Monday, June 2, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

For some reason these pictures are all outta order. Anyways, we had a great day together on Memorial Day. We hiked Adam's Canyon with Megan, Blake, & Leo. It's fun to have family close! It was WAAAY busy, so Leo couldn't make it to the top, but it was fun to have them with us! Our kids are becoming awesome hikers. Although they may complain at the initial thought of hiking, they seem to enjoy it in the moment & don't stop too often! It was a beautiful day in the mountains!

We got home about 2pm, fixed lunch, changed into swimsuits & headed to the park for a neighborhood slip n' slide & BBQ. It was an enjoyable night among friends & neighbors. 

That weekend we also are our 1st meal outside & Alan got out my ride bike & convinced me to ride with him. It's always fun to do simple things together & enjoy the outdoors. Alan has a love for biking I'm not sure I'll ever have, but it is something fun to do with him!