Sunday, May 25, 2014

Emma's Baptism

Yesterday was such a special day! Emma made choice to be baptized & yesterday was the day. She wanted to wait for both of her grandparents to be in town to celebrate with us. It was a perfect day surrounded by wonderful family members! The baptism & confirmation were performed by her wonderful Dad! We feel so blessed to have a worthy daughter who had the desire to be baptized & a worthy father to perform those ordinances! What a wonderful day!!!

One little tidbit that I wanna remember is our bishop told us there's a first for everything. He's been the bishop for just over 2 years & Emma was the first to come in for her bishop's interview all by herself. I did give her the choice & she looked at me absurdly & said, "Of course I can do it myself!"  I was waiting for her with the boys outside & she came out & exclaimed, "I passed!!" Throwing her hands in the air. :) She had also told her Dad excitedly, "The bishop said I could get baptized!" She was so stoked for the day to come. 
She also has such a tender heart. Each time she'd find out another person couldn't make it she'd burst into tears. She wanted to share her day with EVERYONE! We were so grateful for all those that were able to come & support us! We love our family!!