Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 3rd, 4th, and 5th of JULY!!!

So, this post is going to be BACKWARDS because that's how the pics loaded and I don't have the patience to re-arrange!!!
July 5th:
It ended with a FABULOUS firework show at Grammy's and Grandpa's.
The kids were enthralled for the ENTIRE show of ONE,
yup, that right ONE FIREWORK!!!
Even Kye had is eye on it!!!

Kye was exhausted from all the days activities and enjoyed his time catching up on some well needed Zzzzzzzz ... z's!

We ALL got to ENJOY Grandpa's DIVINE homemade ice cream with the ULTIMATE toppings!
This is a face of PURE delight!!!

After a long day of work, I am sure Alan loved just hangin' out and I know I loved hangin' with him!!!

Little Sis had time to STOP and pose for me ...
She LOVES playing with her cousins and rarely wants to stop the fun to I can snap a pic.

Earlier that day we went to our neighborhood grassy park and enjoyed a HUMUNGOUS Slip N' Slide!
My kids loved the water fun so much that they didn't have naps ... OOPS!

Even the adults joined in on the FUN!

Well Kye was tired, so he rolled over and ZONKED out!

July 4th:
We got to spend this day with just OUR little family.
It was so fun to do things with just our kids and hang-out on this fabulous holiday in the NICE, COOL weather!!!
We ended the day with roasting Marshmellows

With a FIRE started by ME!!
BOO-YAH to that Challenge Baba!!!
(My significant other said I couldn't start a FIRE ... Pish Posh, I sure showed him!!)

We enjoyed being outside picking raspberries and strawberries.
Emma had the great idea after we got done picking to share them with our neighbor friends,
so we did just that!

We had a Yummy dinner of hot dogs and Brawts, grilled pineapple, a yummy summer salad, and a refreshing beverage of some sort.
EVERYONE got to try the pineapple and ENJOYED it!

July 3rd:
We eneded the day with seeing Fireworks at Murray Park with the Fergy Clan.

Jared and Kye are 3 months apart and Buddies for LIFE!

We got to SWIM our hearts out at Grandma and Grandpa Fergy's house.

We were treated to a lovely parade put on by Murray City.

A holiday just wouldn't be a holiday if we didn't start off the day waking bright and early and heading somewhere to run a RACE.
Yep, we are CRAZY!!
Alan and I got to do the Murray 5K and Emma got to do the Kid's K.
Zachary was FURIOUS that he didn't get to run a race, so next time we will have to sign him up too!!
Thanks Mom and Dad for watching our kids while we ran!!!!

It was such a FUN, FUN, FUN weekend!! I LOVED celebrating ALL weekend long and I think we are still trying to catch up on all the sleep we were deprived of, but at least we had TONS of fun!!
My kids still ask to see fireworks if it starts getting dark, and they still want to play everyday with cousins, so they were not too worn out to enjoy all the FUN we had!!!
I love SUMMER Holidays that bring us all together!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farewell Moreno's!!!

On June 30th, my sweet twin sister and her new spouse, made the venture of a lifetime ... they MOVED to CALIFORNIA!!!
(Yep, that's right ... following in a beloved twin's footsteps!! hehehe)
Here is my wanna be Mexican sister with her Mexican Hubby making us FARWELL Tamales ... YUMM-O!!!
They decided to make the WHOLE FAM food, so that we would ALL come by the house and say FARWELL before they were off.
Good Idea you two ...
Food ALWAYS brings out the TROOPS!!

It was fun to be ALL together for one last time --- LAUGHING, CRYING, and REMINISING.
These two have always been so cute with my kids and all 3 of them just love them to PIECES!!
We WILL miss them, but are excited to have family to visit in CALI!!!
We LOVE California since it is our HOME, too!!
It will be four years of Pharmacy School and then hopefully they will come move to Davis County with ME!!!!
We love ya Ash and Luis and are excited for your fun adventures in
Rancho Cucamonga!!!!
Have NO IDEA if I spelt that right ...


What's summer without a night spent at the Ballpark enjoying some good 'ol BASEBALL??!!
It was a fun night spend with family, not watching much baseball, but having fun none the less!!
My baseball GAL!

Good 'ol Lily sharing with the ULTIMATE MOOCHER!!!

My baseball GUY!!

Two cuties on a blanket!

The owners of all these RUGRATS!!! (Minus Lily)
Bee's WON ... I do know that!

Friday, July 2, 2010

6 Months

Well this post is a LITTLE late, but worth the wait. RIGHT!!??
On June 7th Kye had his 1/2 birthday and boy was it rockin'!!!
With him life is ALWAYS rockin'!!!
Here he is ALL GRINS and I love it!!!
We went to the Dr. to get all 3 kids well-checked and since then the stats have been MISPLACED ... hehehe!
I am sure they are in a very secure and safe place, I just have to figure out where that would be!! :)
All I know is he weighed in at a whoppin' 14lbs.
Yes, 14lbs even and Yes, that is SKINNY!
Almost too skinny for the drs. liking.
"He needs to gain some SERIOUS weight in the next 3 months," is what the dr. said.
I am not too worried, should I be?? Oh well, he's skinny, that's all I wanted!
He is getting to be quite the PRO with food.
My bros. and sis. were all skinny kids too ... nothing wrong with us ... at least healthy wise, hehehe.

Kye is such a dream baby, although not PERFECT, pretty CLOSE!
Does that mean I am going to have a TERRIBLE TODDLER???
I don't think so ... Emma was a HARD, HARD, HARD baby and I wouldn't say she was an EASY toddler.
I think he's just the 3rd kid and fulfills his role in the family with ease ... THANK YOU!!!!!

He is one COOL kid and I adore every second of him!!!
So does his Sissy and Brotha!!!
And his Daddy-o!!!!
He brings our whole family joy!!!
We love our Kyesereli!!

I just LOVE 'em!!!

Including Kye, but he was asleep ... Like ALWAYS ... such a GOOD baby!!!
They are the WORLD to me and I am so blessed to have 'em!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strawberries ...

YEP, these are the DIVINE pieces of fruit I have been enjoying out of my very own strawberry patch. Mmmmmmm ... Couldn't be any BETTER!!!!
Just thought I would share .... and if you come to visit in the next week you can enjoy them with me!!!! Happy day for you and ME!!! :)