Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I really do have WONDERFUL/EXCITING things to blog about like a 2-year old birthday bash, seeing the REAL Santa, doing the Natvity with cousins, wonderful FAMILY pictures, & spending a weekend with Daddy, but alas I CANNOT because my pics won't download ... Can anyone say OBNOXIOUS??!!??

But as long as I can't download the pics from my camera I will go back in time & share with you some photos that you haven't seen ... Can you BELIEVE there are such things??

Well, WAAA-AAY back in October I did have a WONDERFUL birthday!

The weekend before my birthday my Terrific Husband took me out to CELEBRATE!

We went to THE GARDEN resturaunt on the top of the Joseph Smith Bldg. & had a LOVELY dinner just the 2 of us! I got to release a "birthday wish" out of their sky window so that ALL my wishes may come true.

(this resturaunt is where we went right AFTER Alan propsed to me & we have NEVER been back since, so it brought WONDERFUL memories for both of us.)

After eating out we spent the night shopping/looking at Gateway & then we headed to my next favorite store ... TARGET!!! Where I got this beauty for my birthday:

I think I might've shared these WONDERFULNESSES with you before, but in case I haven't let me introduce you to Pink Lemonade Doughnuts made from yours truly:Yummmmmmm-O!!!!

Then I got a wonderful suprise from my TWINSTER ... A marvelous belt-y thing that has her FASHION written all over it!!!(I think I've pulled it off pretty well a few times now, & I really do LOVE it!!!)

I did get some LOVELY brown boots for my birthday, but I don't think I have a specific picture taken of them ... I DO LOVE THEM THOUGH!!!

And last but not least I got 2 new pairs of glasses:

I have only taken a picture of me in one pair, but I just don't think I'm a glasses GAL, but with both pairs only costing me a whopping $30 it was ALL worth it! At least they are the right percription so I can see correctly out of them!

Now enough about ME ... Let's move-on to the CUTIES in my life!

This TRIO loves to color their hearts out!!!!(especially my little princess!!!)

It was getting so outta hand a few months ago with STACKS of papers hoarded EVERYWHERE that I had a little talk with her & we decided that we'd take pictures of ANY picture she wanted to treasure & someday we'd make a special book with them all in, so we DON'T need to keep all the papers ... ahhhhh, so much less MESS!!!

So without further a-do I'm going to share just a FEW of her beauties:& last but not least she drew a picture of ME:Belly Button & ALL!!!

Do ya think their are similarities to me???

(I promise I don't dress like that, but my hair could look like that MOST days!)

I love it!!!

She delivered it right to my bedside one day & proudly exclaimed, "Mom, this is you!!! I just LOVE you!!!!"


Anonymous said...

I love those picture's Especially the one of you, is that a Bikini your wearing...?? Anyway, you need to tell me where and how you got those glasses!! So cute! I wouldn't mind an extra pair or two!

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

You're so cute in your belt!!!