Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Random Maddo Fun

This is a bunch of STUFF N' THINGS we've even up to....

School Programs---my kiddos were darling!!
Taggart eating with us at the table
Cute Baby Legs
Having friends over & ice cream cones

End if the soccer season 

Late nights with a baby who is teething---yes he is a grumpy teether even if this picture doesn't show it!
My boys & I enjoyed a day at Farmington Station.... I ❤️ that place!

Emma getting her GORGEOUS dance costume! Can't wait for her's just weeks away now!
Zachary had the unfortunate encounter with a bee. He tried to kill it with his bare hands & learned the hard way that killing bees is not a good idea! His hand was swollen for 3 days!!!
Taggart loves sitting in the shopping cart & loves going to the garden store where he munches on all the plants I put in the cart. 
Emma is quite the big sister & big helper! 
He's a mover & a groover!
My kiddos were sent to clean the toy room. Although it was waay past bedtime the giggles & pleas to read just one more joke or one more joke was music to this Mommy's ears. I love it when they get along & laugh together! (Don't ask me why Zach is wearing a winter beanie!!)
We went & saw Daddy on a bike ride with Biker's Edge. He rides with them most Thursdays & is becoming quite the rider! (Although he won't admit it...I will for him!)
Taggart is growing like a weed. It's fun to see him learning new things & to tell you the truth I don't miss the little baby stages too much!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Zach's 6th Birthday

We had such a great day celebrating our cute Zachary. Grandma Ferguson came a few days early to celebrate & give him his gift. We always appreciate her new outfits. It's fun to receive them early because then we have something DARLING to wear on their birthday!

He was so excited it was finally HIS birthday!
I had a rough day of not feeling the best, but luckily I had a wonderful daughter to help out with a few things. 
Of course Zachary loved all his gifts. He is easy to please even though I have a hard time picking out gifts for him. He's not a toy player which makes it tricky, but with the help of a husband & friends I found his perfect gift! 

Since the day was not the day I had planned we opted for an easy-peasy cake. He was THRILLED with it! 

We love our Zachary! He brings such a happiness & positive energy to our home. He may have the loudest voice of our family, but he also has the biggest most sensitive heart! I feel so honored to be his Mommy! He's such a great example!

Memorial Day 2014

For some reason these pictures are all outta order. Anyways, we had a great day together on Memorial Day. We hiked Adam's Canyon with Megan, Blake, & Leo. It's fun to have family close! It was WAAAY busy, so Leo couldn't make it to the top, but it was fun to have them with us! Our kids are becoming awesome hikers. Although they may complain at the initial thought of hiking, they seem to enjoy it in the moment & don't stop too often! It was a beautiful day in the mountains!

We got home about 2pm, fixed lunch, changed into swimsuits & headed to the park for a neighborhood slip n' slide & BBQ. It was an enjoyable night among friends & neighbors. 

That weekend we also are our 1st meal outside & Alan got out my ride bike & convinced me to ride with him. It's always fun to do simple things together & enjoy the outdoors. Alan has a love for biking I'm not sure I'll ever have, but it is something fun to do with him!

Field Day Fun

This year I decided spur of the moment to go volunteer for field day. It was a little crazy with Taggart, but I ended up getting a job that wasn't too over the top involved & IN THE SHADE! Perfect!!! We had a fun morning & it's always fun to see Emma & Zach with their friends!!!