Sunday, August 29, 2010

EPIC Relay

August 13-14th Alan and I had the opportunity to run another race just like Ragnar, but put on by another group. It was called the Epic race From Cache to Teton. It was a BEAUTIFUL race and it was fun to be able to run another one with my sweet husband.
A BIG, BIG, HUMUGOUS THANK YOU needs to go out to both my sweet Mother-in-law and my Mom!! THANKS so MUCH for watching our kids for us, so we could accomplish such a fun race together!!! You guys ROCK our WORLD!!!
Here is our team vehicle with our Team name on it:
(Disclaimer: NO, I didn't pick the name or have ANY say in it!!!)
Here is the TEAM members that were in the VEHICLE with us:
Here are the names of the people who we were with:
(No, I didn't know any of them! Yes, I was the only ROCKIN' girl in this vehicle!!!)
Here's our Team #:
Alan was runner 6:
I was runner 9:
BEAUTIFUL, huh!?!?!?
After our first runs, some dinner, and making it to the next major exchange it was time to REST:
As much as POSSIBLE!
After about 2 hours of rest we were off to run our NIGHT runs:
The night runs we ran from about 12:30am, yes MIDNIGHT, to about 6:00am.
Exhausted, we immediately retired to bed!!
The next morning I woke up barely even able to walk because my feet had MAJOR blisters forming EVERYWHERE!!!
Alan performed some minor surgery, popping all 4 blisters, and bandaging them up for me ... TRUE LOVE!!!This is what my feet looked like after the minor SURGERY!
Off to RUN, again!!!!
Alan ran his final leg up a dirt road ... Beautiful scenery once again!I was so nervous and excited to get my final leg OVER with!
My feet hurt, and I was tired, but I just wanted to be DONE, DONE, DONE!!!
Our whole TEAM ...

Alan and I
Our Vehicle:
Yes, we made it to JACKSON!!!
Woot, Woot

It was a fun race to run!
I love being able to run with my husband there to cheer and encourage me on!
It was fun to be able to get to KNOW the people in our car!
It was fun to be able to accomplish another major race!
It's just fun to RUN!!
On a side note:
I somewhat HATE this sign as I am running!
It's good and BAD:
It's good to know you are ALMOST done, but the last mile seems to go on FOREVER!!!
The End

When Daddy's Away ...

and PLAY HARD we do, so that when bed time comes Mommy has TIRED, TIRED, TIRED kids who go right to bed, and so can she!!!
The 2nd week of August was Alan's LONG week at Scout camp. It's always kind of a BUMMER week for Mommy, but this year wasn't SO---o bad! (Mind you I have done this for 4 years now!!! EVER since we had a kid, Alan has left me for at least 4 days or MORE, to go to some kind of Scouting Adventure ... Can you say I am a little bit tired of it???!!!) ANYWAYS we had A LOT of fun this time!! We went to the Surf N' Swim pool THREE times, had a Breakfast Picnic in the PARK (which ROCKS my WORLD of park days!!!), had a swimming party with our COUSIN'S, and got to have Grandma come SLEEPOVER!!! It wore my kids right out EVERYDAY and I loved it!!
Funny story: the 3rd day at the pool I had SIX, yep that right 6, people tell me how brave I was to take my 3 little kids to the POOL all by myself. It made me wonder if I wasn't brave, but totally CRAZY!! I dunno, but it was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
Kye enjoying the SUN!Zachary workin' on his TAN ... He's one TAN MAN!!Emma Struttin' her STUFF in the WAVES!All my kids and ME!
I love these shots --- PRICELESS!
We woke up normal one moring, quickly got dressed and packed in the car, and headed to get our Breakfast of CHOICE ... McDonald's.
Then, we headed to one of my FAVORITE parks ...
It's such a FUN park and there was NO ONE else there ... PERFECT!
My kidd-o's enjoying breakfast ...And then enjoying having the park ALL TO OURSELVES!
BTW: I have done this a couple of times since and I love it! We have taken our breakfast the other times (like fruit, bagels, yogurt, juice) and I know this will become a summertime tradition. We play for a good 2-3 hours and get to leave before it EVEN gets HOT and Crowded with ONERY kids!! PERFECT!!!!
We also threw another pool party in our backyard with COUSIN'S.

It was so much FUN to be with my kids! I think they truely had a blast! This is the first year that I wasn't miserable even ONE day! I was a happy Mommy, who loved spending all the extra time with my kids!!!
Can't wait for next year ... WAIT, YES I CAN!!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What ... Another Wedding!!??

Yep, this time it was my Lil Sister, Megan, and her wonderful Blake! We love them both DEARLY and are so happy we got to celebrate with them!!!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Elwell!!!
August 7th, 2010 they sealed the deal in the Salt Lake Temple.
What a BEAUTIFUL Ceremony it was!!!
For Ashley's wedding just a few months prior I brought All THREE of my kids and wanted to tare out my hair! I wasn't able to enjoy the temple because my kids did not enjoy it, so I was a little bummed, and cried cause I just wanted to watch Ash get some pics taken!
So, this time around I had another plan for MOST of my children ... THEY STAYED HOME!!!
Yep, for the temple and luncheon I was back to being a mother of ONE and I could handle that with EASE!!!
Emma was such a TROOPER, and I think she enjoyed her "SPECIAL" time with Mommy and Daddy!!!
My Little Princess is growing up so fast I can hardly believe it!Greeting the newly married couple ... this is the first time Emma has actually gone up and greeted them all by herself, she has always been too timid before ... WEIRD, HUH!!??This is Emma and her cousin Phoebe skipping along the Temple path hand in hand ... DARLING little girls!!Here's my sister's and my Mom
Here's all my siblings

Here we are at the luncheon with cousing Michaela and Savannah.
We were surrounded my wonderful company, good food, and a relaxing time cause I didn't have an onery, tired 2 year old or a baby!!! :)

After the luncheon we ran home, got our boys, changed and made our way to my parent's backyard for the recpetion.
We started off with picutres and got some REALLY cute shots!!!

Here's Grandma and Grandpa with all the Grandchildren ... Such PERSONALITIES!!!!
Especially my lil boy ... LOVE IT!The whole Fergy Clan in all our beautiful Receptions clothes.
A little story about my outfit and Emma's:
The week of the wedding and started on the recpetions clothes, yes I am NOTORIOUS for PROCRATINATING sewing projects that HAVE TO BE DONE by a DEADLINE!! Well, I needed to make my dress longer and with many attempts the dress was just VERY unflattering! Finally Wednesday night Alan and I both agreed that the dress I had was just NOT working and I would go our Thursday and find something else. Alan's Mom caught wind of my plans to find something else, and came to my rescue on Thursday. She came to my house and turned my dress into a GORGEOUS skirt for me and a DARLING dress for Emma. She did this magical sewing extravaganza in mear HOURS and was absolutely amazing!!!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, cannot explain my appreciation for my DEAR Mother-in-law!!! She is a LIFE SAVER, in so many ways! I love having a 2nd Mom to take care of my needs, it's such a blessing to be apart of Alan's family and be so accepted!!!
Now, onto the rest of the reception:
Kye was exhausted after the picutre taking, so we got his pack n' play set up and he drifted off to sleep in my arms and then was transferred to his "make shift bed", and spent the rest of the GLROURIOUS night sound asleep!!!Here is our little family, minus Kye.

Best Buds and I LOVE IT!

Happy to be IN LOVE, almost 6 years later!
Goodbye you Two Little Love BIRDS!
Enjoy your Honeymoon in FLORIDA!!!!
Yes, their car was TRASHED!!!, but not by the Fergy side, we just got the evidence!!
What a Wonderful Day!!!


A couple Thursdays ago we went on a double date with my brother Dave and his girlfriend Michelle. It was really fun to get away from life and let Alan live his DREAM!!!Ever since I met this wonderful man he has driven like a race car driver
-up Parley's Cayon
-around any turn
-on deserted roads
-through Nevada's long BOARING stretches
-ANYWHERE he can!!!
Although he has MANY tickets to prove his speediness, he hasn't gotten in accidents, so he does do it with precaution!!
These are the AWESOME shoes I got to wear to drive my race car because I wore flip-flops not even thinking about what activity we were going to do ... SILLY me!

Here's Michelle showing off her fashion sense even in these hideous head covers!

Here's Al and I after our race.
Sorry Dave i didn't get a pic of you ... BUMMER!
Of course my husband LOVED speeding around EVERY corner and DOMINATING even the regulars that we raced with!!
He came in 1st place and had unbelieveable lap times.
Me on the other hand was proud to be LAST!!!
I am not much for SPEED, STINKY gasoline in my face and hair, and repetitive turns,
so I drove just like a GRANNY and didn't mind my little Sunday DRIVE at all!!!
My lap times were impressively SLOW, I think I set records for the slowest times EVER performed at the track!!!!
We still need to visit AGAIN!!!