Thursday, July 12, 2012

My life ***

My kids are my life! It's not easy to be a Mommy, but it's worth it as most of you know!
I've had a hard couple of weeks. My partner in crime has been outta town & I feel like it's been a struggle to keep a Happy Mommy Face on!
I feel like somedays go FABULOUS & other days are epic FAILURES with ms screaming during situations that I later regret.
Can I say that I have been Potty Training too ... All by myself! It's gone well in staying dry! But not in staying poop free & that's my struggle now ... But I'm proud at how AWESOME he's done at staying dry so quickly!!!
I love these kids & seeing all these random pics of them makes me realize how completely LUCKY I am to be THEIR Mom!!! I'm honored, I'm happy, & at times over-whelmed, but really when all is said & done & they are tucked peacefully into bed I wouldn't trade THIS Mommy thing for ANYTHING!!!!
I LOVE MY 3 MUSKETEERS!!! :) :) :)

Syracuse Days

During Syracuse Days they had a carnival. The kids saw it being set up ALL week long as we took Emma to school. {we are year round, so yes we STILL had school during this summer celebration!} I thought we'd go & kinda planned to, but the night before it opened I was talking to some friends about it & found out that it was $2-$3 per ride!!! OUCH! That's a RIP-OFF!! Plus they were talking about how scary the people are & the rides are creaky/scary too. Needless to say I DID NOT wanna go anymore, but of course my kids still did ... Sooooo opening night came around & Alan & I thought up a sneaky plan. :)
We explained to our kids that the carnival costs a lot! So they could chose to go ride 1-2 rides each, get NOTHING to eat, & come home for the night OR we could go to a MOVIE together. Have TREATS, POPCORN, & SODA, bur it was there choice. :)
Well luckily they chose the movie!! {hehehe, it was kinda sneaky/rude, but oh well!}
Kye made it through his first MOVIE!
The next day we went to the parade & then rode bikes down to see fireworks that night. It was such a FUN bike ride there & back! Our kids did awesome riding around people & cars & we were all Soooo glad we weren't stuck in the traffic! The fireworks were well worth it & I don't think Zachary or Kye stopped talking the ENTIRE show. :) It was Soooo cute!!! I love sharing the excitement of things in the kids eyes!

Black Rock

Randomly one week Alan informed me that I needed to find a babysitter for Saturday night. I was excited, but wasn't really sure he was going to plan anything, but lo & behold he DID!!! {after all he DID loose the bet about the NCAA final game :)}
He didn't tell me what we were doing, but he just drove & drove out towards Tooele.
We went repelling to Black Rock when we were engaged, so it was FUN to go back & reminiss.
We got MANY repels in & then I got out my phone so I didn't get any shots of me, but oh well.
It was SUPER windy so it felt like we were at the beach repelling which made it that much more romantic. {I've NEVER seen the Great Salt Lake have ANY waves, let alone waves big enough to boogie board like that day! It was CRAZY!}
Thanks Baba for planning such an AWESOME date!!! Love ya!

Johnny Rockets

All spring long Alan worked on building Utah's 1st Johnny Rockets in Farmington. It was stressful for him, but he loved it too. It's always fun to see the "ground-up" process of these types of things.
They had FREE day the day before they opened for workers & family. It was BUSY, CROWDED, but FUN!
We let our kids order WHATEVER they wanted & were glad that once the "bill" came we DIDN'T have to pay it!!
Zachary always suggests going there, but we haven't made it back ... Yet!