Saturday, March 24, 2012


This weather has been AWESOME!!!! We've had a BLAST playing at parks, eating Sno-cones, coloring with chalk, eating B-L-D outside, & all with just a jacket or NO JACKET!!! Amazing!!!!!!
.... Have I ever told you how much I LOVE TO KEEP SECRETS!??!!!! Well I love it!! RIGHT NOW I'm keeping one & I'm stoked about it!!! {I'll have to tell you about it LATER}
Well, Enjoy the WONDERFUL weather this weekend!!!! I will in a round about way. ;)

Birthdays are always so F-U-N!

So last year my sweet hubby turned the BIG 3-0!

I wanted to do something of memoriable worth, but because of him just starting a new job & working out of town the stars didn't align for me to allow to do anything ... this year I was determined it was going to be different!

I had been planning this suprise since BEFORE Christmas & I hadn't cracked to him at all!

About 2 weeks before Alan started talking about having to go out of town the weekend of his birthday ... UGH ... I had to BREAK & tell him there was NO-WAY he was going out of town that weekend ... I already had plans & reservations at several places ... he told his bosses & they more than happily obliged.

{he wouldn't say this, BUT they LOVE him!!! it's totally obvious & they will do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING for him! in the year he's worked for them he has moved from bottom to TOP DOG!!! i can tell they love him by how they treat him!!! i'm so proud of him ... he is AWESOME!!! thanks Hubby for being SPECTACULAR & truly going all-out to support our family!!! THIS IS THE JOB THAT WE WAITED THROUGH 2 YEARS OF UN-EMPLOYMENT FOR!!!!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!}

This was such a fun weekend to plan for us!!!!

We started out the weekend by dropping our kids off at Charisse & Jason's ... THANKS for taking them for us!!!!

Then we headed off to Tucano's for lunch ... MMMMMMMMM-O!

After shopping around for just a bit at Gateway we headed up to Park City for a couples massage ... I opted to NOT take a picture of that ... you can thank me LATER!!!

It was the best HOUR!!! All our soreness was GONE ---- AHHHHHH!

Then it was off to Midway where we stayed at Zermatt Resort ---

-we relaxed {ahhhh}- ate a their yummy little cafe {Yumm-o!}- Swam {sooooooo FUN!}- got pedicures {sooooooo N-I-C-E}- & stayed the night in luxury.

It was a FUN little getaway from life!!!We spent Saturday shopping on Park City Main street & at the outlets.

{ps --- on main street we found natural warming benches. They are ALWAYS warm & it felt so good on our frozen little tushies!!! It was a cold weekend, but it was fun for it to be cold since that's how it was supposed to be this time of year!}I love my sweet Husband!!!

I'm so appreciative towards him!!

He treats me like royalty & I hope this 1/2 repays him for all he does for me!!

Happy 31st Birthday Baba!!!!

My love for you only grows STRONGER with our time together!

Love YA!

Friday, March 23, 2012


The same day as the Zoo ... February 29th ... Alan's Dad gave us FREE tickets to go to the JAZZ game!!! It's something we have wanted to do ALL season long!

It was so fun to take our older 2 kids to the game ... we opted for Kye to stay home with a babysitter, so we could enjoy the game ... yes my older sister thinks we neglect him, but we really PAMPER him ... her got one of our favorite sitters ALL TO HIMSELF! He was happy as a clam!!!

This was the ONLY treat my kids wanted ...STICKY, MESSY, & FULL OF SUGAR, but it lead to SOOO MUCH HAPPINESS!!! ... i guess it was worth the $6 RIP-OFF!!!! :)

Afterwards we went downstairs close to the floor ... Emma gathered the confetti from the Jazz winning ...... Zachary & Daddy enjoyed watching the post-game up close!
... & we all were able to get a nice lil photo together!
{what Mommy wanted!!!}

It was a fun night had by all!!!

Thanks Dad Madsen!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


At the end of February we went to the Zoo with a few of our cousins, Grandma, & Julie's Sister, Anne & her daughter.

It was a cold day, but it wasn't too bad once we got up to the zoo ... it was MUCH colder at our house. We were lucky enough to get there BEFORE the storm arrived that night ... it was probably the BIGGEST storm we've had!! {it's been such a LAME-O winter here in Utah!}

ANYWAYS --- onto the FUN ADVENTURE!We got to see Baby Zuri for the 1st time!& Rhinos RIGHT UP CLOSE!TIGERS TOO!!!Then Grandma bought us all a ticket to ride the carosel ... it was Kye's 1st ride ... & he LOVED it as much as my older 2 always do!We got to watch Girrafes eat lunch! & measured ourselves with the Gorillas!

It was a Fantastic visit to the ZOO ... can't wait to go back some other time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Madsen Randomness ...


Emma got to celebrate "WaCkY" hair day at school a little while ago, so I came up with this WaCkInEsS ... Next year I'll think of something SIMPILER!!!! :) BUT it was fun!
I'm not quite sure what this picture is about, but I think this picture is cute.
{it was probably a day when Zachary was going to "WORK" with Daddy! He loves the THOUGHT of working with him, but gets bored pretty FAST!}

As I have documented before this family LOVES to color ... remember the reams of paper Emma & Zachary got for Chrismtas?? WEEEEELLL --- one ream is COMPLETELY GONE & the other one is CLOSE to being gone!

Well, since older siblings LOVE coloring, so does Kye!

Just a couple weeks ago he came & found me upstairs to hand me my VERY FIRST PICTURE from him!!!

{all my kids "DRAW" pictures for Alan & I & leave them on our dressers ... its DARLING! & needless to say, my lil dresser is always piled with drawings from them!}

Since then he has last NUMEROUS pictures on both Alan & I's dressers ... what a cutie to be so young & still pick up on EVERYTHING Emma & Zachary do!

The picture on the Left is the one he "drew" for me & on the right is one from nursery.

We've been busy lately with fun things since Emma has been off track.

{hopefully I get ALL that documented SOON!!!}

Also Primary has kept me OFF the computer!!!

{I got a new calling the end of December. I'm in the primary presidency ... I get to teach every 3rd week ... STRESSFUL, but FUN!}

I get stressed the week of my sharing time & seem to ONLY be able to focus on that ... HOPEFULLY this will change once I get in the swing of the NEW-NESS!!!!

Just having 3 kids keeps me BUSIER than I can stand too!

We also have dived into re-doing our kitchen ... the wall painting is done ... BUT that is ONLY the beginning of the CHAOS that we want to happen. :)

GOOD TIME at the Madsen household for SURE!!!