Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swimmy Bugs

*** Scroll down, there are TONS of posts. I had to play CATCH-UP!
For FHE we went SWIMMING!! It was such a blast and my kids enjoyed it ... for the most part. Emma did get upset at me for taking away a hair twisty because she found it on the ground and insisted it go in her hair, but other than that the night was a HIT!!The Girlies enjoying the swimming time.

Daddy and Kye, enjoying Kye's first swimming experience.

Zachary was a water expert and couldn't get enough of it.
He was VERY unstable inthe water, but didn't want help and didn't care when he would go under.

Emma loved to jump OVER the waves and "Dance" like Ariel.

Me and Sweet little Kye.
He is such an easy going kid, I LOVE IT!
He just goes with the flow of whatever is going on and doesn't complain.
Heading off to DEEPER water

Mr. Swim
Just Keep Swimmin', Just Keep Swimmin'!
We will DEFINENTLY be doing that FHE activity again, both Zach and Emma cried when we had to go!!

Don't RAIN on my Parade!!!

That's right, last Friday night we had a parade in our neighborhood. Why, you may ask? It's the middle of WINTER! Aren't parades for SUMMERTIME? Well, yes they are ... UNLESS you are turning 30 and your husband is creative enough to throw you a PARADE to MORTIFY you in front of EVERYONE in your neighborhood. THEN, you have a parade in WINTER!!
And here's OUR "Float" ...
This is what she road in ...

And YES, she sat up on the back and was MORTIFIED!!!

Here's one the the other "Floats" that were in the parade:

What a pretty clever husband! It did rain a little, and was EXTREMELY cold, but it was so funny! She had NO IDEA about the whole surprise. The husband had flyered ALL the neighborhood, so there was TONS of people out watching the parade and enjoying the candy being thrown.
Funny, Funny!!!

Allergic ... WHAT!???!

So one day my sweet, little boy woke up and looked like THIS:And THIS:
All OVER the place!
I thought it was STRANGE since he had been on amoxicillan for more than a week for an ear infections, but the Dr. assured me that it is perfectly NORMAL for it to take THAT LONG before they have a reaction. Weird, I know, but my son is officially allergic to AMOXICILLAN, or anything CILLIAN, for the rest of his life ... just like Me!

It's all better now ... THANKFULLY

Doughnuts ...

Need I say more??
No, these were delicious!!!Frying them up

Making the glaze

Waiting around patiently

Enjoying the Goodness

And boy did we ENJOY!!!
The End

Let the Races BEGIN!!

Alan has been running in a Winter Circut Race, which is 5 races all together. This is the 3rd race of the Circut, but the first one we have been able to go to since Kye has been so little and it's so BLASTED COLD!!! Brrr .... This race wasn't much warmer, but we went anyways. My kids are good sports about going to races and always seem to have a good time. I guess they have been trained from such a young age it's all they know!! : ) Anyways, this race was a 10mile run. (The previous two we didn't get to attend were a 5k and a 10k.) The next race he will do is a half marathon. He has placed 3rd or better in his age division in all 3 races so far and is on track to do just as good in the next races.
So, as my kids say ... GO----OOOOOOO DADDY!!!!
The FREEZING cheering section..

GO Daddy!

His run in ... Look at that AWESOME TIME!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed Kye yesterday, March 7th, 2010.
It was a lovely day and everything turned out WONDERFUL!!Here's my little STUD!
3mo. old

Kye is such a sweet, sweet little boy!
Since it was HIS day I want to write a little about him:
-his patience is impecable!
-his smiles are PRICELESS
-he has a very low-key personality
-he is my first baby to NOT have colic
-he loves being talked to
-he is a durable little baby
(he has 2 older sibling which have led to some pretty sad accidents! :( )
-he is the BEST sleeper I have had!
(yes, he practically sleeps through the night, every night!)
-he is already on a descent schedule
-he loves to be held and since he is little I CAN hold him A LOT!
-he is okay with just chillin' in a chair while I take care of the other 2
-I have FALLEN in LOVE with this little boy, over and over again!!
Some Nicknames he has:
-Kaiser Roll
-Kaiser Permanente
-Kye Kye
Here he is with his 4 other cousins on my side.
Jared, Cami, Josh, Afton, and Kye
(left to right)
These babies came within 3 months of each other
We call them The Fab Five

Here's the Madsen Family
Wow, we are parents of 3 PRECIOUS children!
Here we are as PROUD parents of our Little Kye!

Although being a mother of 3 has not come easy to me it has been the greatest blessing to me! I look over the last year and KNOW that I wouldn't have made it through the trials we have faced as a family without my precious little ones. I know my Heavenly Father knows and loves me. I know he has blessed me with children, so they can HELP me! I know that through my children have come the greatest blessing in my life! I know that someday things will be all resolved and we will look back at these moments and realize that life was the best! I know that we have been so blessed this past year and I couldn't have done it without such an amazing husband! He is the best supporter I have and honors his preisthood, so we as a family, can be blessed! I know that through out trials we learn so much and are strengthened, so I am happy to say I am THANKFUL for MY trials even if they are hard and NOTHING I would've EVER imagined. I am grateful to be able to learn and grow from them and wouldn't want it any other way!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this day absolutely AMAZING and PERFECT!!!

The Last SNOW ...

Last Friday when my kids woke up and saw that there was SNOW on the ground they couldn't stop talking about going outside to play. The talk lasted all through breakfast, all through putting clothes on, all through their Mom trying to convince them that going outside was NOT in the plans for today ... I had so much to do.

In the end THEY WON!!!
I realized, this would probably be the last time there would be enough snow to actually play in and they were insistent on playing in it!!!
After getting all bundled up, it ws totally worth it cause they LOVED it!!!

Goodbye Snow, until next year ...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Your BIRTHDAY ...

Happy 29th Birthday Baba!!!
We had a lovely day celebrating with Daddy! It started off with a gourmet breakfast after Alan's run in the morning. Then came the gift opening. After cleaning up and working out, we went to help Daddy at work, so he could get done faster and come home and CELEBRATE. The kids helped me make cupcakes for our after Pizza celebrations. It was a FUN day, and kids make it the BEST!
Emma and Zach were excited to make a Birthday Cake with me!
Zach LOVES doing the beaters and won't EVER let them go!

Here's Kye helping Daddy blow out his candle ... we didn't put 29 candles on the cupcake because we didn't want to burn down the house with so many candles on fire and frankly they wouldn't fit on a cupcake!!
Kye was happy although in this picutre he looks terrified.

The Cupcake MESS!!

The kids really enjoyed thier cupcakes, but made us wonder if cake is REALLY worth it ...

Here's Emma enjoying her cupcake:
-Take note of the frosting on the chair!!
The minute she got it she picked it up and dropped it down her chair onto the floor, frosting side down, OF COURSE. Then she proceeded to eat it and ended up with all over the place! Usually she is a CLEAN eater, but not this time!
(You may wonder why she is in her swimming suit in the middle of winter? Well, ever since the olympics she wants to do "ice spinning" or "fanastics" and wants to dress like them! aka ice skating or gymnastics)

And here is Zachary with his cupcake:
-Take notice that it is ALL over the table, well my floor looked WORSE! I think he was too full after having pizza, but he still wanted one TO PLAY IN!! He smeared it all over the table and then ALL over HIM!!! I think maybe 5% of the cupcake made it inside the kid!!!!

Although is was a HUMUNGOUS mess, we decided that it's the memories that count! Our kids love making and eating their creations. Although it was MESSY they will remember the FUN we had as a family ... HOPEFULLY!

Once again, I ordered WAY to much food! I always want to make sure there is enough and so I always over think things and order WAY more than ENOUGH!!!
Oh well, we had leftovers for SEVERAL days and I LOVE PIZZA!!!

Happy Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I am Ready for THIS ...

But NOT for the YARD work ... YUCK!!!
Please do not get too warm, just yet .. because I don't want to have to feel GUILTY that my yard needs my attention!!!
Sorry to all those who want it!
Thanks YOU to mother nature!!!!

Daddy-Daughter Date ---

For Christmas my WONDERFUL Daddy got our whole family tickets for a Jazz game. It didn't work out for EVERYONE to go at the same time, but we all get to go to a game. Well, since I have YOUNG boys who wouldn't really enjoy the game I decided that it would be a PERFECT event for Alan to take her princess to. And boy was I right ... Emma LOVED it! She keeps asking when she gets to go to another game and she believes that Zachary would LOVE it! She loved spending time with just Daddy (and Cousins).
As you can tell she was EXCITED to go ... we didn't tell her she was going until we were eating dinner. She HURRY and ate, got ready, LET me do her hair, and was absolutly PERFECT, so she could go!
We don't tell her things until it's TIME to GO because she will ask every 2 seconds, "...is it time to go ..."

Hugs and Kisses . . .

Since having Kye it hasn't been easy for me to pack-up 3 kids and go ANYWHERE! We haven't been to Grandma's very often and my kids have ALL missed that!! It does make it EXTRA special when we do go and we ALL have a WONDERFUL time!!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for being such wonderful Grandparents for my kids!! They LOVE everything about you!!! I know that my kids are in good hands when they are with you and I NEVER have to worry or wonder if they miss me because you will make it ALL better!!!


The picture is taken with Grandma and the cute Valentine's Day presents my kids recieved! They love the coloring books and ask to color every day!! The "tickle" book for Kye is so SWEET, I LOVE it so I know Kye will!!

Proof of all the coloring that has been going on! My kids LOVE to Color at the counter, even if MOST of the crayons end up on the floor. It is TOTALLY worth it for the hours of entertainment it provides! I can usually have them color and I can make ALL of dinner --- WORTH ALL THE MESS!!!