Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hangin' with my BOYS!

It's been really fun to just "hang with the boys" while Emma has been at school!

It's fun to watch them interact together, & play like BOYS play!I have loved that I can go running with them EVERY morning, & that they enjoy it too!

We have just 4 more days of "the boy" routine & then Emma will be OFF-TRACK!
I am excited for her to be off-track!
It means LAZY mornings of snuggling in bed while watching cartoons can once again happen!!!
It will mean, that running in the mornings will have to stop for 3 weeks ... UNLESS I can convince Emma to ride her bike along with us ... hmmmm, maybe that'll work!

All-in-all it's been a wonderful time hanging out together, but I am also excited for the "new" schedule of having Emma home for a little while!
I think I'm LIKING this "track" thing!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

--- Hangin' Out ---

We have been MISSIN' Daddy TONS!!!!

He has been workin' L-O-N-G hours at work {over 20 hrs of overtime ... JUST LAST WEEK!!!}, he's had week long scout camp, & he's been finishing side jobs that have been long overdue ... sorry Ferguson's!!!!

So one Friday when he had to work at the Ferguson's house we decided to venture up for dinner & some run-around time.

Sooooo ... While Daddy & Uncle Davey worked ...We PLAYED ...
And PLAYED ...
And PLAYED!!!!Until L-O-N-G after the sun went down!
It was a last minute plan so Den & Julie had gone up the mountains with some friends, so we left them a MESSAGE!

BUT since we stayed LATE, we ended up getting to see them too!!!!


Thanks for the popsciles & the yard to play-in!!!

Also, thanks Mommy for coming & joining the fun!

Thanks to Dave for helping Alfie!

& Thanks to my father-in-law, brother-in-law, & Den for helping Alfie pour the concrete & finish it!!!

It was the biggest pour Alfie has done WITHOUT any people who really knew concrete.

{the guy he had lined up to help him, backed out at 4am THAT morning cause his wife went into labor!!! Good Excuse!! :) }

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Workin' BOYS!

A couple of weeks ago Daddy was leaving to go work at Dennis & Julie's for the morning before he had to be to work at noon, & Zachary was in TEARS cause he wanted his Daddy. Daddy was a good sport & we talked & decided that Zachary would be a "GOOD HELPER" for work that day. I would go get him right before naps at 2pm.

The "BOYS" got lunches packed, workin' clothes on, sunscreen in place, & there hats to protect there heads ... they were officially READY for a hard day at WORK!!!!
Zachary LOVED it!
I went & got him after picking up Emma from school & he was still ALL SMILES!
He was now at a "REAL" job site & was sitting in the shade playing with tools ... too bad I didn't snap a quick picture, it was DARLING!
I thought he's ZONK-OUT on the way home from being so exhausted, but I was WRONG!
He TALKED non-stop, the WHOLE way home, about the FUN/WORK he did with Daddy!!!
{That made for a WONDERFUL nap time when we all got home!}
He asks EVERYDAY if he can go to work with Dad ... Unfortuately most days don't work out so well!

Thanks Daddy for ALL the hard work you do ALL THE TIME!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clydie Adams

This was Emma's first day of BALLET ... August 3rd 2011 ... it was such an exciting day for the both of us!!! I have dreamed of the day I could put her in dance as it was such a fun & positive thing for me & she has always pranced around the house wishing to dance her heart away.

As I live far away from where I grew-up I wasn't sure of where to put her, but as I looked around I found Clytie Adams Ballet School & though it sounded like a good place to start. I was just a little afraid of getting into a class because of her extended day kindergarten & I've heard it's a popular Ballet School. On the day of registration I got online first things & found a class that'd work with kindergarten & all.

YIPPITY-SKIPPITY!!!!I got a babysitter for my boys on the first day of dance so I could stay & watch it.

{I also wasn't sure about where to drop her off. It's down a CRAZY alley-way & if it was in someplace scary instead of Kaysville there's NO WAY I would really believe that it was a descent place. Emma calls it "the magical dance tunnel"}She LOVED her first day of dance & asks everyday going to school if today is BALLET CLASS ...

Unfortunately it's only once a week so most of the time I have to reply NO!

But the days I say YES, are happy days for ALL!!!

:)I'm so glad she enjoys it as much as I had hoped!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Still ENJOYIN' Summer!

Although we have started school in our neck of the woods we are still trying to enjoy the nice weather & the wonderful things about SUMMER ... Cause Summer doesn't last FOREVER!!!

We've had many Yumm-o Meals!!

{if you haven't ever grilled corn-on-the-cob RIGHT on the grill ... DO IT!!! Just drizzle with EVOO & place on grill until you start getting the grill lines. Rotate until "the lines" are all the way around the corn ... YUMM-O!!!}We eat Lunch & Dinner outside ... AT LEAST!!!!

{i LOVE the easy/no clean-up from meals outside!!!! Plus it's just nice to be OUTSIDE!!!}
We even were REALLY, EXTREMLY brave last week when we ALL went in for our well-child check-ups & we ALL ended up having to get shots, so we got to enjoy COTTON CANDY!
{what a WONDERFUL summer time treat!!!}

Speaking of summer time TREATS ...

How about sherbet ice cream cones ... I think they look pretty summer time to me!!!

{& they were DELICIOUS!!!}

{take note: this is the first time Kye actually smiled, looked at me, & said "CHEESE" with the other 2!!!!! (8/11/2011)}
See ... We CAN still have F-U-N with school in session!!!

Now if my back will STOP ACHIN' we can go on some adventures this week!!!!

PLEASE stop HURTIN'!!!!!



The summer rain storms we have been having have been FUN to watch! Yes, they have spoiled a few of my plans, but they have made some "other" fun plans for us too!!!

Sometimes you just gotta let go of lives cares & SPLASH away!!!

{everytime we go into a store, if it's been raining, we all end up DRENCHED cause the 2 oldest children LOVE to hit EVERY big puddle they can find.

Sometimes I get frustrated, but I try to remember ... LIFE SHOULD BE FUN!}

Friday, August 12, 2011


As I look through all my pictures to get to these from TODAY, I realize I have many things I would like to blog about, BUT TODAY is TODAY & I wanna blog about it TODAY!!!

So, on with the show ...

It started out a near perfect morning ... I was able to have my Honey home for breakfast, so we could ALL EAT AS A FAMILY!

That may seem like a simple task for some families, & to tell you the truth it used to happen as least every night with ours, but these past 6 months have been a ROLLERCOASTER for us, so family meal time MAYBE happens on SUNDAYS & SUNDAYS ONLY!!!

It was fun to sit around the table & chat it up, so NO --- I didn't photograph the moment! :(

Then as my Hubby left, & the boys & I dropped Emma off at school, we started off on a new ADVENTURE for us ...This will be something that will be fun for all of us 3!!!!

I have been SEARCHING far & wide for a double stroller on KSL for MANY months. Yesterday I happened upon this one that was right down the street from me & only $80 ... PERFECT-O!!!

I went ride over & SNAGGED it for myself. :)

After showering, getting ready, & picking up Emma ... BOY AM I GLAD THAT HER NORMAL KINDERGARTEN DAY IS EXTENDED! Fridays are SOOOOO SHORT!!!! ... we ventured onto making cookies!

With 3 kids HELPING away I didn't get many "HELPING" shots, but they sure enjoyed the treat that followed the "HELPING" phase! {& I sure enjoyed the break from ALL the "help" ... hehehe}Mmmm ... I loved freshly baked cookies & milk!

I haven't made cookies in such a long time I think my kids were in SHOCKED when I told them I was going to make them. Kye probably has only seen me make them when he was a BABY ... like 2-3 months old ... REALLY!!!!!!It was actually really fun ... especially when you have an AWESOME spatula to cook with --- thanks to a wonderful friend!!!! Seriously everytime I get a chance to use that spatuala I get so GIDDY!!!!! :) Oh Happy Days!I know I complain OFTEN to my husband about how HARD it is to deal with KIDS!

I do feel bad to complain & even worse to admit it on here, but it's H-A-R-D!!!!


Daddy is usually gone from sun-up to sun-down & it's been HARDER than I expected!

I have been FULL of complaints for EVERYONE ... ie: Husband, Mom, Sisters, etc

Life is GOOD!

I LOVE these kids to pieces!!BUT they are A-LOT of work!!!

It has been a good day today & I'm glad to have good days like this, to make the HORRIBLE, HORRID days alright!

There has been a few things that have TRIED to ruin today

- my ACHIN' back!!

{I don't know why, but it's in TERRIBLE pain & has been for days ... I won't let it RUIN today!}

- & my "WONDERFUL" toddler

{he LIKES to be held ALL THE TIME! if he's not being held he is usually crying at my feet ... oh the JOYS!}

Other than those 2 minor details, TODAY will be GOOD!

{espcially cause I'm going to go ice my back & eat cookies/milk --- MmmmMmmmm!!!}

Enjoy the weekend!

{I'll try even though my Hubby will be WORKING :( for part of it ... UGH!}

I'm thankful for this JOB, I'm thankful for this JOB, I'm thankful for the JOB, I'm thankful for this JOB, I'm thankful for this JOB, I'm thankful for this JOB!!!!

Bakcyard Camping

This is something that has happened for quite a few summers in a row ... Although Emma asked for it ALL summer long I wasn't sure it was going to work out because Daddy's schedule has been so scouwampus & is usually not home at nights to set the tent up & I'm not motivated to do it all myself!

BUT, in the end it worked out. After cleaning up from Willard Daddy began setting up the tent while Mommy & Kye made a visit to the Dr.'s.
After finding out how miserable Kye really was we opted to NOT put him in the tent ... especially cause we didn't make it back home until after 10:30 from Walgreen's & he wasn't able to have any medicine at that point cause for some reason they couldn't figure out how to fill the perscription.

Emma, Zachary, & Daddy had a lovely sleep outside while Mommy & Kye slept inside.

I didn't get a picture of Daddy cause he left at midnight to go get Kye's meds cause they were finally filled in case Kye woke up in the night in misery.

Poor boy!

He slept right through the night probably out of pure exhaustion!!!

Needless to say, I HATE taking kids in LATE at night, we ALWAYS seem to get the run-around at Walgreen's cause they are the only ones open late around our neck of the woods.

I'm glad Kye is back to normal & we finished his last dose of all the meds TONIGHT!

I'm glad Emma got her summer wish to sleep in the tent!

I'm glad my TWIN is in a different time zone, so I can call & VENT even though it's SUPER late here!

It was WONDERFUL that the next day was Sunday & we were going to a baby blessing of my niece, Sophie, so we got to sleep-in & not have to be to church until 2pm!

The SLEEPING-IN was much needed by ALL after the HORRIBLE, VERY BAD night we had!!!

I LOVE my SWEET Husband who is willing to do EVERYTHING for me!!

& last but not least ... I want those LAZY SUMMER DAYS BACK!!!


One more TIME!!!

Yes, I know you don't wanna see ONE MORE WILLARD BAY picture, so just SKIP this post! Here we go again ... ROUND 60...66??!!?? Anyways a couple of Saturdays ago we headed to that beloved "beach" once again. This time we invited the whole Fergy Clan - Ash & Lu, & had a rip-roarin' time together!! I'll let the pictures talk ...

{yes, this kids fell asleep in my arms ... we found out later that night that he had a double ear infection with puss behind both ears ... no wonder he was so OFF!!}

Yes, it was a colder day, but we had LOADS of fun!

Thanks Fergy Clan for joining us!! :)

{yes, it's been about 2 weeks since I was there & I still hope to make it back again THIS SUMMER!!! I MISS IT!!! :(}

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lunch at the Park

So right before Emma started school we decided, aka Mom & I, that we needed to have lunch at Liberty Park. That is something that we have done every summer, so we didn't want to miss out this year just because school started mid-summer for us. Soo, off to the park we went ...{yes, he CAN go down the slide the correct way, but still prefers the backwards method}Picnics at the park are always so much fun, especially when you can get the kids FREE LUNCHES!!! :) SCORE!!!We had a great time playing even though the "splash pad" was not working! ... BUMMER!

It was still enjoyable, but it was HOT & I just had to chase around these 3 little munchkins, with Mom's help of course, cause I'm quite afraid of that park & what's around there ... SOOO it ended before my 2 oldest were DONE,

BUT ...We did get to go to G & G Fergy's house & build ...

All-in-all it was SUCH a BLAST of a Summer Day!
& just for KICKS I'm adding these wonderful photo moments of the youngest of our bunch ...

Life is so precious when kids are around! :)

Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER DAYS!!!!

{maybe with a picnic in a park!!!}