Tuesday, December 13, 2011


HELP ME!!!! Blogger has CHANGED on me AND I can't get my pics to upload to my computer cause it says that drive is full ... I KNOW NOTHING about computers & my hubby isn't home until the weekend!!!!  I am so SOOOOO, SOOOO ANNOYED at life right now!!  & what is with this new blogger stuff ... DOUBLE UGH for sure!!!!!  PLEASE ... if you know anything to help me PLEASE HELP!!! :(


Anonymous said...

Amber you can switch back to the old blogger format. Look for it on your dashboard. I did cause i was so annoyed!

Charisse said...

I stopped using blogger because it was so annoying to use. I use windows live writer. It's a program on my computer but it is a free download if you don't have it. You just set it up to publish things right to your blogger account. I think it is so much better than blogger!

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Am I missing something? What changed?