Monday, March 17, 2014


So it's been a while since I've tried to use blogger on my phone, but last time I did it wouldn't work! I was frustrated, but guess what...Now it WORKS again!! Blogging directly from my phone is so much easier/appealing to me!!! Yahoo!

Today Alan left for a lil outta town work. I had crying kids as we walked into church....mainly Emma my sweet little Daddy's Girl!
To pass the time after church we took naps...almost everyone...not Zach, went for a walk, ate dinner, & had a movie night complete with freshly stove popped poppy-corn. (Poppy-corn---a Kye-ism)
It was such a fun night spent with my 4 Littles! I just love them!!!
Then they went to bed & I began to feel guilt over not having anything for "The Leprachaun's" to bring. My kids reminisced about other years all day. I ended up falling asleep, but when Taggart woke-up just after midnight to feed I decided to make the quick trip to Walley-World & pick up some treasures! Oh the things I start $ carry-on!!!! ;)
Happy St. Patty's Day!! 💚

Girl Time

About a week ago I took Emma & met up with my little Sister, Megan & we got pedicures. 

It was Emma's very first time & of course she LOVED it! I have witnessed on serveral occasions her whipping off her shoe to show a friend her "darling toes" & then explaining how amazing your feet feel once they get done scrubbing them. She's so funny!
It was just a quick lil time away, but it's always fun to spend time with my Sister & my daughter!!!
Thanks for coming with us Megie!

Baby Taggart & Such

The other day I was looking back at old photos of little Taggart & realizing ALL he is doing & all that is changing. Although it somewhat saddens me to have him grow & do not miss the very early haze of recovering myself & trying to train a newborn. I just hate to see him grow. 

Taggart is at one of my many favorite stages right now...4-6 months. They are fully aware of what's going on around them, they interact with you, can self-soothe to a point, can entertain themselves just a bit, & are not very mobile. (Aka: crawlers/walkers!) It's so fun to watch my kids entertain & feed him. The discovery of life with kids is blissful!!
Taggart is loving eating foods & so am I! Knowing I have that little freedom just makes me want MORE! Nursing is something I do because it's good for both of us...not because I enjoy it. I long for the days to be done, but I am trying to not wish away what could be my last time! 
I feel so blessed to be a Mommy! Yes, it's hard, but to have 4 children to hang-out with & do silly crazy things with makes life more complete. I feel truly blessed to also have such a supportive husband who works so hard so I can stay home and raise/play with our kids. He also allows me the breaks I need & want with no guilt in my part! He is truly an amazing Hubster!!!
I know "they" say that each child gets less & less pictures taken of then, but because of the convenience of a camera phone I think Taggart may end up with the MOST of all 4 of mine! Ha! :)
I am counting down to summertime with my 4 littles!! It's going to be fun to have Lazy days by the water & I'm already preparing myself with the proper things to take a baby along on all our adventures!!
My other goal...hope...wish....To Blog MORE!! A LOT MORE!!! ;)