Friday, March 22, 2013

February Fun

The rest of February went like this...
-the boys received hair cuts...finally! {some of it done by them some done by me...I guess I will NOT talk about hair cuts ALL-DAY-LONG again!}
-we painted our Home Depot bird houses & can't wait to hang them in our garden this spring/summer!
-went wedding dress shopping with my cousin Lucy---ended up having THE WORST eating experience at Applebee's! With no forks, red hamburgers, cold food, & whiny employment staff...luckily the food we did get was FREE!! It was a fun "Girl's Day" with my sweet lil Em....the boys went to Monster Trucks with Dad!
-we exchanged Valentine's with the Madsen kids TREASURE those lil notes!
-Zach finds ANYONE to play some sort of game with!
-Zach made his own match game for all of us to play...such a sweet fun game!
-went to City Creek um-tine-million times...Dad worked LONG hours & we wanted to be as close as we could!
-went to many dr check-ups for ears, feet, & stitches....I love portable technology!
-Em & I started reading Little Women together...sooooo FUN!
- made new laundry detergent...I like it better than my other homemade kind!
-went on Zach's pre-school field trip to the Air Force Plane Museum...Zach LOVED the Wright Brother's Plane that they just learned about. It's name it the Kitty-Hawk...he reminds me ALL.THE.TIME!
-I always get lots of drawing from my sweet kids! Love them!
And last but not least....
We had a picnic ON our dining room table...why not??!!?? It made that Saturday without Daddy bearable! {the picnic AND McDonalds!!!! :)}
See ya later February .... We are ready for some SPRING TIME WEATHER!!!


Today has been one of those perfect Sunshine-y days in the 70's...oh my it's been AMAZING!
It's been one of those days where I've ran in SHORTS, sat at the park, sat in my front yard, walked to pick-up Em from school, & lazily spent the day getting my first sunburn of the season.
Geez, I love lazy days like today!!!
Bring on more spring-y weather like this Mother Nature! Paaaaa-lease!!!! :)
{ps---this was LAST week!!}