Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I LOVE, LOVE going to Pumpking Patches. I have started a new tradition that the weekend near my birthday we visit a pumpkin patch and pick out our pumpkin. It's so fun to watch kids wander through the pumpkin patch looking for that "perfect" pumpkin.Yes, Zachary tried to pick-up almost EVERY SINGLE pumpkin!
Emma was proud to FINALLY find her pumpkin! We had to go through the ENTIRE patch before she slowed down enough to really look!

Daddy and Zachary on the Farmer's Tractor.
Zachary LOVED being the driver!

Mommy and Emma in front of the Hay Maze.
Our kids LOVED running through the maze and gettting "lost!"

Climbing the stairs to go through the maze.
I love having kids to celebrate holidays with!!!!
They bring so much JOY to the simplest things!!!

Look What I've Learned. . .

Yes, that's right!! I mastered drinking out of a cup in just 2 days!!!
I'm a PRO, what can I say!?!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Things I Am Excited For . . .

#1 To have a baby in my arms and no longer in my tummy!! We have recieved 3 new nieces and nephews in the last week and will receive 3 more before ours comes, but Emma is really excited and I am even more excited!! Every day Emma asks what our babies name is and every day I tell her I don't know, what should it be? Her latest name is "Daddy." I don't think that will be no-name Madsen's name, but we'll think on it. Some of her other choices have been - "Wolfie", "Brother", and "Seraphine".#2 I hope my Twin Sister won't kill me for posting this, but I am EXSTATIC that we will be having another Ferguson Family Wedding!! Yep, that's right my beloved twin sister will be getting married in January and I couldn't be MORE excited for it!!! We got to go wedding dress shopping this past Monday and Emma loved almost every minute of it!!
#3 We have enjoyed a weekend with Grandma and Aunt Megie, but we are truely excited for Daddy to come home from his Ragnar Relay Race in Las Vegas. We didn't get to go, so we spend Friday at Grandma's and then we got a special treat to have Grandma and Aunt Megie come sleepover Friday-Saturday and stay most of the day Saturday hangin' with us! It's so fun to have visitors!!
This picure is taken at Grandma's house. My kids LOVE to "play" on the piano. Emma was delighted to have Grandma play princess songs to her and get to help. Of course Zachary didn't want to miss out helping play the princess songs too!! My Mom is so patient, I just hope I can have half as much patience as she has!!!


5 YEARS!!!
We really celebrated our five year wedding anniversary on Sept. 9, but that day turned out not to be the best day. We were both sick in bed and took shifts taking care of our kids.
We officially celebrated October 2nd because that was the next time we had open. My sweet twin sister came to babysit for us so we could have a night out to ourselves. We started the night with eating at Rodizio Grill. We have wanted to go there FOREVER, but have never made it. It was money well spent and we LOVED the food. My only complaint is that I am pregnant and couldn't fit as much food as I would have wished in my belly!!!
Next we went to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session. I have not been to that temple and done a session since we were married and I have always wanted to go back. It was remarkable to be there and it's always wonderful to be with my sweetheart in the Temple!!
We walked around downtown for a little while after the session just enjoying each others company. It's amazing the blessings and obstacles we have faced in the five years we have been married. I have loved every minute of being with my Baba!! Thank Goodness I have ETERNITY to spend with him!!!
I Love You Baba!!
Us outside Rodizio Grill --- YUMM-O!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

One of my FAVORITE cookies are SUGAR COOKIES! I can remember sitting at the counter making them with my Mom and LOVING to help her. For that reason it's one of my favorite things to do with KIDS! Before I had kids I would invite my neice over to make cookies with me for the Holidays, now I can make them with my kids. Although it's not always the EASIEST thing to do, it's fun to have "HELPER'S" every once in a while for cookie making. Emma is at the age where she LOVES it and Zachary is at the age where he just wants to eat the cookies the WHOLE time, but we make it to the end and ALWAYS have fun together!!!Here are my "HELPER'S", all ready to HELP!Emma helped me measure EVERYTHING! She LOVES to count the cups and spoonfuls of things.Zachary just loved to dip his hands into all the ewe and gew!Here's where they REAL help comes in! These 2 become my taste testers.
At our house if you make it you get to be the first to try it!!

As you can see we did have TEARS before the REAL helping part began. Zach was just TOO anxious to help taste test and couldn't wait to try the cookies out! And we MADE IT to the END!
Thanks little HELPERS!!