Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Day of School

We were so lucky in the teacher department this year! It's sad to see the end of year come when your kids LOVE their teachers!!!

Emma had Miss Dean/Mrs. Montgomery for English. (She got married over spring break...such a cute, good teacher!!)
She also got to have Lon Lashi again for Chinese. She had him in kindergarten. This was his last year teaching. He is moving on to a better paying job. It's sad for us, especially cause his son & Zach are such cute buds!, but happy for his family!! We really have gotten to know him & his family so well this year! Such a good family!! We wish them the best!!
Zachary had Mrs. Chen for Chinese this year. We haven't ever had her & boy did Emma miss out! Mrs. Chen is an amazing teacher!!!
He was also so lucky to get Mrs. Larsen for English. This teacher is a spectacular one! It's amazing what she gets done in her shortened class time. We hope she's there for ALL our kids in kindergarten!
After school was out we had friends over & enjoyed a water party in our backyard complete with "refreshments" as my kids call them. 

It was a BLAST!!!!
This is totally outta order, but here they to their LAST DAY OF SCHOOL as a kindergartener & 2nd Grader!!!
Yahoooooo for Summer!!!! ☀️