Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa . . .

Your Cookies are Made . . .Your Reindeer Food Is Made . . .. . . And We Have Been EXTRA GOOD!!
Please Come Visit Tonight!!!
Merry Christmas!!
Emma, Zachary, and Kye

Monday, December 21, 2009

Introducing Kye . . .

Kye is officially 2 weeks old today and it's hard to believe how FAST time flies. You think I would realize that since this is my 3rd, but it still seems to amaze me! He already doesn't scrunch his legs up ALL the time, we get a little more time to look at his deep blue eyes since they aren't always shut, he is constantly wrapped up in a blanket since it's been so cold (and I LOVE that part!!), he is STARTING to sort of fit into 0-3mo. clothes and out of newborn size, and he is finally catching onto nursing, although he is not a pro yet, he will be SOON!
I don't know why, but I like to read other peoples birth stories, so I am going to post a snopsis of what happened (mostly for my record!) . . .
I had started having contractions on Wed. Dec. 2nd and hoped that I would have the baby before his due date. Nope, that didn't happen. I had random contraction from that time forward, but nothing alarming enough to care about.
Sunday night I had regular contractions, but not extremely hard or close together. Somehow in the back of my head I knew I would have this baby in the next 24 hours, although I didn't say much cause I didn't want to CURSE myself!!
I woke up the next morning at 6:00am with frequent enough and hard enough contractions to konw this was the REAL deal. FINALLY!!! I stayed in bed while Alan got the kids stuff packed and took them to Grandma's.
He got home around 10:00am and by 11:00am we were checking into the hospital. After we checked in things went FAST and SMOOTHLY!! I was excited when it was time to push and it was 1:00pm!!
I did not get an epidural this time like I have with my other two kids. Why, you may ask? Well, many reasons:
1. Both times my epidural has never fully worked and I have been miserable because I was in pain and was not expecting to be in pain.
2. I have had severe back pain because of my epidural, so I figured it wasn't worth it if it wasn't going to work fully.
3. I wanted Alan to be more fully involved in my labor and not just sit in a chair and SLEEP!
Not having an epidural, for me, was a wonderful experience. I am not saying it wasn't painful, but looking back on it, it's just how I have always wanted things to happen . . . FAST, WITH Help, and a WONDERFUL RECOVERY!!!
Here is the picture right after we had our little GUY still in Labor and Delivery.
And YES, he was LITTLE!!!

Here's our WHOLE family together!!!
(I had come to the hospital with the knowlege that our kids would NOT be able to visit, but after being in recovery for only a few short hours and seeing and hearing MANY kids, I told my Mom to bring them. I was so excited and relieved that they got to come. I really enjoyed having them there, even if it was a short visit! I totally missed my kids, just like I knew I would!!!)

My Little Kye
Look at all that HAIR!!! Okay, it might not be A TON to other people, but BOTH my other babies have had NO HAIR! To me this was A LOT of hair!

Our LOVELY candle-light Dinner
It was nice to ENJOY this meal together. With Zachary we were in such a RUSH to go home, that this meal was RUSHED through, but still good!

FINALLY ready to go!
We had to stay in the hospital for 2 days because of minor things. Although I hate being in the hospital I tried to relax and just enjoy the quality time I was able to share with Kye and Alan. I have the sweetest husband who stayed with me for both days, although he didn't have comfortable sleeping arrangements! I LOVE HIM!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Came Early . . .

. . . to wish us a Merry Christmas! On Saturday our ward had a Christmas party with Santa visiting all the children. Emma knew baby Kye wasn't going to go to the party and was very concerned he wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted. She asked Santa to come to our house and visit Kye, and she also told Santa that Kye would want something, but she just didn't know what would be best. She is such a thoughtful sister!! It's so fun to watch her hold him, love him, and play with him!!!
Emma asked for 3 things, cause she is 3! A computer (this is her 2nd year asking for this particular present, last year Santa thought she was a bit young for it!), a Barbie, and a make-up thing.
Zachary didn't really ask for anything, but Emma decided he would be happy to get a Ball, since he can say that word.
Hopefully our kids will be GOOD, so Santa will bring them what they have asked for!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kye Craig Madsen

Born December 7th, @ 1:11pm. He was 7lbs. 5oz & 20in. long
We are so exstatic that our little bundle is HERE!!!
I went into full labor at 6:00am on Monday morning. Alan got our kids up and dressed and took them to Grandma Fergy's where they would be staying while we were in the hospital. I spent the morning in bed relaxing. Alan got home about 10:00am, stuffed things in my already packed bag, and we were off to the hospital. We got all checked in at 11:00am, and were anxious to be DONE!! Everything progressed fast and smoothly and by 1:11pm we had our little bundle filling our arms with so much JOY! We love our little Kye and are so grateful to be HOME, FINALLY! Both Kye and I are doing well and are anxious to sleep in our own beds and adjust to life with 3 KIDS under THREE!!
AHHH . . . It will be a little CRAZY at the Madsen Home, but full of LIFE and FUN!
(I will post more pics later, just wanted to give you a sneak peak!!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

I am not sure how I missed this post because my kids were in LOVE with the whole experience! My older brother plays on a hockey league and I have always wanted to go and watch a game. The games are always at BIZARRE times so I haven't been able to. Finally there was a game at a descent hour on a descent day, so I packed my kids up and headed to the game. My wonderful parents were there too, so they helped me with my kids. For the most part they really enjoyed being there and watched the game. Zachary was totally content with holding Dave's spare hockey stick the ENTIRE time. Once Emma saw how much Zach loved holding the hockey stick she wanted to do it too. We had to share the one and only stick and that's where things got a little restless, but they really did do okay!!! Here are some fun pics from the game . . .
Uncle Davey with Emma and Zachary before his game began.

Mommy and Zachary
Like I said Zach was totally content and HAPPY as could be holding the hockey stick. He TRULY loved it!
After we went to this game Zach's new thing has been hockey. He holds a little toy hoe and hits at balls. Alan has even "shot" around with him in the garage with one of his old hockey sticks. Zach loves it and it's so cute to watch your little guy truely be interested in something. He is growing up right in front of my eyes!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Go Time . . .

I LOVE that the countdown baby calendar on my sidebar tells me it's GO TIME! Like I already didn't know that! Too bad this baby doesn't think so!!! Hopefully sometime SOON it will be GO TIME!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Time is HERE!!!!

As December is upon us, we have started our wonderful holiday season with HAPPY memories!The Friday after Thanksgiving is the annual day to set up our Christmas Decor. It was filled with LOTS of HELPING HANDS! We had fun decorating our tree together and as you can see both kids were REALLY into the whole experience! If our tree doesn't LOOSE its fascination factor SOON, we might be UNDECORATING it and TAKING IT DOWN!! I know bah-humbug, but I am tired of BROKEN ORNAMENTS and kids standing on CHAIRS to reach ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they want!! Here is Zachary helping with the decorating part. He loved that ball ornament in his hand and wouldn't let go of it. Needless to say that was broken ornament #1, no suprise!!!This is Emma in front of the finished product. She had fun decorating, but all the ornaments she hung had to be moved to the top half once curious brother and sister wouldn't leave them alone! I love my tree!On Sunday we decided we better go downtown to see the lights or we might not make it this year. We had a fun time as a family seeing the lights and part of my family joined us for the fun traditional outing.Our little family in front of a manager scene.
I guess we didn't place ourselves so you could see the scene very well, but OH WELL!
Emma LOVED the lights, but especially loved the Manger Scenes. After we were all done seeing the lights she asked if we could go back and see Baby Jesus again. Of course you can't turn that down, so we went back to the main manger scene and she sat on Alan's shoulders and listened to the WHOLE story being told. It was cute to watch how inthralled she was over it!Zachary liked the lights, but got tired of being in his stroller. My siblings tried numerous times to keep him entertained and then offered to take him out, but I wouldn't let him. Eventually Uncle Davey just took him out and Zach loved runnin' around.This year I decided that each day until Christmas our kids would get to open one present. I have TONS of books that I have collected and kept in boxes to give to them someday. I decided that we would have an Advent Book Countdown to Christmas this year. We have opened 2 books so far and both of my kids have LOVED it!

Here's Day 1

As you can see Emma LOVES books and Zachary didn't really understand what to do with the paper that was hiding his book.

Eventually his sister helped him open his book and they carried them around with them the rest of the day. I think I read each book at least 10 times, but it's been a fun time to share with them!!!
We are excited for our Christmas bundle to arrive and hope that it will be the NEXT thing we post about! Until then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!