Thursday, January 22, 2009

Priness Fever. . .

Emma is our resident Princess! Every day she wakes up and the first thing she does is dress herself in a dress, put her crown on, and load on the jewelry! That's also the first thing she does when she wakes up from naps, since I make her take off the jewelry for bed time. She even insists on having PRINCESS hair done everyday! She has a very specific criteria for Princess hair, so that is why it's done the SAME EVERY DAY! For those of you who have just bobbed over to my house unexpected, I am sure you have witnessed my princess all decked out, hopefully she was at least MODEST!This isn't the "prettiest" picture of her in her Princess get-up, but it's CLASSIC! This is how she looked one day after nap time! Luckily Daddy was there to catch the moment of Perfection! Not only is the crown upside down, but the look is PRICELESS!Even Zachary has caught the FEVER, with the help of his Sister! She puts the crown on his head and for some reason he is ALWAYS Priness Jasmine. Well, I have informed her that boys are Prince Charming's not Princess's. So now she calls him Prince Jasmine. . . Whatever works!!!Daddy has also caught the FEVER!! He got the Princess Crown on his snomobliling helmet, thanks to an unknown princess! Unfortuanately he didn't wear is on his helmet the WHOLE day of snowmobiling!! That would hav been quite the statement! (However, I think he has his own Princess Statement to make as he PROUDLY Prances around the Job Site, every day, with a PINK Hard Hat with some feather little thing hanging off of it!!! Someday I will get a picture of that TOO!!!)Yesterday we went shopping and found some stick on earrings, pretty hair accessories, and a Priness Tu-Tu! She has now resorted to wearing somewhat NORMAL clothes!!!The last thing we found shopping yesterday were these princess slippers!! She was in LOVE the moment she set eyes on them!! The moment I saw them I knew they were not something that I buy, because I think they are too expensive. I tried to calm her down by saying we had lovely dress up princess shows at home in many colors, but she wouldn't stand for it. . . Finally I looked at the price tag and to my PLEASANT surprise these Princess Slippers were a Perfect Princess Price. . . $1.00!!! YIPEE!!!! She loves them, and I know they will be well worth the $1 I spent on them!!!!
I love all the PRINCESS'S I have in my family!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2 Kids in the Bathtub

Ever since Zachary was born I have wanted to take a picture of both of my cuties in the bathtub. Well Zach is finally old enough that I can bath the 2 together and Emma LOVES it! I got some really fun photos and here are my 2 favorite ones!! The bathtub kids
All bundled in their towels. . . I love to bundle them both in their towels after bath time and just hold my snuggly, clean kids.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Day!!

This year the Ferguson Clan went out to Eat at Bucca Di Peppo. It was a lot of fun and will be something we do every year!The Madsen Family
Alan, Zachary, Amber and Emma
The Ferguson Family
Phoebe, Jennie, and Cory
Charisse and her Girls
Savannah, Michaela, and Lily
Ashley, Megan and Mom
The Ferguson Family
Julie and Dennis
Jason, David, and Dad
And of course the level of maturity goes down with all that testosterone. . .
And although I didn't get pictures for evidence. . . ALL the men were involved!!!
(OK maybe not Dad!)
And Megan was of course the FINAL target of that event!! That's what you get for being the youngest! We had such a fun start to the NEW YEAR, we know there will be more fun to follow!

. . . And a Happy New Year

We had a lovely New Year's Eve as a family! First we made little Pizza's. . . Emma and her friend, Gavin, enjoying their Pizza'sMr. Zachary happier than ever, just to be able to CELEBRATE his First New Year's!Emma CELEBRATED by getting 2 new FISH! The Gold fishes got the names of Davey, and Emma.Then we put the kids to bed, played games with Dave and Shelli, ate some Yummy food with Mom and Dad Madsen, Played some more games, and Poured some bubbly. . . Last but not least we toasted to the New Year! The Happy couple. . . I have no idea what the gun is for?!
Mom and Dad

Dave and Shelli