Saturday, May 28, 2011


In some ways it's hard to believe that Zachary is 3-years-old, but in others I can't believe he is JUST 3!!! The 4 cousins that were born around the same time as him all turned 3, six or more months ago, plus he is just a BIG kid! He hangs out with 4-5 year olds in our neighborhood & just seems older to me. BUT whenever I get to snuggle with him because he's hurt it helps me remember that he's just BARELY turning 3!!! & boy am I GLAD!!!!

He got to open Grandma & Grandpa Fergy's present right after waking up!

(I love that he is such a SLEEPER-INNER!!!)He was totally excited that he got a puzzle book & a rain coat & umbrella JUST LIKE EMMA did!!!He also got MANY phone calls from sweet cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, & Daddy, but he really didn't have a desire to talk very long to ANYONE!

(THANKS for all the calls! He loves you ALL even though he didn't wanna talk much!!!)After getting ready for the day we went outside to PLAY & even got a mild drizzling so my kids LOVED playing with their RAIN GEAR!For all the meals he got to pick what he wanted:

Breakfast was cold cereal

Lunch was Bagels w/ blueberry cream cheese, Yougurt with Strawberries in it, & gold fish

Dinner was of course PIZZA!Daddy brought home BALLOONS & PIZZA!

& boy were they LOVED!!!After dinner it was FINALLY time for presents!He has LOVED his new Bat Cave to play with!& LOVED having a WIGGLE CAR to ride OUTSIDE!!!

(all the neighbor boys & his sister are JEALOUS of it!!! hehehe)Then we had our annual wrapping paper war with Daddy!!!

Emma asked me Why I don't have wrapping paper wars?? I said that I was just not as FUN as Daddy. To which she replied, "Then BE MORE FUN!!"

I guess I'll work on THAT!!!

Then Zachary shared his toys with his siblings & we got some good play time in.----

Now for the annual TRAGEDY!

Once again a Birthday Cake DISASTER!!!!But it had SPIDERMAN on it, so I guess it was LOVED by the person that mattered the MOST!Although the CAKE part of it was mainly just played IN & not really EATEN!!!!Zachary Dachary Doo I hope you know I LOVE YOU!!!!I hope your day was filled with WONDERFULNESS & that you know how much we LOVE having you in our family!

Thanks for being such a sweet kid!

You always want to be Mommy's & Daddy's BIG helper & I'll speak for both of us ... WE LOVE HAVING YOU BY OUR SIDE!

You are so full of energy!

The first thing you ask EVERY morning is if you can go outside & play, which I LOVE being able to say YES to!!!

You always want to hold your baby Chickie!

Your poutty/sad face tends to break your Mommy's heart!!! (yes, you do have ME wrapped around your little finger!)

Your personality can be suprisingly shy at times, but most of the time you just EXPLODE with excitement!

You LOVE mean guys, to which I'm not sure why??!!!!

Spiderman is your FAVORITE!!!

For the most part you & Emma play nicely together & you just adore being around her!

I love that you are so very kind to Kye as well, always looking out for what it BEST for him!

I love that randomly you'll say, "I don't want you to be LOST, Mommy!" or "Mommy, I LOVE you!" It melts my heart!!!

Thanks for being my little Buddy!!!!!



Madsen Family BBQ

Last Sunday we had the treat of inviting Alan's family over for a BBQ. The REAL treat was that EVERYONE could come!!! It was fun to get together & visit & let the kids play. It's been a while since the last monthly FHE was on Mother's Day & we weren't able to get together with everyone! Plus it's always fun to be the HOST, in my opinion!!!

Alan planned it all because I knew I would be DEAD from my Marathon ... & I was!!! :)

We had Aussie Burgers ...

What's that you may ask?!??

Well, a Burger from Australia of course!

Alan served there on his mission & although him & I have tried to have them on several occassions it has never worked out, UNTIL the week before this BBQ.

So I did try them for the first time just 1 week prior to this Shindig, & let's just say I'm not a BEET fan!

The toppings for an Aussie Burger are as follows:

A burger

Pickled Beets

A fried Egg

BBQ sauce



I LOVE EVERYTHING on it except the pickles beet!

I was surprised at how YUMMY the combination really is (minus the beet of course)

,so don't turn your nose up to the thought of these delicious burgers until you try them!

Sadly I didn't get a photograph of the YUMMY food we had, but here's all the kid FUN!What are they all gathered around to see you may ask???!!!

The chickies of COURSE!
They were a HUGE hit among most of the kids.
(They might've been traumitized by all the commotion, but I guess we'll never know!!!)

Yes, Zachary LOVES Blackie
(the name has been shortened since the original name was given!)

We had such a good time & hope that we will be able to have many more Backyard BBQ's!!!!

Ummmm ...

Have you tried this place????Well you SHOULD!!!
These cupcakes are a little piece of HEAVEN on EARTH!!!
If you don't live in Utah & they don't have one near you ... STOP in the next time you are in town, you WON'T be disappointed!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, about 6 months ago I went CRAZY!!! Yes, Completley CRAZY!!!!!

My friend, Anna, & I tried to get into the Ogden 1/2 Marathon like our other 2 friends, Liz & Megan, but it was already SOLD OUT!

We were both really bummed about the WHOLE thing.

The next day we both texted back & forth about running & such & Anna brought up that we could sign -up for the FULL MARATHON.

For some reason this thought had crossed my mind in the previous 24-hours, but I didn't say anything until Anna brought it up. Yes, we both agreed that if we did it together we could DO IT!


We started our training in December.

It was fun to do LONG runs together along with Liz & Megan.

It was fun to have "GIRL TIME" & not spend $$$ doing it!

We had a LOT of fun talks, worked throught a LOT of frustrating runs, had a few injuries/falls & finally reached May 21st the day of the race.


That Saturday started for me at 3am!

I got ready, ate breakfast, made MANY bathroom runs, & my ride was here to get me about 4am. We picked up 2 other people & headed to the finishing line to catch buses to the starting line. We ended up getting a SWEET Coach bus, instead of a SCHOOL BUS like most of the runners cause there was some EXTRA Coach buses ... What a PERFECT ride!!!

We got to the starting line at 6:30am & started the race just after 7am.

The first 9 miles FLEW by!!!!!

I felt really good & we were doing 8-9 minute miles ... BIG MISTAKE!!!

I started out WAA--AY too fast for me!

At mile 10, Anna was having a HARD time & needed to stop & stretch A LOT & didn't want the pressure of me holding her back. I felt bad, but she convinced me to leave her ... :(

At half way, 13.1, I knew Alfie would be there to cheer me on.

I made it 1/2 way!At mile 14 the 2 hills of the whole course HIT!

They were HARD, but I ran on.

At Mile 17 -19 I REALLY wanted food!!!

I was feeling fatigued, tired, & shakey ... I knew if I could get some fruit in me I'd be good!

Mile 19 I finally got 2 oranges ... Mmm, good, but my sticky hands irratated me!!

Mile 19 I thought to myself ... "If I run I have just over an hour left, if I walk I have a lot longer! Just keep running, Just keep running!!!!"

I said this same phrase to myself at EVERY mile after that!

It was NOT an easy run!!

The "DOWNHILL" of Ogden Canyon did NOT feel downhill AT ALL!!


My legs were EXHAUSTED!!!

At mile 23, I thought, "only a 5k ... I can do this" BUT it was the HARDEST 5k of my LIFE!!!!!!!
I have UNDER a mile in all the rest of these pictures!

I only smiled for Alan cause I was just glad to see him!

I thought he would be closer to the finish line than he was! :(

I am happy to say that I DID my VERY BEST!!!

I did it practically by myself, which NONE of my long runs I had done!

(i did wish that ANNA was by my side to help me like on all our other runs!!!)

I ran the whole time, expect through aid stations which I would walk through while consuming water, gu, oranges, & gatorade.

I did NOT have a GOOD run, but I did finish & I reached my goal of getting around 4:30:00!!!

My official time was 4:26:06!!!

It is an accomplishment I am proud of, but I don't write this to BRAG!

I just wanna remember how I felt & how it went!


Yes, I did another CRAZY thing I am regretting!!!

I signed up for the lottery for the St. George Marathon, before this Marathon, thinking there was NO WAY I would get in ... Well, I got in!

I can't say I am OVER-JOYED!

I seriously wish I didn't have to THINK about running another Marathon in MY LIFE!

But, I do!

I am so SORE, STIFF, & ACHEY right now, but I will do another marathon & hopefully I will be able to do just as well, & feel better about the race in general!!!

RECOVERY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! :)


This is Anna & I after the Marathon ...

She finished just 15min after me!

We BOTH did it!

(also, Megan ended up switching with someone & ran the full "with" us, she's FAST & got 3:57:00. Liz ran the 1/2.)

I am looking forward to doing long runs with friends again!

It really has been so much fun to be able to chat it up & learn so much about these FABULOUS Girls!!!!!

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens ...

About 2 weeks ago we made it down to the Jacobson's & got 2 of their full grown chickens that they no longer wanted. We ... I ... was really excited to be able to start having eggs right AWAY since our babies won't start laying until October or November.

For some reason I don't have a very good picture of them, although we have spent MANY, MANY, MANY hours staring at them ... I'll work on that!

Kye loves to go over there & just watch them ... he usually giggles & laughs at all their noises!

So here's the best photo ... Pretty CRAPPY, I know!

We have named one so far ... OREO & are still working on a suitable name for the other.

We got our first egg the very next day!Our kids ask EVERY morning, first thing, if they can go check for eggs!

We usually get 2 a day, although Oreo hasn't consistently given us an egg everyday she is getting better.

Funny Story:

So we got our 2 lovely chickens on a Saturday & had been told that there was NO WAY our chickens could get under the slats we had around the bottom & that we didn't need to chicken wire it.

Well, Sunday morning they were in their chicken coop, but by the time we got home from church they were G-O-N-E!!!!

Emma came inside BAWLING & needless to say I was FURIOUS! I was really looking forward to the eggs!!!

Alan & I both looked multiple times around our yard & house for them to no avail! Finally about 3 hours later, Alan looked in the right SPOT & found them ... under a snowmobile on our side yard.

For the next 30 minutes Alan & I chased our chickens around & around our backyard trying to catch them. I was TERRIFIED of them & really wasn't much help! I'm sure our neighbors had a GOOOD LAUGH if they were watching!

(which I KNOW one of them was watching cause she came out just before we caught the last one to offer her husband & teenage son to help us!)

I was so glad they were safe & sound & back in their HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!

& YES, I have LOVED being a CHIKCEN farmer thus far!!!!

Field Trip ---#6

This field trip was probably my favorite so far ...

it was to the


First we learned how they got the milk from cows & how they stored it.Then we got to go see the baby calves.

It was a lot of fun to watch Emma "touch" the calves. She was very timid with them & wasn't sure she wanted them to lick her hand.
Then we got to go see the Momma cows & feed them CARROTS.
Now, I thought since Emma was so timid with the baby calves she wouldn't allow the Cow's to get the carrot out of her hand ...
She LOVED feeding the carrots & asked Mr. Farmer if she could come another time & feed them CARROTS if her Mom brought her!

This is both the A.M. and P.M. Pre-School classes with Mr. Farmer
He gave us such a cute tour & was very sweet with the children!

After the tour, a brother & sister from Emma's pre-school class lived near by & brought their pony over for everyone to pet.

Once everyone had pet the pony, Marriam rode her pony home.

Emma thought Marriam looked just like a "Princess" on her pony & has since asked if she could have a pony for Christmas like Marriam.

Sadly, we don't have enough land for a PONY, although it would be fun to have!

Funny Story:

Now that we have Chickens, Emma always calls Daddy, Mr. Farmer & me Farmer's Wife.

I guess we kinda are a FARMER FAMILY & we are LOVING it!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our BABY chicks are HERE!!!

Last Friday Daddy took Emma & Zachary to pick out their very own CHICK!

Boy were they EXCITED!!!

They came home with a box with 3 chicks ...Emma & Zachary both agreed on one for Kye.

Emma's is the BIGGEST bird right now. It's white-ish & her name is Ashley.

{yes, it's after you Aunt Ashley}

Zachary's is the BLACK chick. It's name is Black Beauty Beast.

{Yes, it's after Beauty & the Beast}

Kye's is this little chick that Emma is holding.
Kye LOVED seeing the chicks for the first time!
He just stood by the box & excitedly danced around. :)
It was DARLING in my opinion!!
His bird is un-named since he can't name it ... we will just have to wait & see what he picks once he can talk!
It'll be a fun adventure to have Chickens!
Hopefully it won't be too big of a pain!!!!


***WARNING: this blog is for ME! I am NOT writing this post for sympathy, just to record the thoughts on my mind.***

This lil' guy gave me the BIGGEST scare of my life yesterday!!!Yesterday evening we were enjoying FHE at my Mom's, we took her dinner & her lil' present yesterday cause we didn't make it on Sunday cause that's MY day ... hehehe. Anyways, we were enjoying our FHE treat of Rice Kripy treats. Kye had had his FAIR share, so I took him away from the scene of eating & tried to put on his Jammies. Of course he was FURIOUS about having to put on his jammies & began to throw his usual GINOURMOUS fit.

These fits happen often times when we are trying to change him. They contain many minutes of him not breathing because he is CRYING so hard. Well of course this was the case yesterday. I thought of it as completely normal cause it always happens.

As I picked him up to put his arms in his sleeves of his jammies he all of the sudden went COMPLETELY limp. I tilted his head back to find his eyes rolling to the back of his head & him being non-responsive.


My Dad & Mom rushed over as I went into PANIC mode!! They grabbed him from me & my Mom took him over her arm & pushed gently, but rythmically on his chest. I think he might've had some rice kripy treat stuck in his throat & then his tantrum lead him to PASS OUT!

He was not breathing for less than 30sec, but those were the SCARIEST 30sec of my LIFE!!! When he did start breathing it wasn't like he got a HUGE breath & started crying, he just slowly started breathing more & more normal. He cuddled up to my arm & just LAID there. His color was a greyish/yellow & he totally didn't look right.

Then for the next hour or so we tried to get him moving. We gave him a bath, let him play with toys, gave him a preisthood blessing, & held him. Slowly but surely his color started going back to normal ... pinkish/peach.

I was so comforted to hear the sweet blessing Alan gave him. I was comforted to have family around me to tell me he'd be ALRIGHT!!!!

I will never forget holding a LIMP little boy ... SCARIEST thing EVA!!!!

I will DEFINENTLY hold my kidd-o's A lil closer to me!!!!

I Love 'Em ALL!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This week we have had a SNEAK-PEAK of WONDERFUL {S}pring weather!

We ALL have LOVED it ... am i RIGHT!?!?!!!!!

My lil' gang have spent the majority of LIFE outside ... Right where we should be in this LOVELY weather!

Today I had MANY errands to run!

Because my kids were WONDERFUL in the GARDEN store, I let them each pick FLOWERS to plant!

{yes, i did bribe them with FLOWERS before we even went in! I H.A.T.E that store with kids ... it's so darn crowded & teeney-tiney!}

They were excellent & so excited to plant them ...
{notice Zachary's sunglasses UPSIDE-DOWN ... hehehe ... that's how he ALWAYS wears them & if ANY of you try to change that, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!}
SNEAK PEAK of Mom's Day ...
{you better not be LOOKING Mom's of MINE!!!!!}
After planting flowers the kids left me alone to plant some WONDERFULLNESS for ME & my LOVERLY MOTHERS!!!


I'm so EXCITED to give it to them!!!! :)




Hopefully this weekend it's FINISHED &

our garden gets the MUCH needed attention it DESERVES!

I bought plants TODAY, so they won't LAST forever in those plastic trays!


Happy Mother's Day Weekend to Y'all!!!!!!

She's 5!!!!!

We started out the day with Emma's FAVORITE breakfast ...

... oatmeal & pink milk!The day progressed on & we were LUCKY enough to have many people call & wish Emma,


{this was actually the 1st year I didn't have to coax her into talking to everyone! She loved talking to them & was sad to miss a couple phone calls}Then we went to meet Daddy for lunch ... it was fun, but it was REALLY windy!

Then Daddy surprised Mommy with an Iphone, so we went & picked it up.

My kids had a GLOURIOUS time playing with the Iphones that were on display

... They are so smart to be able to figure them out, I still have TROUBLE!!!Then we headed to Grandma's ...

Where Emma received her first gifts of the day ...The gifts are LOVED & it was so much fun to spend sometime with Grandma!!!

Then it was off to home to continue the celebration ...

We did puzzles while we waited for Pizza to come.Daddy brought home the pizza & a SPECIAL surprise of BALLOONS!!!!After dinner it was time for PRESENTS!

YIPPITY-SKIPPITY!Then we had a wrapping paper WAR with Daddy!

{Daddy's always make life soo much more fun!}------

I'm almost too EMBARASSED to post about the next thing we did!

It's tragic!

I am NOT a cake maker!

I have done it & every time I do it, it's SPECIAL!!!!

Everyone told me that this was an EASY-PEASY cake & no-fail!

Well, I FAILED ... to say the LEAST!But as you can see ... Emma was THRILLED!!!!!I guess that's ALL that really matters ... my 5 year old LOVED her Rapunzel cake!!It was time to DIG-IN to the goodness & enjoy the night playing with all our NEW toys!Emma was such a sweet sister all day!

The whole time she was opening her presents she just kept telling Zachary,

"These presents are shareable, DON'T worry! They are for ALL of us!"

It was so sweet to listen to her!


I love Emma to pieces!

I don't know what I would do without her being my BUDDY!!!

I'm so thankful that HF blessed me with my PRINCESS 1st!

She is so responsible!

She LOVES to read ... especially the scriptures!

She LOVES to be social, & always wants a friend over ...{i know this is pay-back cause I was EXACTLY the same way!}

She LOVES to learn & go to Pre-school, I know having schoold EVERYDAY is going to be WONDERFUL in her eyes!

She LOVES to play with her brothers!

She is such a good helper so me!

She is very sensitive to others & wants EVERYONE to get along & be HAPPY!

Although she has quite the SASS, it's a personality trait that makes her HER!

She is my {S}weet {P}rincess who changes her clothes into dress-ups AT LEAST once a day!

She is ALL girl & I wouldn't want it ANY other WAY!