Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Easter Explosion


It may seem that the Easter Bunny went a LITTLE over board on Easter, but it's just because we have 3 kids ... RIGHT?!?!?!!!!
Well, we did get a LOT of good things & have had LOTS of fun playing with them everyday since!!!!
Thank You Easter BUNNY!
You ALWAYS spoil us, as Emma SAYS!!!!


Deocrating Bunny Bags is something that has carried on from my childhood.

It's fun to see my kids be able to "CREATE" their own bag

& see the time an effort they put into it, or the LACK there of.Kye's Bag

{he did have a little help}Zachary's Bag

{he LOVES to "scramble" as Emma says}

Emma's Bag
{i love the "WHISKERS"}

We are READY for the BUNNY to come visit!!!!!!!!

*** Dying Easter Eggs ***

My kids have been asking to do this since I took out the Easter Decorations ... Needless to say they LOVED every minute of it!

This was Kye's first year participating & boy was he EXCITED about the WHOLE thing!!!Zachary loved to grab EGG after EGG & SLAMMING into the colored water!Emma was a little more particular about the color of the egg, but after watching her brother go through EGG after EGG, she began to SPEED things up because she was afraid she wasn't going to get ENOUGH eggs!We had MANY helpers to help all the kids out!!!Sometimes EGG DYING takes TOO much time!!{THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE WHOLE EVENT!!!! Don't you agree!?!??!!}

Cutie girl LOVES this EVENT, especially when visitors are involved!

A B-I-G CHEESE for the camera!After all the eggs were dyed ...You'd think all the FUN would be OVER ...

BUT that would be W*R*O*N*G!!!

Grandma brought us HUGE sugar cookie EGGS to decorate!!!

& as you can see it was ALL fun

with little MESS ... hehehe :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandma's Easter Candy Party

Last Thursday Grandma threw her annual Easter Candy Making Party ...

... & PART-TAY it was!!!

Grandma has SOOOO much patience & love for all her Grandkids to put of with the CHAOS & MESS!!! But she always greets us all with a HUGE SMILE

& LOTS of EXCITEMENT for the fun to begin!!!

{Kye, Grandma, & Afton}The kids always have a good time CREATING away!!!

{Savannah, Emma, & Michaela}Emma creating AWAY!These 2 can have loads of fun when it comes to MAKING stuff!

{Zachary & Lily}Sometimes they need a lil' help, but most of the time you hear the phrase from them,

"I can DO IT MYSELF!!TA-DA!!!Kye doesn't really create ANYTHING, but is not opposed to EATING it!We all had such a good time!!!

Thanks Madre for making the FUN & dealing with the MESS it creates!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dinosaurs ...

Last Wednesday Emma had a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden.

I think this is her last one & have I very mixed emotions about it!

On one hand I will miss the EXTRA special time we've gotten to spend together on her field trips! This being the LAST ONE means she is closer to starting Kindergarten ... I am NOT old enough for my first born to be in KINDERGARTEN!

but I WILL NOT miss taking care of other 3, 4, & 5 year olds that are ANNOYING, BRATTY, SASSY, & just plain RUDE!

I hope that I have raised Emma to KNOW how to treat an adult!!!!


Onto the FUN of the field trip ...

Brrr ... It was FREEZING!The BIG Dino that is about the EAT the Pre-School Class ALIVE!!!

{YES, Emma was TERRIFIED!}

This is the Utah Raptor & although it may look little & unfrightening,
It's the MEANEST Dino that EVER lived!!!
{that is one of the many things I learned on this field trip}

Once we got to go warm-up inside this cute little scientist came out from working & let us touch a REAL Dino bone that they just found in Southern Utah.
Emma was totally interested in it, while the other 2 BRATS I was over were running a-muck throught the museum ... ANNOYING!

After touring the museum inside & out the kids got to run through the 3 different playgrounds while I sat & watched/talked.
{Even the little BRATS complained about this because there were too many kids ... GET OVER IT ---BRATS!!!}
Then we had lunch in the Dino House.
After lunch it was off to a little learning time with Miss Maggie.
She was a cute little Grandma Lady who told us ALL about Dinos & then let the kids to a Dino Plate.
{Emma told Miss Maggie that she looked beautiful in her Blue shirt & red pants! Proud Mommy Moment .. She's soo into complemeting people, she does it ALL the time in any store we are in! I'm just glad she's POLITE!}
Emma was enthralled with coloring her Dino ...

She was very particular about coloring each side of the plate the exact SAME!
I think it's fun to watch my kids be creative & put things together.
It's so much fun to be with Emma!!!
She's a ball of energy, but I can also tell she will be a GREAT student!!!
Love you BUGS!!!!!!!

Bubble Pool & 1 Side Note ...

After my kids got their "noodles" from Grandma & Grandpa Fergy on Saturday ALL i heard about was, "When are we GOING to the Bubble Pool???!!!" Well, i finally decided that after 2 days of it, Tuesday would be the day!

They were in PURE HEAVEN for almost 3 hours!!

They were even so WORN-OUT that there wasn't much fuss when I said it was time to go!!!

This little boy could actually balance REALLY well with his NOODLE & proceeded EVERYWHERE with it!It was so fun to chase after him & see how much FUN he was having!This CrAzY boy loved DIVING after his noodle & loved going completly under to get to it!Emma finally figured out how to FLOAT on the noodle & was excited to practice that ALL OVER the pool!These kids are gonna be FUN to watch this summer at the POOL!

They are getting some good practice in for it too!

Hopefully it will WARM-UP sometime in the near future!!!!



I would like to introduce you to our HOUSEHOLD HORDER:Did you see that BED of hers???!!!!

Oh well, it's supposed to be a bed, but I don't think you can really tell!!

Here's another view:She thought she was in trouble for how much JUNK was in her bed ... needless to say, this is the NORMAL!!! I don't understand how she even SLEEPS among all that JUNK!

They both claimed that they were just playing Rupunzel ...SiLlY KiDd-O's!!!

I knew her name was

Emma ASHELY for a reason ... she seems to of picked up the hoarding habit from the Aunt she is named after!!!! {Read about it here}

Oh, for the LOVE of HOARDERS!!!! :)