Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Zachary ...

If you would like to keep your Mother SANE
And your life SAFE
Please, PLEASE, PLEASE stop CLIMBING!!!!Now I know what you are all thinking ... Climbing?? Climbing into THAT is not that big of deal Amber!
What you don't see is what I deal with ALL DAY LONG!
I choose not to photograph those moments because I don't want him to think it's OKAY to CLIMB or FUNNY in anyway!!! He finds any little crack, crevice, or lip on anything and proceeds to stick his fingers, toes, knees, elbows, or any other body part in it, so he can then CLIMB away!

On this particular day he climbed in this baby walker and couldn't get himself out.
I was busy getting ready for the day and figured if I left him there he wouldn't be climbing into any other messes. Plus, he needs to learn that if he climbs in he has to get himself out of the MESS!
Needless to say, he was in there just long enough to DOZE off to sleep ...
He hasn't CLIMBED back in there since, so I hope he evetually learns not to climb onto my STOVE, into the SINK, onto the WASHER (I have a front loader ... picture that climb), onto the COUNTER, onto the BBQer, or anywhere else.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Springtime ...

Springtime has brought wonderful happiness to our house. My kids have lived outside and have NOT been whinny and into movies and snacks ALL day long! It has tuckered them out so they have taken WONDERFUL naps and have gone to bed with EASE! I love the days we play outside from sun up to sun down!!Here is one TUCKERED out little boy!
Kye is an absolute perfect baby for me!!
He just goes with the flow of life although being the 3rd kid, life isn't always BABY friendly. I love his sweet smiles and giggles.
I can't get enough of HIM!!!

I love little feet in flippy-flops or barefoot!!

Picnicing outside is always a HAPPY time for this guy!
Food+Outside+Zachary=PURE ENJOYMENT!!

This little girl has fallen in LOVE with her sunglasses!
Everytime we go to step outside she runs for her glasses and has to have them on.
No complaints here because I think they are so stinkin' cute!!!

We can't WAIT for the nice weather to return!
We have started planting our massive garden and are SUPER excited for all the fun VEGGIES we are gonna GROW!
Come back SOON SUNSHINE!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Easter Extravaganza

This year Easter fell on General Conference Weeken, which is PERFECT in my eyes, and so we wore our Easter attire the week before. Here are my THREE, yes that's weird to think I have THREE, cute kids all dressed up:(Actually this was taken 2 weeks late because Kye exploded at church the first Sunday he wore his outfit and we didn't have time to take picture before church, so we had 2 Photo Sessions)

Aren't they Studly and Beautiful! I love Dressing my kids up!!

Our whole family

The Boys

The Girls

The week before Easter Grandma had a candy making party at her house. She made rice Kripy Treats, we dipped them in chocolate and then the kids got to adorne them with SPRINKLES!

This is as much as Kye got to participate, but he was still as HAPPY as EVER!

Yes, Aunt Megan doesn't like her picture taken and so this is what she does ... Cute huh!?!

Almost all the cousins lined up and ready to DECORATE!

Yes, of course I had the MESSIEST kid EVER!
He really gets into these creative FOOD projects!
The Friday before Easter we decided to decorate eggs at our house and invited my family up.

Mom, Dad, David, Michelle, Ashley, Luis, Megan, and Blake were able to make it and we had so much FUN!! All my kids LOVED dying eggs and then we got to play games after the kids were in bed.
Once again this little guy LOVED the creative FOOD project and didn't care about the ice cream we were having for dessert! He screamed and cried when we finally PULLED him away to go to bed. He dyed about a dozen eggs just himself!!!
Emma loved the project as well, but after 4-5 eggs she was ready to eat the ice cream and other Easter Candy!!

Here's Alan and I enjoying the Easter Egg Dying Process!
Alan had his half marathon race Saturday morning. He did AWESOME, once again, and place 2nd in his age group! He got the time he wanted to, but ended the race and realized that his shoes had been rubbing against his ankles for all of the 13.2miles. Needless to say, his ankles are STILL sore and he has another race this weekend. :( I am sure he will do fine, but poor, poor ankles!!!
(I will spare you the GROUSE pictures!!)

Here's the family, minus Kye who is in the car, at the finish. Yes, it was FREEZING, and YES, I missed getting a picture of him as he finished ... BUMMER! At least I saw him finish ...
Saturday night as Alan left for Preisthood I entertained the kids by letting them decorate their Bunny Bags.

Key enjoyed the time sucking his thumb and relaxin' without being attacked by his siblings.

Emma and Zachary loved coloring their bags. I just let both of them go to town and do whatever they wanted. Emma really did do a fabulous job! She got eyes, ears, mouth, and nose on the bunny along with fur. It looked remarkably well done for a almost 4 year old and she was SO PROUD!

As you can see I helped both Kye and Zachary's bunnies ... Just a LITTLE!

Easter morning we got up and found eggs that were hidden ALL over our house. We then got to check out what the Easter Bunny left in our Bunny bags.

The hunt was a SUCESS for ALL involved!

Here's Emma with her loot ... I had a picture of Zachary, but BLOGGER keeps spazzing out and deleting it, so you will have to use your imagination ... Emma and Zachary got a lot of the same things, minus the princess movie and shoes for Zachary. He instead got a Curious George Movie and BALLS!

Here's Kye with some of his loot!

We had a great time during conference coloring as a family ... Thanks Grandma for the paper!!
Here is part of our Easter Dinner. I made a roast, mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, Jello with Cranberries, Bunny Bread with homemade dip and vegies. It all turned out Yummy, but nothing as tastey as my Mom's. Isn't that how it ALWAYS is!!! Oh well, it was GOOD!!
The weekend after Easter we had the Fergy Family Easter Egg Hunt. We had it then because of Conference and other conflicting things, but it worked out perfectly! What kid cares if it's Easter Weekend or not if there is CANDY in the eggs!!!
Zachary and Emma soon discoverd the candy inside and didn't so much care how MANY they found, just how much candy they could SHOVEL in their mouths before some ADULT stopped them!
Yes, Even Kye braved the chili temps to come look for eggs!
Emma was overly excited to be able to come in and DUMP out all the candy in the eggs. My kids were both limited to 2 pieces of candy, that day, and amazingly there wasn't too many tantrums. Zachary did manage to be sly enough or cute enough to get candy from other cousins or the Aunts and Uncles ... LIKE HE NEEDED IT!!!
We had an AWESOME Easter Celebration and hope you did too! We are so grateful we were able to listen to the Prophet speak and celebrate the resurrection, all in the same weekend. It made it extra special! We wish Easter would fall on General Conference EVERY year!!!