Wednesday, June 27, 2012


May 20-27, 2012 we had the AWESOME opportunity to go & visit Aunt Ashley, Uncle Luis, & Baby Raquel.  IT WAS A BLAST!!!!
I am planning on doing a vacation book for MY viewing pleasure, but I HAVE to blog our Vacation.  I took TONS of pics so here are a TON of pics, but know that I spared you by not showing you ALL of them!!!
Here we GO!!!
Highlights of a Week Vacation in Rancho Cucamunga ---
#1 Car Time --- Yes, my kids did EXCELLENT in the car ride & we did the 10 hour drive in one day both ways!!  SCORE!!!

 #2 Seeing these 3 A TON for a WHOLE week
{yep, they were probably sick of us by day 7, but it was SOOO much fun!}

 #3 We PLAYED at MANY MANY MANY parks throughout the week!

{Aunt Ash & Uncle Lu have an AWESOME pool!!!}

 #5 Wearing out the kids so they slept WHEREVER possible!


#7 Celebrating Zachary's 4th BIRTHDAY!!!!

 #8 Going downtown Hollywood to see RANDOM people & "The STARS"

 #9 Going to Beverly Hills --- It was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL there!!

 #10 EATING OUT!!!
{My kids LOVED it!! I LOVED NOT COOKING, but it DID get OLD!}
 #11 Going & exploring the great outdoors


 #13 Seeing the "HOLLYWOOD SIGN"

 #14 Riding Poines/Horses

 #15 Riding on the Train

 #15 Saying goodbyes --- :(

It was a TOTAL blast ALL week long!!
We loved being able to hang-out with baby Ra-Ra & Ash & Lu when he wasn't working!
Thanks for hangin' out with us!
I can't even stand to think about how Baby Ra-Ra probably doesn't even look the same!!!
We MISS you guys, & my kids keep asking when we can see you again ---
We ... I ... LOVE CALI!!!
There will always be a LOVE in my heart for that place & I wish so many times that I could just go back & live there!!!!!
I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through Ash, Lu, & Ra-Ra!