Saturday, July 30, 2011

Madsen Family Summer B*A*S*H

{don't say I didn't warn ya!!!}

We had the 3rd annual Summertime Bash at my in-laws this weekend & I think they might've out-done themselves!!!

My kids had so much fun it has taken us all weekend to recover!

First & formost ... there were TROPHIAS handed out which made EVERYTHING more fun

{at least for anyone under 12!}We got some toy time in before it was off to the backyard.Uncle Nate ALWAYS has some uniquely awesome shirts ... I had to share this one with y'all.The kitchen help got a little CRAZY because of the heat, & pure exhaustion.& a Summer Bash wouldn't be a SUMMER BASH without Watermelon!

{nothin' says SUMMER like a good, juicy, ripe, YUMMY, Watermelon ... right!!??!!}Then it was time to eat to our hearts content ...

{which is usually OVERLOAD for me, hehehe}Then it was time for the MAIN EVENT ---


{or Slipe n' slide if your Hailey ... Love ya Hailey!! hehehe}I even woke Kye up for the main event.

After only sleeping for 1 hour instead of 4, he was a little unsure his first slide down!But just a couple times down with Mommy & it lead to this:PURE JOY!!!!!! :)

For some reason when my kids are around ... ALL of them ... there always seems to be a water fight break out. I thought I was safe cause I was holding a camera ...But my husband assured me that even with a camera you can still get wet!

That green bucket was for ME!!!

My kids love water fights & I guess I was the one who brought the buckets & water guns, so I wanted it to happen too ... hehehe :)We had ENTERTAINING water games as well ... Then it was time for the JELLO SLIRPPING contest ...Now THAT'S entertaining!!!Kye doesn't need to eat JELLO to get red ...He just goes for the WATERMELON & eats the RIND & all.

No waste for him!

Hey, if he's happy & eating I just let him go ... after all he is my 3rd!!!

Three legged races were the next event ...Alan & I did one & kicked TRASH doing it!!!

{We only have a video to prove it & for some reason I can't get it to upload, so you'll just have to trust me!!}

You always need a picture with the HOTTEST guy at the PAAAAR--TY!Then is was a little dunking for the girl who just can't understand that the water fight it OVER ...... don't worry she loved the dunking & continues trying to SOAK her Dad!!!

A day filled with excitement can call for a little DOWN time ---Gunny Sack Racing was sure COMPETITIVE!But full of good laughs & lots of FUN!

These 2 find joy in the simple things ... forget about the games that are going on!!Duck, Duck, GOOSE was also played.Along with this wooden/stick game that I don't know the name of even though it's my game.

{hehehe, it's a fun game though!}Then to finish off the night we got to watch the neighbors lite off fireworks for our ENTERTAINMENT!
& play with our GLOW-necklaces, bracelets, swords, wands ... WHATEVER!

It was such a FUN-FILLED day!

Thanks Grammy & Grandpa Madsen for all the fun & YUMM-O food!!!

Until next year ...

{don't say I didn't warn you about the OVERLOAD!!!}

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I AM a WILLARD addict!!!

I will admit that I have a problem ... I LOVE Willard Bay problem!!!

I know I have already BLOGGED about this GLORIOUS place, but lucky for you I combined 3 trips for this post & still will have 2 more post about this place to come!!!

The minute I LEAVE, I try to figure out the next time I can go!!!


I love that we get there ASAP in the morning, which is ALWAYS before lunch, & everytime we leave it's LATER than the time before!

The last AWESOME sunny day we spent there we were there for 7 HOURS & my kids were still begging me to stay LONGER! They love both the WATER & the SAND!& of course the snacks help life be a little happier too!!!!It always is a day without naps & lots of sun, so it leads to this ---

A quiet/peaceful drive home & EARLY-to-BED!!!

Ahhhhh ....