Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dr. Suess P*A*R*T*Y

We had a Dr. Suess Party at Grammy and Grandpa's house last Friday, Feb. 20. It was so much fun to get together with cousins and play "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", read books, and dye eggs green. We loved all the fun Dr. Suess animals that Grammy had as well! Grammy even had made three infamous "Cat in the Hat" hats that the cousins were able to switch off wearing. We had a great time together, thanks for all the fun Grammy!

The Cat in the Hat even made a special appearance thanks to Grandpa! And of course we can't make it through the day without being a princess, and Emma was able to fulfill that necessity not even being at home. She pranced around with this Princess Dress on all evening long. She held the dress up just like the two step sisters hold their dress's up on Cinderella. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch Cinderella!! It's a CLASSIC!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tea Party

Emma has asked me multiple times if we could have a tea party. I'm not sure where she got that idea, but I have always wanted to throw one for her. Sunday she asked me again and I though what a perfect thing to do for President's Day! We invited all of our cousins to come in their fancy dresses and be ready for our fun filled morning!Here is all the Diva's themselves. And no surprise that Aunt Ashley joined in the fun of dressing up too!! Don't they all look so FANCY!We made these paper purses and although it was chaotic with 5 little girls needing help, they turned out so cute and loved them!Here they are with their purse's ready to have "tea and crumpets"They enjoyed "Cheering" their glasses together and of course the cookies galore! They even ate on glass plates and drank out of fancy goblets, which doesn't happen everyday!Princess Emma and Prince Zachary enjoying the cookies and punch.
Look at that funny GRIN on Zachary's face, he has started doing that and I'm not sure why!?
After the cookies and punch we settled downstairs to watch Cinderella. It capitivated the older girls attention for quite a while, but the younger ones ended up playing with toys instead.
It was a lovely Tea Party and we were so glad that all the cousins and aunts could make it. (We did miss you Julie, but assure you there will be other Tea Party's to follow!)


When I was little we always had a heart trail from our bedroom to the kitchen table with a present at the end. I have continued this tradition for my kids although I don't do it in the morning, I do it after naps. Emma loved having the candy trail although it took her 10 minutes to make it to the table! Zachary had a colored marshmellows trail and loved being able to be filled with marshmellows one right after the other. They both got to go to the store and pick a movie for Valentine's as part of their present. Emma picked the Barbie movie "The Princess and the Pauper", which she has cried at both times she's watched it, and Zachary got a Thomas the Train movie. Alan and I gave each other gifts speratically through the week. Alan made me a ribbon hanger to organize all my ribbon and I got him some new running shoes since he'll be running a lot to get ready for the Ragnar Relay he's running in June. We had a wonderful week spending time together since Alan didn't start his new job until Monday! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
And Thank You Grandma and Grandpa Fergy for the CUTE Valentine stuffed animals and "Yummy Bear". We love you so much!!
(I know the picutre of Zachary is not the best, but if you look close you can see his 2 CUTE teeth and this is the first picture I have been able to get!)

Grandma's Cookie P*A*R*T*Y

My Mom's annual cookie party was Feb.11th and it was a little child's dream come true! Emma LOVES to decorate cookies as long as someone else spreads the frosting. As for Zachary, he just loves everything about cookies, as long as he's eating them!

It's always fun to get to play with cousins and all the aunts! We are so glad that we live close enough to visit and see everyone so often!! Until next year, Happy Cookie Making!

The Cabin Feb. 6-8

We went to a cabin in Idaho with some friends from our ward. This is our second year going and we were looking forward to going again this year!

We eat out the first night at a pizza place called Studebaker's. He is a stud and his pizza is to DIE for!!
The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of fun. Snowmobiling is a highlight for Alan, which I got to do alot of this year and had a BLAST! We also went sledding which was an absolute RIOT! A couple pranks were pulled, but they were harmless and enjoyed I hope! Of course the girls did some crafting and games galore were brought up between ALL the gaming systems. It was a fun getaway for the adults and a BIG thanks to my Mom for watching our little munchkins!!!

Goodbye Hogan. . . Hello Okland

February 5th was a scary and terrifying day for our family, or at least for me. Alan called me about 2pm that day and told me he was on his way home from work. I was excited to see him earlier than normal. He then informed me he was coming home with his last 2 pay checks. He had been layed off. I immediately burst into tears! It was a scary feeling knowing that our ONLY income was now GONE and our health insurance would be gone as well. Alan immediately got on the phone with every connection he knew and ended up getting an interview with Okland Construction for Tues. the 10th. Although that was a relief it was still along ways to wait to know if that interview would really produce anything. As Alan went to his interview on Tuesday he felt really good about how it all went. He also dropped off his resume to 2 other company's that were also very hopeful. At 3pm that day Alan recieved a phone call from Okland and they offered him a job. What a relief and such a blessing! He makes a couple dollars less than at Hogan, but after he proves himself he has the potential to make more. He started his job yesterday and is excited with what he'll be doing. We truely have felt the power of prayer in our lives and know that we have been truely blessed to be able to find a job so quickly in this rough economy. We were very strengthened from the support of our wonderful family and friends.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Little Buck-A-Rooster

Zachary is 8 1/2 months old and it's hard to believe how much he's changed. The biggest change is how much he weighs!!! Drum roll please. . . he weighs a whoppin' 22lbs. (according to our bathroom scale, that's only 5lbs less than his sister who is 2 years older than him!) He is a BIG boy and would LOVE life if you carried him around everywhere, but since he is a solid boy, I can barely stand to carry him in my arms for a five minutes! He gets heavy, plus he leans every which way. His big, blue eyes are irresistable and his humugous Grin is unstopable! We love our little Buck-A-Rooster, but hope that he will not become MOBILE anytime soon!!! 8)

Hangin' with the Megan's

Ever since High School my twin and I have had 2 friends both named Megan. The four of us did a lot together, which makes for good laughs and fun memories. We have stayed in good contact and get together every once in a while, which is always something I look forward to. This past weekend we went to Deseret Start and saw the play "Home School Musical." It was one of the FUNNIEST plays that I've seen at Deseret Star and would suggest it to anyone! Afterwards we went back to someones house to talk, so we could catch up on all the NEWS!! It was such a fun time, as always! P.S. Megan Sucher is PREGNANT! Congrats!!! I'm so excited for her!

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday has always been a PARTY for us! This year the girls decided to just stay at their own homes and party with the kids and let the guys get together to watch the game. Well they decided since we had the biggest T.V. they would come to our home. It was a PARTY!! (of course!!) I hope they had fun even with 2 kids around to be a little loud! SORRY!
As you can see, Zachary enjoyed his first super bowl. Hangin' with the guys eatin' junk is the life. He even enjoyed the commerecials in 3-D.
By the way, the best part about our BIG T.V. is it only cost $50.00!! Yep, we got a steal of a deal on that baby!