Monday, August 24, 2009

Enjoying the Canyon!

I know I usually OVERLOAD with picture, so this time I tried to JUST get the VERY CUTEST ONES! We had so much fun up Big Cottonwood Canyon with the Fergy Bunch. We had my Grandpa's FAMOUS Dutch Oven Potatoes and Chicken and boy was it YUMMY! Thanks Mom for Cooking!!!!Grandma and "Her Favorite Zachary!!"

Savannah Loves being the Oldest Grandchild and Helping all the other kids!

Zachary enjoyed the SLIDE!
Look at that GRIN!!!

The Madd-o's!!

Emma LOVED gathering ROCKS!!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Coloring Time

Zachary is in a very normal, but annoying stage right now. . . he WANTS to do EVERYTHING Emma does even though he really can't!!! He wants to run, drink from a cup, talk, climb onto chairs, couches, or stools, play with anything she is playing with, and eat anything she has!! He wants to do it all, which lead to this happening one morning. Emma was practicing her letters in her book and Zachary sat at her feet grunting, screaming, and pulling at her book. I finally gave in and got him some crayons and paper and let him "color" away. It was a little annoying, because most of the time I was just trying to keep the crayon OUT of his mouth, but at least I didn't have to listen to the whinning! Emma decided coloring was better than practicing letters, so she helped her brother color!!! It is really cute that he wants to be like his sister, but the fits he throws are TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS!!!! I love him anyways!Zachary's first time coloring, with Sister's help!

Backpacking in the Uintah's. . .

Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Alan went on a backpacking trip to the Uintah's with the High Adventure Scouts. I watched him get all packed up with his food, cooking gear, clothing, personal items, tent, and sleeping bag and was not envious at all that he was going camping!! I'm not sure packing EVERYTHING I need to survive for 3 days on my back is my kind of camping, but Alan insits that one of these summers when I'm not pregnant or nursing we WILL go backpacking. . . I say WE WILL SEE!!! His pack was almost an EXTRA 50lbs. I guess considering all he was carrying that wasn't much, but still a considerable amount to carry on your back.
Alan had an absolute BLAST on the trip and that's ALL that matters. He got home Saturday night and immediately started packing to leave Monday morning at 4am for a week of camping with the 12-13yr. old scouts. Yep, that's right, he's gong again camping!!!
I hope he has a wonderful time and can't wait for him to be back home for more than 24 hours to help me with the kids and house stuff!!!
Next time he goes camping it will be with his family in a nice, comfortable trailor!! I can't WAIT!!!!

The Layton Triatholon

Alan had another Triatholon on Aug. 1st. It was just in Layton which made for a short and simple drive which was so nice for me! This triatholon was totally different then MOST or ANY other triatholon. It split all the swimming, biking, and running in half and had you do everything twice. So first he swam, then biked, then ran, and then repeated it all again. It made for kind of a LONG race to watch, but it was fun to be able to see all aspects of this Triatholon!
These are the LOVELY spectators

His first swim, go BABA!!!
Round 1 of biking

Round 1 of running.
I didn't get any pics of him swimming the next leg.

Round 2 of biking

The start of running the second time

Here comes the finish, I didn't get that great of a picture, but oh well.
Hopefully sometime I will be able to get good photos of a race, I should get better if Alan keeps running!!

This is Alan and his buddy Mike who he ran the race with. They both thought they had gotten fourth in their age division, but when we got home and the results were posted Alan really got third and received a medal. Too bad we didn't stay for the award ceremony!
Good Job, once again, BABA!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Discovery Gateway

We went to Discovery Gateways with the cousins a couple of weeks ago. There was so much to do that Emma NEVER stood still and I wasn't able to get quality pictures of her. We had so much fun playing house, store, dress-ups, in cars and helicopters, with balls and blocks, and just being goofy! What a fun activty to take your kids to when it's too hot or too cold, but it's a little PRICEY! My kids had fun, but were tired when we left!!!

Willard Bay Camping Trip

About the Middle of July we went to Willard Bay for a short, but sweet camping trip in the middle of the week. It was so enjoyable and nice to get home and still be able to do stuff around the house on the weekend. Another nice bonus to this camping trip is it was a short 30 minute drive from home, which is so nice because Zachary's LEAST favorite place to be is the car, which makes it everyone elses' least favorite place to be as well!!!Not even Five Minutes in the trailor and we get all the toys out and scattered!!
There are some games that Emma ALWAYS wants to play out there, but really doesn't know how and they are in the TRAILOR for that reason!!!
All the kids had fun playing the games together, even though my 2 kids didn't play right!
Zachary LOVED Go FISH!Zach just beginning to get the hang of Walking
Before I know it, he'll be rulin' the ground with his mad walking skills!
My CUTIES headed down to the beach.

Emma enjoying the water and sand.

Zachary enjoying the water and sand

Emma loved to get in this boat with the older boys and go for a ride.
This was her favorite place to be the ENTIRE time at Willard.

My Blue Eyes Boy with his Mommy.
He is a MAJOR Momma's boy, ask ANYONE who is around!!

My Big Boy entertaining everyone with the sand castles.
They actually built the Salt Lake Temple.

Emma building her own sand castle

Emma LOVES sand and all the toys to play in it!!

Hey Buck-a-roo, is it BRIGHT out here?
That's what Emma said to Zachary ALL DAY LONG!

Even if the boat wasn't moving Emma still wanted to be playing in it.
It was the best spot to be so the next time the boys hopped in it she would get a ride!

Zachary on a REAL boat.
I must have gotten sand in the lense sometime during the day, so I wasn't able to get Alan doing anything on the boat, or any of the rest of us on the boat. Oh well!!
We had a fabulous time!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fireworks Show

Alan got home from being out of town on the 25th of July, so we bought a few fireworks and had a show just for our kids. It lasted about 20 minutes with the entertainment of snaps and sparklers, but our kids liked it and that's ALL THAT MATTERS! Here's some pics from our fun night together. . . Can't wait for the show to begin
Thrilled to be apart of fireworks for the FIRST time!

The show is about to begin

Yes, he is a PYRO from the minute fire is placed in his hand! He got the sparkler, turned slightly and set it right on sister's pretend lipstick, what a stinker!!!

Sparkler Fun

He soon learned that it was fun to try and TOUCH the fire!

Dancin' with her "Princess Wand"

The Final Firework of the NIGHT!
It wasn't even dark when we did our show, which made it almost perfect because we didn't have the whole neighborhood coming out to watch. We had fun together as a family celebrating. It's so fun to have kids for holidays, no matter how big or small!!!