Thursday, June 24, 2010


I know those of you who know what this race IS and have NEVER participated might think ... WHY???!!! Well, it was one of the funnest things I have ever done! Now I am not saying that running 3 times in 24hrs on 2hours of sleep is EASY, but it was totally worth it!!!
So here's the JOURNEY:
First the GALS got together and "Decorated" the cars.
Here's the car I rode in:
Anna did a FABULOUS job decorating and I was designated the PICTURE taker, which I can totally handle!!!
Now the #1 reason I finally considered doing this race was because of this person:
Last October 5 couples from our neighborhood went down to Vegas and ran Ragnar down there. It didn't work out for me to be able to even tag along, and I couldn't run cause I was 8 months prego, so Alan did it being the odd couple out with another girl from the neighborhood. For some reason JEALOUSY overtook me and I was determined that I would run a Ragnar with HIM just so I could hang-out with him ... EVEN IF IT KILLED ME!!! Well, I am proud to say, IT didn't kill me and I am already signed up to do it next year ... YIPEE SKIPEE!!!
Here's the crazy group that we rode around with.
L-R Alex, Tom, Mike, Anna, Me, and Alan
Here's the GIRL POWER in our vehicle!!!
At our first resting exchange CRAZY Alan and Mike decided to take a little dippity-do in the lake ... FREEZING, but they loved it!!!
At night time we had to ALWAYS wear our reflective vests and ALL the time we had to carry our flags ... if we were out of the car. So we were prepared when dark fell upon us!!!Here's my 2nd run. Yes it was in the dark ... about 10pm, Yes it was HOT, and YES it was my hill run that I wanted to DIE on ... LUCKILY it was DARK, so I really didn't get to see what I was up against until I was doing it and it was still TORTURE!!! I made it!!!!This is Alan on his 3rd leg of the race. Yes it was BLISTERING hot, YES he is running up a hill that was 20billion times steeper than mine, YES he rocked the hill RUNNING the whole time, YES this is the hill the race is named after, and YES he's taken!!!! This is the AWESOME CLAN that was our WHOLE team!!!
It was a tiring race to say the least, but it was awesome!! It was fun to be able to do it with friends and just enjoy running and competing to some extent!!
I loved the race so much that I have ALREADY signed up for next year ... YES, I made it and WANT to do it AGAIN!!!
Here are my cute KIDDIES that met us at the finish with this darling poster they made!!
Thanks to my WONDERFUL Mom, Sister Ash, Brother Luis, and Sister Megs who ALL took care of my kids ... even their not so pleasant sickies!!! You guys ROCK and made it so I could run and not worry about my kids!! I LOVE YOU!!!
We got to ride the Gondolas down from the ski resort and my kids thought it was the best RIDE ever!!!

Can you tell in their faces their PURE enjoyment that their parents would take them on such an awesome ride!!!

What a trooper Mom is! I am sure she wanted to HURL, but she still wanted PROOF that she rode this RIDE of JOY!!!
Goodbye Ragnar ... Until NEXT YEAR!!!!!
Oh yeah, I still have another relay just like this one to look forward to in AUGUST!!
NEVER, EVER, EVER thought I would be cheering for such a thing ... WEIRD how addicting running can get!!!

Happy Anniversary!

On June 16th, my parents celebrated their ANNIVERSARY. For their anniversary we celebrated with them at the Deseret Star Theater. It was fun for all of us Brother's and Sister's to be there and celebrate with them!!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

Pinata Party!!!

At the first part of June my brother-in-law, Luis, had a birthday. Ashley celebrated by giving him a pinata and letting EVERYONE join in the fun!
Here is the BIRTHDAY BOY himself:
Zachary taken his swings:
Emma knockin' it around:

Kye didn't get to hold the bat, but took a few swings with Afton:
Let the CANDY fall!!
Look at the GOODS!!!
Then we went over to Ash and Luis' apartment and enjoyed a nice dippity-doo in the pool!!
Kye is just happy to be out and about!!!
Zachary just LOVED the water and had no-fear of it!!

Me and my sweet kids enjoyin' the nice COOL water.
It was such a FUN Saturday spent with family.
Thanks Ashley for throwing such a fun party!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Night OUT!!!

A little bit ago, we got together on a Thursday night and went to dinner, looked through William and Sanoma, and went to Spoon me. It was so fun to just be together as Sisters and Mommy!! I love this bunch of girls and am excited to have each of them as part of MY family!! Thanks girls for a FUN, Fun, FUN night away!!!

Mom, really was there, but didn't end up in any of MY pictures ... :( Can't wait until NEXT TIME!!!


This is a catch-up on fun photos I have of my kids ...
This first section is ALL the FUN my kids have at races.
Yes, they are WONDERFUL at races, I can't complain considering the circumstances of LONG waiting period, early mornings, and crowded venues.Thanks goodness for help at some of the races!!
My Dad spent a LOT of the time with Zachary RUNNING around and as you can tell, ZACHARY LOVED IT!

Emma LAID down and took a well needed SNOOZE before Dad came in on his bike.

Kye is such a HAPPY, HAPPY little BOY!!
I can hardly believe he is MINE, cause my other two were not so easy as babies!!!
Third time truely is a CHARM!!!!

Umbrella with LEGS????

Skip, Skip, Skip to my LUE ...
She LOVED carrying around her umbrella and was a little OBLIVIOUS to anyone else around her.
Sorry to the folks she CLOBBERED with the umbrella ... OOPS!!

Zachary was a handful at the marathon, but enjoyed LEANING as FAR as he could over the railing and YELLING, "ADDY, wer r EWE?" or "Go Addy!!"
Yes, he DID love being in the garbage can, I'm sure!
I wasn't there, but his beloved Aunt and Uncle must have had a part in this activity!!
Even Grandma had a LITTLE too much fun at the finish line!!!
hehehe LOVE YA MOMMY!!!They really do watch intently, sometimes, and it's SO SO CUTE!
They cheer for their Dad and love to see him finish the race!!
Thanks KIDS for being so patient!
Thanks Family for helping out when you are there!!!
This next sections is just random pics ... ENJOY!
Zachary and his famous GROUCHY eyes!!

I love BELLY sleeping babies!!

He FOUND his POCKETS and loves putting his hands in them.
Cute, huh!!!!

Such an ADOREABLE FACE, how could any resist a KISS!!!

Bike riding buddies, and they LOVE it!
They always call for each other to get their bikes so they can go on a "BIKE RIDE" together. :)

He just doozes off when he gets tired, thumb sucking ALL the way!

Yes, those are earring on KYE. His sister LOVES to "play" with him!!

They ARE BUDDIES and I love it!!!
I am such a LUCKY Mommy to have such wonderful kids to be a MOMMY to!
It's not easy, but it's totally worth it!!
Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have 3 of them!!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU for trusting ME to be a Mommy!!!