...

Once there was a snowman Tall, TaLL, TALL!

In the RAIN he melted, Melted, MeLtEd ... samll, SMALL, SmAlL!
Our kids were bummed he melted and tipped over, but we had a BLAST making it together!
It's so much fun to be able to play in the snow with your kids ... we even had a Rockin' snowball fight and ended it all with cups of Hot Chocolate ... PERFECT!
All while this lil' kidd-o slept soundly in his NEW bed!
Yep, a Toddler bed!
Yes, we are kinda CrAzY!!
He loves his new bed and after day 1, he has done better and better!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Annual Nativity

Every year we get together with the Madsen Clan and "act" out the nativity with all the Madsen Cousins'. It's always full of life, especially cause there are SOOO many little ones!
My mother-in-law is so creative to come up with enough costumes for all the children to wear. I love seeing the new ones for the new kids.
This year Kye was a Shephard who didn't sit still!!!!Zachary was a Wise Man, who loved his CROWN!

Emma was an Angel, which she has been EVERY year!!
{She LOVES being the Angel!}
Here's the Angel with the Wiseman ...Here's the "best" shot of all 3 of them ...
{geez, these "best" shots are pretty lowsy when they have 3 moveable children in them!}
Here are the shots of the Nativity Scene in ACTION:

It was so fun to watch the children interact.
All of them just KNEW to gather around the "baby Jesus"
It was sweet to watch them sit around the baby and just listen to the words of the nativity be read aloud.
I love watching all these cute kids interact!!!
My 2 oldest children did not want to take off their costumes.
I think they were the last ones out of them, but oh well, it's so much fun to see them run around in them!
Merry Christmas!!!