Sunday, May 24, 2009

He's ONE!!!!

Yep, it's hard to believe, but my little Zachary is officially ONE YEAR'S OLD! What a stud he is!! We went to Daddy's race in the morning and spent lunchtime at a park playin'. Then we came home and had naps before pizza and a BIG party with a whole lot of family!
This is Zachary opening his presents. I think he liked them as much as his cousins! They were all attacking while the presents were being opened.
Zachary's favorite gift was this rattle ball. Emma was quite confused by it. . . she couldn't figure out why the rattle ball inside didn't come out. Zach didn't care, he just loved to huck the ball at anything or anyone near by! Here Zachary is pushing his lawn mower. Hopefully he will have hours of fun with this outside pushing it right next to Daddy!!

And last but not least, here is Zach's new ride. He'll be cruisin' around this summer on his own fire engine, if he can get it away from his sister!
And here's the yummy birthday cupcake! I did cupcakes this year to make my life easier and LOVED it! Cupcakes will be the new tradition for 1st Birthday's!

And a BiRtHdAy CeLeBrAtIoN would not be complete in Daddy's eye's without a HuGe lump of IcE CrEaM! Zachary loved it after the initial shock of how cold it was!
The Final Result:
We had such a fun celebrating Zachary first birthday! We are glad to have such an adoreable little brother to hang-out with and play with. He is such a stud and even though he is NOT walking yet, he weighs enough to hold is own with his sister. In fact once he does walk, his sister better WATCH OUT!
We love ya BUDDY!

The Stansbury Triatholon

My sweet husband is an ADDICT! I never thought I would ever say that, but after being married for almost 5 years I am officially saying my husband is addicted to RUNNING/EXERCISING! I know that it's not a bad thing to be addicted to, but he is doing some crazy races and LOVING every minute of it!
On Saturday, May 23, Alan ran his first Triatholon. To me, this race is totally crazy to swim, then bike, then run, but to Alan it was pure JOY! I was totally nervous about the swimming, but after he got out of the water I knew the rest would be a breeze for him. (I found out today he was nervous for the swimming too, luckily I didn't know that before the race!)
He first swam a 1/2 mile,
Then he ran to get his bike and biked 13.4 miles Then he ran 3.12 miles, a 5K.Here he is runnin' in and I couldn't of been more proud at how well he did!

He finished the whole race in 1hr. 26min. which is almost 15 minutes before he thought he would. He also did the race with 3 of his buddies and came in first out of all of them. He did AwEsOmE, and says it was the funnest race he's EvEr done!!
Good Job Babe!


. . . And we have been BUSY, BUSY outside workin' and playin'. Here are the pictures of the FUN we've been having outback!!!

Emma and Daddy planting out Cherry Tree. Emma LOVES to be helping with everything we do outside and she especially LOVES helping her Daddy! Plus anytime she can play in dirt, count her in! Emma absolutely LOVED helping us plant our garden this year, as long as she got to do the watering part. Needless to say, she was drenched ALL day long, but at least she had fun. We have 40 Pepper plants, 24 Tomatoe plants, 42 Potatoe plants, 2 Cucumber plants, 1 Watermelon plant, 12 Strawberry starts, and 6 new Raspberry starts. We are excited for the fall time when we will hopefully be able to enjoy fresh produce from our garden!!! Emma LOVES, LOVES feeding the ducks at a duck pond near our house. I took her for the first time this year a couple of weeks ago and it was disappointing. . . the ducks weren't hungry! Oh well, Emma and her friend Gavin had fun anyways playing and throwing bread in the water.

Zachary even enjoyed watching the ducks swim around and walk along the shore. He didn't care to try ANY of the bread. As far as he's concerned the ducks can eat all the plain bread they want!

Emma and Gavin walking around the pond trying to find hungry ducks.Zachary has been crawling for a while and hasn't EVER minded crawling outside in the grass or cement. This past week he has started crawling around on his toes and hands. It rather humorous and I really don't understand it, but hopefully it will make him stronger and closer to walking!!!
We have also enjoyed the sunshine and warmth while swimming in our backyard. The past week Emma spend 90% of the week in her swimming suit. She helped me pick out this lovely swimsuit from the store, and yes, it had to have the ruffle skirt or else she wouln't allow me to buy it!Zachary even enjoyed time in his swimming suit! This is the first time he's been in his swimming suit and got to get IN the water. He LOVED splashing all over the place and especially splashing on his screaming sister!
As you can see we have enjoyed our backyard and are looking forward to a summertime full of backyard fun!!!